Top & Best Moto One Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Moto One: How to choose the best Motorola phone model in 2022

Today we’re going to talk about Moto One, the first Motorola smartphone to receive Google’s Android One operating system. The six models in the line run a lighter operating system and therefore have a better performance.

But is it worth buying a Moto One in 2022? To answer this question, we have prepared an in-depth analysis of the devices in the line for you to find the ideal model.


First, the most important

  • There are six models: Moto One, Vision, Action, Zoom, Macro and the launch Hyper. Prices range from R $ 850 to R $ 2200.
  • The Moto One line models have an Android One operating system, which promises new security packages every month and quick updates for new versions of the system.
  • Inside the box you will find some important accessories like USB cable, headset, charger and a transparent silicone case.

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The best Moto One models: The newsroom favorites

We have prepared a list of the best models in the Moto One line for you to find the smartphone that is right for you.

  • The original Moto One
  • The ideal model to record moments of adventure
  • A Moto One with powerful battery
  • The best model for watching movies online
  • The best Moto One model for photos

Buying Guide

Motorola offers a wide variety of smartphone models. You can find everything from simpler devices to premium models, all with excellent cost benefit.

One of the most popular models is the Moto One, the first smartphone to use the Android One operating system. The device was so successful that six versions were launched. Find out which is the best Moto One for you in this Buying Guide.

Why is the Moto One worth buying?

Motorola was the first brand to partner with Google to launch a smartphone with a version of the operating system without major changes in exchange for updates guaranteed for two years and security fixes for three.

With constant updates, Moto One is emerging as a safe device with excellent performance. The successful partnership yielded five other models to the line: Vision, Action, Macro, Zoom and Hyper.

One of the differentials of the Moto One is that the rear is flat and the sides curved, a shape that facilitates handling of the device. Most models are finished in glass in different shades.

Moto One has a battery with excellent battery life performance. With 3000, 3500 or 4000mAh, the battery can last from 12 to 24 hours of moderate or intense use. And most models have a Turbo Power charger, which provides fast charging.

Find out all the advantages and disadvantages of Moto One in the table below:

What are the features of the original Moto One?

The Moto One is an elegant intermediate, rear glass and chrome side. The cell phone is compact and light, but has large dimensions: 14.9 cm high, 7.2 cm wide and 7.9 mm thick.

The IPS LCD screen is 5.9 inches and has a 19: 9 aspect ratio – but because of the notch (cutout on the smartphone screen) the usable area is reduced to 18: 9. The notch is so big that it gets in the way, because there are only a few icons on each side.

The device has rounded sides, but it is noticeable that the software has not been optimized for this configuration, as in some cases, content is lost. The digital reader is rear.

The screen resolution is in HD + (720×1520 pixels) with a density of 285ppi. The display quality is satisfactory and you can use the device on the street and in the dark, with maximum and minimum brightness, respectively.

The audio is reasonable – as expected for an intermediate smartphone.

Moto One has an Android One interface with some modifications, for example: Rotate the smartphone to activate the camera or shake it to activate the flashlight.

The smartphone carries Snapdragon 625 chipset, an eight-core processor and 2.0GHz speed, enough to deliver good gaming performance. The RAM is 4GB and the storage is 64GB – expandable up to 256GB.

The cameras offer quite interesting features. We can mention digital stabilization, autofocus, touch focus, LED flash, HDR, facial detection and location – features present in all models.

The front camera is 8MP and the rear is dual (13 + 2MP). You can access features like Cinemagraph, Color Highlight and Portrait Mode. The quality is satisfactory.

The front camera delivers good selfies for social media. Videos are recorded in Ultra HD / 4K resolution.

The 3000mAh battery is compatible with moderate or heavy use for an entire day away from the charger. Fully charging the battery takes about an hour and a half with a Turbo Power charger.

Which Moto One is ideal for watching movies and series?

The Moto One Vision is the most innovative phone Motorola portfolio. Among the differentials we can mention the screen with a cinema standard 21: 9 that is ideal for watching movies and series on your smartphone.

Another differential of this model is that the camera can record images in the dark. The Night Vision feature is very efficient.

There are two rear sensors, one of them records the image in the foreground and the other gives the sensation of depth. Videos are recorded in 4K resolution.

The front camera delivers good selfies. Videos recorded with the front camera have Full HD resolution. Image stabilization is satisfactory, but the sound is muffled.

The design is also innovative: the name Motorola has been removed from the bottom edge and the hole for the camera has been inserted in the top edge on the left side.

The device has a 4D glass finish with rounding on all sides. Due to the 21: 9 standard, the smartphone is easier to handle. The central biometric reader is compatible with all hand sizes.

The device is 16cm high, 7cm wide, 8.7mm thick and weighs 180g. But unlike the other models in the Moto One line, this device does not have IPX2 protection.

Moto One Vision has an LCD display. Delivers minimum and maximum brightness at satisfactory levels for use in dark environments or for use on the street.

This smartphone has only one speaker at the bottom of the device, which delivers quality sound. However, to watch movies and series, the positioning of the sound output is insufficient.

An interesting feature is Dolby Audio that can optimize your experience when watching movies or listening to music, either in stereo mode or through the headset, which has good sound quality.

A negative point is the performance of the battery, which after a recharge of about 2h30 offers autonomy for a little over 12 hours of use.

Which Moto One model to choose to register the practice of extreme sports?

If you are adventurous or like to register the practice of extreme sports, you may be interested in Moto One Action , a smartphone launched to compete with action cameras, such as GoPro.

The device has three rear cameras, with excellent dynamic range. With HDR turned on, photo capture is clearer, but the colors are not as vivid as they could be (you can fix them with editing software).

It is possible to record videos in 4K resolution with the main camera, but video recording with the Ultra-wide lens is limited to Full HD resolution. A differential of the device is the electronic stabilization that works better than the optical stabilization.

You can record videos vertically. Just attach your Moto One Action to your bike or clothes and go out recording sports.

This device is 16cm high, 7cm wide, 9.2mm thick and weighs 181g. The sides are plastic and the rear is glass.

The 21: 9 dimensions and shape make the device easy to handle. The cinema standard screen is ideal for watching movies, as it does not have those black edges.

The LCD panel reproduces vivid colors, with excellent contrast and sharpness. But the brightness is insufficient outdoors.

With only one speaker at the bottom, the device reproduces mono sound with good power level. With a headset, the sound quality of the device is exemplary, as it is clean and with minimal distortion.

Although the battery has 3500mAh, the software is not optimized to deliver good autonomy, so performance is compromised. It’s only 12h of continuous use with a full battery.

This model, like the rest of the Moto One line, carries the Android One Pie operating system. There are few modifications of the brand, such as shortcut icons in green color and Moto application that brings functionality to extend the experience.

In addition to the navigation gestures mentioned earlier, you can swipe left to go back, swipe up to access the recent apps screen or right to return to the previous app.

Which Moto One model has the best camera?

The Moto One Zoom looks different from the other models in the line, starting with the glass construction and aluminum sides. The finish in a gradient effect in the colors titanium, bronze or violet is quite interesting.

A difference in design is the speaker position at the top. On the back there is a Motorola M that lights up every time the device receives a notification and a spine with three camera lenses plus a depth sensor.

The main lens is Wide, the second is a telephoto lens and the third is an Ultra-Wide. The fourth lens acts as a depth sensor and has an interesting performance, with good clipping and adjustable blur.

The main camera is excellent, has exposure and balanced colors. The telephoto lens brings the image close without losing quality and the Ultra-wide delivers photos with great clarity and true colors.

Only the main sensor records 4K video. The rest record in Full HD, but deliver good images.

The main camera has a night mode – Night Sight – which increases the visibility of the images. But this feature is not available on the other two cameras, which deliver poor quality night shots.

The selfie camera has a sensor with ideal lighting, colors and balanced exposure, even in low light environments. This camera records videos in good image and sound quality.

The OLED panel is 6.3 inches and has small edges. Colors are calibrated and pre-defined in three versions: Natural, Enhanced and Saturated, the first two are neutral and the third displays warm colors.

The brightness level allows good visibility in bright and dark environments. The audio is reasonable, at maximum volume there is a bit of distortion. The headset has satisfactory quality.

An exclusive differential of this model is the fingerprint reader on the screen. If you prefer, you can use the facial recognition system.

The 4000mAh battery delivers good performance. After fully recharging in just over two hours – using the Turbo Power charger – the battery has autonomy for more than 17 hours of use.

What is the most basic Moto One model?

The Moto One Macro is the most basic model of the line. Its construction is made of plastic – and easily streaked – and the device is available in space blue tones with a gradient effect.

It has a biometric reader located next to the Motorola logo. While the three cameras are located in the upper left corner – they appear to be four cameras, but they are three lenses and a laser to assist in auto focus.

The Moto One Macro received its name because it has macro lenses, which allow you to record images five times closer and with a wealth of details.

But the camera is pretty basic. When used at night it is disappointing because it makes dark records, with distorted colors and little sharpness. The front camera is also not exciting, as it records selfies with little clarity.

The video camera is average, because the exposure control is not accurate, the colors come out lifeless and the stabilization is unsatisfactory. The audio capture is also not good, as it records noise and leaves the voices muffled.

The smartphone has a 6.2-inch screen and HD + resolution. The quality of the IPS LCD panel is reasonable, the colors displayed have good calibration, but the contrast is low and the brightness is not the best.

The sound power is surprising, however, avoid placing it at maximum volume, as the sound may be slightly distorted. The headset comes with interchangeable tips in different sizes.

A plus point is the 4000mAh battery, which recharges in about 2h15 and delivers autonomy for a full day of use.

What is the most modern Moto One model?

The Moto One Hyper is the latest model launched by Motorola. Among the differentials we can mention the Total Vision screen with Full HD resolution, 6.5 inches and infinite edges.

The cameras also attract attention, especially the front camera in a pop-up style (with 32MP resolution). The rear camera is dual and has a resolution of 64MP and 8MP. Both have a Quad Pixel feature, which increases sensitivity to light. Another cool feature is Night Vision.

Unsure about which model to choose? Compare them in the table below:

Purchasing criteria: What to analyze on a Moto One

Have you read the Buying Guide but have not yet decided which version of Moto One to buy in 2022? Don’t worry, we’ve listed the features you should review and compare at the time of purchase:

  • Battery and charger capacity
  • Cameras
  • Design
  • Price

We will explain each of the criteria throughout this section. Any questions, leave a comment.

Battery and charger capacity

At the time of purchase, evaluate the battery capacity. You can find models with 3000, 3500 or 4000 mAh. It is also important to analyze whether the smartphone comes with a common 10W charger, 15W Turbo Power charger or 45W Hyper charger.

  • Moto One : 3000mAh, enough for moderate or intense use for a whole day away from the plug. Includes 15W Turbo Power charger.
  • Moto One Action : 3500mAh with autonomy for 12 and a half hours. Comes with a simple 10W charger.
  • Moto One Vision : 3500mAh with autonomy for 12 and a half hours of use. Comes with 15W Turbo Power charger, even so it spends more than two hours in the socket.
  • Moto One Zoom : 4000mAh offers autonomy for almost 17 hours of use. Comes with 18W Turbo Power charger that charges the device in just over two hours.
  • Moto One Macro : 4000mAh with autonomy for 24 hours of operation. Accompanies charger with 10W of power that makes the cellphone spend more than two hours in the socket.
  • Moto One Hyper : 4000mAh and Hyper charger with 45W of power. According to preliminary information, the battery has autonomy for up to 40 hours.


It is also important to evaluate the cameras – front and rear – to find a model compatible with what you need. You can find Moto One models with two, three or four lenses, with different resolutions and features.

  • Moto One : Two lenses with 13 and 2MP resolution and Cinemagraph, Highlight Color and Portrait Mode features. The front camera has 8MP. Videos in 4K resolution.
  • Moto One Vision : It has two cameras, one has a resolution of 48MP and turns four pixels into one and the other camera has 5MP. A differentiator is the Night Vision feature. The front camera has 25MP.
  • Moto One Action : Three 12, 5 and 16MP lenses with action camera feature. Offers special features like Night Vision and automatic HDR. It also records videos in 4K. The front camera has 12MP.
  • Moto One Macro : It has three cameras with 13, 2 and 2MP. A differential is the macro photos. The front camera has 8MP, but it is not so good, as it loses sharpness and skin details.
  • Moto One Zoom : It has four sensors, three lenses – Wide, Ultra-Wide and Telephoto – and a depth sensor. There are 48, 16, 8 and 5MP. The main camera records in 4K. The front camera has 25MP and records in FHD.
  • Moto One Hyper : It has two sensors. The primary camera is 64MP Quad Pixel and the secondary is an 8MP Ultra-Wide lens. The front camera is also Quad Pixel and has 32MP. Videos are recorded in 4K.


Regarding the design, you can find models with plastic backs like Moto One Macro or glass like Moto One, Vision, Action, Zoom and Hyper. Most have plastic sides – with the exception of the Moto One Zoom which has aluminum sides.

Regarding colors, you have the following options:


Among the models of smartphones in the Moto One line, you find a wide range of prices, although all are classified in the “intermediate smartphone” category.

In ascending order – from the cheapest to the most expensive devices – you will find the Moto One, Macro, Action, Vision, Zoom and Hyper models with prices ranging from R $ 850 to R $ 2,200.



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