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Top & Best Wireless keyboard Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Wireless keyboard: How to choose the best in 2022?

Welcome to mypricesaving.com! Today we’re going to talk about wireless keyboard, and offer a comprehensive guide so you can buy this accessory with confidence. Although it seems like a simple choice, a good analysis makes a total difference.

Consumers are often amazed by the number of features that can be criteria for choosing a keyboard, ranging from lighting to ergonomics. And, if no research is done prior to purchase, you may find that, in fact, you should have opted for another model.

So, to eliminate any doubts, we have elaborated the guide below, so that you can make the best purchase possible. Take the opportunity to check our list of the best models.

First, the most important

  • Take into consideration whether you want a keyboard to play or for different use. This is an important criterion as to whether the wireless keyboard model you want is a good fit for you.
  • Among the features we recommend that you pay attention before purchasing a wireless keyboard, are lighting, ergonomics, range, extra keys, response time, size and features for left-handed users, if applicable.
  • The wireless keyboards that we recommend in this article cost between R $ 180 and R $ 940, to ensure that you have many pricing options before deciding.

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Best wireless keyboards: Our recommendations

The wireless keyboard offers more mobility and organization. And those are just two advantages of the product. If you want to buy one of these and don’t know where to start, check out the ranking of the best models we have prepared for you.

  • Wireless Multi-Device Keyboard and Mouse
  • Logitech K230 Keyboard
  • Dell Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Buying Guide

Having the chance to keep the keyboard away from the computer or television can be very important in certain tasks. But if the wireless keyboard doesn’t work properly, there is no point in having it in hand. On the contrary, you will only be angry with the accessory. So read on and find out everything you need to take into account when buying this product.

What is a wireless keyboard and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The keyboard is one of the fundamental accessories for using a computer, since it is often able to define the level of productivity of a job, according to the comfort it provides.

Wireless keyboards, also known as wireless keyboards, are an excellent option for those who want to have a portable device. Many of these devices offer the option of connecting several devices simultaneously.

The fact that they have no wires means that there is no mess of cables on top of your table, which often leaves an aspect of carelessness in the environment.

Most wireless keyboards run on batteries, which can be considered a disadvantage by some people, as this will eventually require battery changes. You may, for example, be in the middle of an important task and suddenly the battery may run out.

Another disadvantage in relation to wired keyboards can be the speed of response, after all, the cable can make a big difference in relation to the time that the equipment takes to respond.

Wireless keyboards for gamers and ordinary users: what to pay attention to?

There are some differences if you want to use the keyboard for online games or daily tasks. Some factors, such as slower response time, can be crucial for a gamer to end up opting for a wireless keyboard.

Even so, there are options for keyboards that have a higher response time, which are also known as gamers’ keyboards . The price is usually also higher.

In addition, if your goal is to play online games, you need to think carefully about your choice, as the battery lasts less time, since the response time must be set to be as short as possible.

Below we have made a table on the main differences between wireless keyboards for gamers and normal wireless keyboards:


How much?

The cost of wireless equipment may vary depending on how you use it. Wireless keyboards for gamers are often more expensive, as their response time should be longer.

The prices of the products listed in this article vary between R $ 180 and R $ 940. This serves only as a basis in view of the wide range of models available on the market today.

There are also products used on some Internet sites, which may be an option. These items are more affordable than new ones.

Where to buy?

There are plenty of options for places to buy wireless keyboards, as there are several specialized physical stores that offer various models.

In addition, sites such as Amazon,

To buy used items, visit the Mercado Livre or OLX website, which will find many sellers.

When shopping over the Internet, be sure to check other users’ opinions about the product and the seller, as this can give clues about the quality of the wireless keyboard.

Purchasing Criteria: Factors to Compare Wireless Keyboard Models

When choosing a wireless keyboard, there are certain features to note, such as those listed below:

  • Lighting
  • Ergonomics
  • Reach
  • Extra keys
  • Response time
  • Size
  • Left-handed features

See below for a detailed explanation of what are the important factors to note before purchasing a wireless keyboard.


One of the factors that count for many people when choosing a wireless keyboard is the lighting, as many do not offer this feature.

Only those who like to work at night know the importance of this, especially if they want to use the computer with the light off. This feature can lead to increased battery drain, so make sure it’s a really viable option for you.


Ergonomics is one of the most important aspects of a keyboard, as injuries from repetitive movements have become very common for those who work daily at the computer.

That is why brands have invested more and more in innovations in the shape of keyboards, which aims at better positioning of the arms and wrists.

What differentiates ergonomic keyboards from ordinary ones is the contoured design, which seeks to accommodate the handles as naturally as possible in front of the computer.

If you do not use an ergonomic keyboard, a tip is to never use the raised back, as this facilitates the appearance of injuries.

Another characteristic that is also fundamental to the ergonomics of the keyboard is the feel of the keys, which should be soft and have more spacing between them.



When evaluating wireless keyboards, always note the distance it can be from the device it is paired with, which can be critical depending on how you want to use the equipment.

Depending on the model, a wireless keyboard may work even when you are in another room in the house.

Normally, the range is usually about 9 or 10 meters, but it can vary according to make, model, etc. Read the product description carefully to check this data.

Extra keys

The standard that keyboards in Brazil usually follow is ABNT 2, which is the equipment that has letters like “ç”. In addition to the common keys, many devices also have specific shortcuts depending on the make and model.

An example are buttons that play audio and that can control the volume.
Some wireless keyboards may come with numeric keypads, while others may not.

If this option is important to you, make sure it is included before purchasing.

Response time

This is one of the disadvantages presented by most wireless keyboards, as the response time is usually shorter than with wired equipment.

To deal with this problem, many brands have invested in wireless keyboards designed especially for gamers, who want a longer response time.

Since it is common that in the middle of games with wireless keyboards there are crashes that hinder its progress. If your goal is to use the gaming keyboard, check that the response time of the wireless keyboard matches what you want.


Wireless keyboards can have different sizes, depending on the number of keys they have.

If it has the numeric keypad, it will be a little bigger, and it can be more difficult to take to different places.


When thinking about its size, it is also important to think about comfort, because for those with big hands, some wireless keyboards will be uncomfortable, if they are very small.

Left-handed or right-handed keyboards

Left-handed people may have trouble finding keyboards that suit their condition. However, there are brands that make products specially designed for those who are part of this group.

Keyboards that have a design specially designed for left-handers, must have the numeric keypad on the left side.

If you do not find an option specially designed for lefties, you can opt for keyboards that have removable parts, so that you can customize your equipment.

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