Top & Best Darts Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Darts: choosing the ideals in 2022?

If you plan to buy darts, but don’t know where to start to choose the best ones, this article is for you.

Whether to play at home, in bars or in formal or informal tournaments, darts are simple and affordable products, which are essential for playing one of the most fun and relaxing games today – the darts game – which is enjoyed by men and women. women of all ages.

Follow this Review to the end and check out the best product options and features you should look out for to make the best choice of darts for launch.

First, the most important

  • Very common in bars, game rooms and living areas, darts games are a very popular option for individual or group pastimes.
  • Dart and tip type, material, model and flag are some of the characteristics to be considered when purchasing.
  • Prices vary according to the brand, type and quantity of darts purchased. It is possible to find darts kits starting at R $ 10, and professional models in noble materials can cost more than R $ 100.

Buying Guide

Too cool dart on the list, huh? Are you already looking forward to gathering friends and promoting that relaxed game with your new set of darts? Calm down! We still have some tips to help you choose the darts kit that will accompany you from now on.

Check out our Buying Guide for a compilation of everything you need to know about darts before buying yours!

What are darts?

Darts are small, sharp-tipped arrows used for shooting at targets, for playful purposes or as a sport. In general, the darts are formed from. The dart is composed of 4 parts: flight (flag or feather), shaft (rear rod), barrel (body) and tip (tip).

The tip can be made of copper, bronze, brass, iron, plastic or other resistant material, while the body is usually made of wood, plastic or other light material. The flags are usually adorned and have different shapes to provide better aerodynamics and help in the trajectory of the javelin launch.

What are the advantages of darts games?

The darts throw is a game that works a lot with coordination and reasoning. It can be practiced individually or in teams, being an excellent option for leisure, fun, to relieve tension, in addition to promoting concentration and motor coordination at all ages.

The same darts board allows the game in several modalities, allowing formal and informal tournaments, promoting fun and games at any time with family and friends.

In addition to being an excellent decorative item for game rooms, bars and social areas, the darts game is a practice that usually pleases everyone. However, children should always be supervised to avoid accidents, especially in the case of metal-tipped darts.



  • Activity can be practiced in a playful or sporting way
  • Game rules are simple
  • Target or kit can be used as a decoration item


  • Semi-professional or professional models can be very expensive
    Most are not suitable for use by children

Data with a plastic or metallic tip?

To choose the ideal dart, first you need to define the type of use that will be given to the product and the user’s profile. The sport of darts will require professional darts, while the recreational practice can be done with any type of dart, at the user’s taste.

It is also necessary to define the type of board or target that will be used to choose the appropriate darts. Conventional targets ask for darts with metallic tips, while for plastic or electronic targets darts with a plastic tip should be used.

Carefully read the manufacturer’s descriptions regarding the weight, shape and material used in the construction of the dart body to ensure that the constitution meets its objectives. Darts made of heavier and denser materials provide greater accuracy in launching.



How to play darts?

If the goal is to play darts by competing formally or informally, there are official rules for the game and counting points. According to the rules, the target must be hung with the center (fly) positioned 1.73 meters from the ground. The throwing line, in turn, must be demarcated at 2.37 meters from the target.

The game begins the participant who shoots the first dart closest to the fly. In each round the player has the right to throw 3 darts, which must be removed after counting the points before the opponent’s turn. As the game progresses, points are subtracted from the total. The player who reaches zero points wins first.

How much does a game of darts cost?

The values ​​of the darts vary greatly according to the brand, type and quantity of darts acquired, since the product is usually sold in the form of kits or sets.

It is possible to find kits with three simple darts from R $ 10, being that semi-professional or professional models in noble materials can cost much more, and present values ​​above R $ 100.

Where to buy a darts game?

You can buy your darts at stores specializing in games and sporting goods, for example. However, it is on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon that the largest varieties of brands and models of the product are available.




Purchasing criteria: how to compare darts models

Now that you have more information about darts, their differentials and uses, it’s easier to choose, isn’t it? But to ensure that you are able to choose the darts most suitable for the intended use, we will give you one more help.

Check the list of features for which you should be aware when comparing models, types and brands of this product:

  • Tip
  • Shaft
  • Body
  • Flight


The tip or tip of the dart is the characteristic that defines which type of target or board the dart is suitable for. The tips of a dart can be of two types:

  • Steel-Tip: the metal tips, in free translation, are tips made of steel or other type of metallic material. Ideal for use with conventional type boards and targets.
  • Soft-Tip : the soft tips, in free translation, are made of plastic, being ideal for use in children’s toys, with electronic targets and plastic targets.


The Shaft is the part of the dart rod that connects the Flight (flag or feather) with the Barrel (body of the dart). It can be made in different materials, such as plastic, nylon, aluminum and polycarbonate.

Generally the shaft on a dart is more tapered than the rest of the body, with curves to improve the equipment’s ergonomics. This piece of equipment contributes to balancing the weight of the dart, providing more accurate launches


The Barrel , body or barrel of the dart is the rod of the equipment, responsible for most of the weight of the dart. The Barrel varies from one model of dart to another in size, weight, length and diameter. The most common materials for body composition are brass, nickel, titanium and tungsten.

This region of the dart usually has grooves, textures or other types of mechanisms to increase the grip and prevent the dart from slipping in the player’s hands. Tungsten barrels are the most popular among semi-professional and professional players, thanks to their quality, durability and precision in launching.


Flight is the flag or ‘feather’ that is at the opposite end to the tip of the dart, and stabilizes the object on its horizontal axis during the game. The flights can come in different shapes, sizes and designs. The most used materials are nylon and polyester, in fine proportions that do not offer air resistance, in order not to delay the dart in its flight.

With perfect symmetry between them, the dart flags divide the air flow, centering the dart in its trajectory. There are specific flights for each type of throw, dart and speed, differing from each other by surface area and aerodynamic shapes.

They can have greater surface area for smooth throws and to straighten and stabilize the dart path; or smaller surface area for low air resistance, light darts and firmer and straighter throws.

The main types of flights are:

  • Tomahawk Flights: increased surface for greater stability of the dart during flight. Standard Flights: large surface area to provide maximum stability and straighten the path of the dart. Ideal for steel-tipped darts, over 18g and long shaft.
  • Pear / Teardrop Flights: provide maximum lift and reduce resistance to keep the dart’s ‘tail’ down.
  • Kite Flights: smaller surface area, giving resistance for a faster flight speed.
  • Arrowhead Flights: smaller design in the center to maximize launch speed.
  • Tomahawk Slim Flights: reduced surface area for minimal resistance. Ideal for firmer and straighter throws.



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