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Top & Best Stand up the board Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Stand up the board: How to choose the best one in 2022?

More and more people have joined the practice of stand up paddle, sport or hobby that uses a board and paddle so that you can stand on the waters of the sea or pools. Interested in entering this world and purchasing a stand up board?

The stand up paddle, which is called SUP by its enthusiasts, can serve several purposes. There are several versions: sports – in which practitioners run on the boards – yoga or just for water fun.

In any of these modalities, you will need to purchase a board. That is what we will talk about in the following lines: How to choose the right model for you? What to pay attention to? How much will you pay? Come check with us!

First, the most important

  • The stand up paddle gains more and more fans due to its versatility. It may just be water fun, but it also has different sports versions and can be combined with the practice of surfing, fishing and yoga.
  • The stand up board is the most important item for the practice of stand up paddle, but not the only one. You will also need paddle, keels, protective cover and more. Opt for models that already have several of these accessories!
  • The price of a stand up board in is quite high. Simpler models are a little over R $ 1,000, but the most recommended models will almost always be over R $ 2,000.

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Buying Guide

What does an “all around” board mean? What are the most important factors when choosing a stand up board? And, after all, what is this sport / hobby for? It is here in the Buying Guide that we will clear all these doubts!

Just read on and at the end of this article you will know how to choose the right stand up board for your needs.

What is a stand up board and what is it for?

The board is the most important item for the practice of stand up paddle. It is on top of it that the person will balance to be able to play sports, fish, surf or simply enjoy the beauty of the waters.

There are also other fundamental equipment. We highlight the paddle, which is used to move the board, keels and the inflating pump (in the case of inflatable units). Often, all of this comes in a single kit.

Stand up paddle can be practiced at sea, in pools or in rivers. It is important to take good care of safety: the rope that prevents you from separating from the board is essential and, in the case of deep waters, the life jacket too.




What are the disadvantages advantages of the stand up board?

There are two types of stand up boards: inflatable and solid. the inflatable model is much more popular.

Its great ease is transportation, it is lighter. In addition, it is much easier to store, especially during cold periods when it is used less often. What’s more, it caters for all beginners’ needs.

But as not everything is flowers, there are some disadvantages too. They are not as fast as solid ones and can warp. And precisely because they are inflatable, they need extra equipment, such as a filling pump.



  • Ease of transport
  • Ease of storage
  • Meets all needs of beginners


  • Does not reach the same speed as solid boards
  • Warps with ease
  • Need extra equipment

What are the stand up paddle modalities?

We have already mentioned that there are several ways to practice stand up paddle: for pure fun, as a sport, for fishing, for yoga or even as a variation of surfing. Some of them require special boards.

Stand up paddle can be practiced in the following variations:

    • Traditional SUP : The one you find on most beaches In calm waters, people paddle while standing on a board and have a beautiful view of aquatic life. It is also a good physical exercise. In that case, there is no competition or specific rule. It is just an aquatic pastime.
    • SUP race : Sport that consists of a stand up paddle race. It requires a lot of abdominal strength and mastery of practice.
    • SUP surf : It is the practice of surfing with stand up boards. The balance is greater and it is even possible to achieve a greater grip with the waves. Many surfers have adopted this new version.
    • SUP fish : For those who practice stand up paddle and like to fish, this is the sport. Fishing on foot and on the water, an incredible experience!
    • SUP yoga : Offered on some beaches it is the practice of yoga standing in the water on boards. In addition to being a quality physical practice, it helps to achieve inner peace.


Each stand up paddle practice requires some changes to the boards. In most cases, those known as “all around” will do the job well. But you will need something more complex if you start to advance a lot in a particular modality.

“All around” boards are ideal for beginners. It has large sizes (usually between 10 and 12 feet long and 29 and 36 inches wide) and extra stability. You will be able to do everything with it, but nothing particularly well.

Check the table below for the sizes and recommendations of each type of board:

How much?

The value of a stand up board is usually quite high. It is very rare to find one that is in the triple digits. The most common is that the cheapest cost around R $ 1,200.

The vast majority of models range between R $ 2,000 and R $ 3,000. These are quality boards that already come with the essential accessories for operation.

Above R $ 3,000 you will find professional models, specific to certain modalities.



Did you know that feet and inches are measurements used in the United States? When talking about stand up boards they are also given in these measures here in. One foot is equivalent to 30 centimeters. Already 1 inch has 2.54 centimeters.


Where to buy?

Shops specializing in articles for water sports and surfing are the best options. In beach towns, you will certainly find a wide variety of models. Away from them, you will have to restrict yourself to sporting goods places, but with good chances of finding them.

If you live far from the beach, the best option is to buy your board online. We recommend Amazon. Sports networks will also be valid options.

Buying online you don’t even need to leave the house and still receive the product at the door. By clicking on the Ranking links you will be directed to the model and can make your purchase.


Purchase criteria: What to take into account when choosing your stand up board

In addition to the size and specification, as we mentioned above, there are a few more important issues to pay attention to before buying your stand up board:

  • Ease of transport
  • Materials
  • Extra items
  • Supported weight

We will explain below the importance of each of these categories.

Ease of transport

A stand up board is over 3 meters long and weighs about 18 kg. Can you imagine taking all this from your home to where it will be used? And then, load up to the sea? Something needs to help you, right?

The first good news is that boards usually come with handles and carrying bags. This helps with those that are not dismountable and do not have many size reduction options, which is common with professional models.

But there is even better news: most of the most popular models on market are inflatable. That is, it remains in very small sizes until the time of use. A tremendous hand on the wheel!


A stand up board is divided into several parts. Check out:

  • Deck : This is where you stand, that is, the top of the board.
  • Bottom of the board : It is, in literal translation, the bottom.
  • Tail : It is the rear angled of the board.
  • Fins : These are accessories used to give speed.

The most important is the material of the deck. Since you can fall several times, in addition to other times when you need to lie or kneel, it needs to be comfortable. This, of course, without losing durability.

We mainly recommend high quality rubber or EVA (satin vinyl foam). For the bottom of the board, if you choose a non-inflatable board, it is ideal that it is made of graphite or carbon fiber.

Extra items

You may have noticed that many models we quote at the beginning of the article come with extra items. This is because although the board is the main object for the practice of stand up paddle, it is not the only one.

You will also need a paddle, protection equipment, keels, leash (chain that holds your foot to the board), carrying bag, pump for filling (in the case of an inflatable board) and much more. So, choose the models that most bring these extra items and make your life easier!

Supported weight

For a happy and safe practice of stand up paddle, always respect the maximum weight limit of the board. It is usually specified along with the general characteristics of the object and needs to be followed to the letter.

Most boards support at least 120 kg without major problems, but in case you need anything above that, continue your search. This will ensure both greater durability for her and better security for you.


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