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Top & Best Dog drinker Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Dog drinker: Learn how to choose the best model in 2022

If you have a four-legged friend at home this text may be essential, as we are going to talk about the dog waterer.

It is a very important object for your animal, as its purpose is to serve and store your water.

Although basic, it is extremely necessary in a house where dogs are also residents, since it works for them like a glass of water works for us.

If you are not yet very familiar with this universe, but are interested in buying a dog drinker, follow our guide below to stay on top of all its advantages.

First, the most important

  • The dog waterer is essential in your furry routine. It ensures that the animal has easy access to water and stays hydrated.
  • As a matter of health, it is important that the dog waterer is always sanitized and with clean water.
  • There are some types of dog drinkers, the most well-known are the common ones, the electric ones and the lick and lick models.

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Best Dog Drinkers: Our Favorites

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Buying Guide

Now that you are aware of good models of drinking fountains for dogs, we will present you a complete guide with the information of this product. Come on?

What is a dog drinker?

The dog drinker is nothing more than the object that stores the water intended for pet dogs to drink.

It can have different shapes, sizes and be automatic or not, however, its function is always to allow the dog to have easy access to the water, being able to consume it at the time he deems necessary.

What are the advantages of a dog drinker?

Among the advantages of the dog drinker, one of the most important is that it guarantees a clean and organized environment, determining the exact place where your dog will hydrate.

In addition, it is a way to ensure that your pet always has easy access to water, and does not have any need.

Like us, dogs also need to feed and quench their thirst frequently during the day to stay healthy and active.

It is also interesting to remember that, as it is an essential product, you can find it in several versions and formats, buying the one that best suits you in terms of functionality and aesthetics.



  • Stores the dog’s water
  • Allows the dog easy access to its water
  • Collaborates for the organization of the environment
  • It is manufactured in different types and models


  • Needs frequent cleaning
  • Needs without replenishing frequently
  • Electric models are expensive

What are the types of dog drinkers?

As we said in the previous topic, there is a certain variety of dog drinker models, from the most basic to the most technological. Below, we will tell you what your options are at the time of purchase.



Common bed

As the name suggests, this is the traditional model. It is nothing more than a small pot or bowl, where water must be deposited.

Despite being the cheapest of all, it is also the version that most needs cleaning and constant water change.

Electric waterer

The electric water cooler is the most modern, as it has a pump that keeps the water in constant motion, in addition to a filter that cleans and purifies it.

Models like these usually store large amounts of water, always keeping it at the ideal temperature for consumption, which guarantees not only practicality for you, but also more rigorous care for your canine.

Drinking fountain lick lick

Perfect for furry dogs, the lick licks works like a small tap connected to the water storage, which only releases the liquid when in contact with your dog’s tongue.

The water is released little by little, without allowing your pet to end up wetting all of its fur, as it happens in most cases.

How often should I clean my dog’s drinking fountain?

Many tutors ask themselves about the ideal frequency for cleaning their furry’s drinking fountain, something that makes all the difference in the animal’s health and hygiene.

Well, this is a factor that will vary a lot according to the model chosen by you.

If you have opted for the common waterer or any other whose water has been standing for a long time and comes in direct contact with your dog’s snout when quenching its thirst, it is important that you clean it every day.

These types of drinkers accumulate bacteria and residues, which end up forming a kind of slime at the bottom of the pot, which can cause diseases to your pet.

In the case of drinking fountains with a filter and / or storage, which do not leave the water in direct contact with your dog, cleaning is recommended about twice a week, always when changing the water.

These are safer and more hygienic, however, they end up costing much more.



How much does a dog drinker cost?

The cost of your dog waterer will vary according to the model chosen. There are practical and simple ones, which shouldn’t cost you more than R $ 55.

However, if you are looking for a more modern model, be prepared to spend between R $ 150 and R $ 300.

Where to buy dog ​​drinkers?

You can buy the waterer for your dog in physical stores or online. If you like the first option, we can recommend some chain stores specializing in animal accessorie.

Department stores also sell some models.

But, if you really like e-commerce facilities, you should find good options on Amazon.


Purchasing Criteria: How to Compare Dog Drinking Options

Everything about your four-legged friend should be taken seriously, and the dog waterer is no different.

Before choosing your dream model, check some aspects to make sure you are making the best choice.

  • Model
  • Size
  • Material
  • Design

Next, we will explain each of them in a little more detail.


The choice of the model is fundamental and determines not only your expenses, but also the efficiency and functionality of the product.

It is important that you analyze the different models of the product well and choose the one that best fits your day to day and your pet, be it the common, electronic or the lick lick.

Remember that it is essential that pets have a regulated feeding routine for the comfort of themselves and their own tutors.


The size of your dog waterer must match the size of your available space at home and the size of your pet.

Small breed puppies and dogs can use smaller models, while large breed animals need large drinking fountains.



Like most objects and accessories for animals, the material must also be taken into account when choosing your drinking fountain.

Choose those made of resistant materials and, if possible, avoid plastic models, which are more fragile and crack easily.


Although not essential, it can be fun to choose a drinker with a different design. Nowadays, many options are colorful and have designs that refer to animal life. If you like it, it’s an interesting option.


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