Top & Best Gillette Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Gillette: Discover how to choose the best model in 2022

where you can find the best product reviews on the internet. Whether for a shave or a good body wax, nothing better than a Gillette shaver.

Known worldwide with one of the leading developers and manufacturers, Gillette has become synonymous with good shavers, blades and special items for the care of men and women.

To understand a little more about the product and how to choose the ideal model for your needs, whether to use at home or in your barber shop, check out our article with everything you need to know.

First, the most important

  • Most gillettes are disposable and need to be replaced over time.
  • Some shavers use specific gillettes and it is not possible to fit other models.
  • Nowadays there are different gillettes for use on the face or for removing body hair.

Gillette’s best models: Our favorites

Since the razors used in barber shops, the technology of shavers does not bring new developments to facilitate our daily lives. Whether in disposable or electric models, the variety is huge. So be sure to check out our list of the best Gillette models.

  • Gillette razor with different design
  • Gillette disposable razor
  • Gillette Razor with interchangeable head
  • Gillette kit for women
  • Gillette razor with sharper blades


Buying Guide

In the rush of everyday life we ​​have less and less time to sit in a barber’s chair. Fortunately, new technologies allow us to do this at home, each time with more professional results.

Having a well-shaved beard is a great sign of professionalism, in addition to highlighting the personality and appearance of each one. So it is very important to have a good shaver. And, to help you make the right choice, be sure to follow our shopping guide with more information and all the details you need to know.


What is a Gillette?

In our dictionaries, gillette refers to any type of razor, especially disposable ones. But today there are many options with cartridges to make the change when the blades wear out.

when we think of gillettes, it is almost inevitable to associate them with the Gillette brand, which was originally founded by King Camp Gillette in 1901, in the United States.

It was one of the first brands to introduce disposable models and a series of new technologies that ended up being incorporated by other brands and models.



What are the main advantages and disadvantages of a Gillette?

Shaving at home is already a big advantage for gillettes, but there are others. Disposable models, for example, are great for travel. Many current models have moving heads, and, unlike disposable models, in many devices it is possible to replace the blades.

However, there are some disadvantages to be aware of. However advanced they are, there is still a risk of cuts. Not all electric shavers are waterproof and you need to change the blades regularly as they lose their sharpness.



  • Disposable models are great for travel
  • Many models have moving heads
  • On many shavers it is possible to replace the blades


  • However advanced they are, there is still a risk of cuts
  • Not all electric shavers are waterproof
  • Blades need to be changed regularly

What are the different types of shavers?

There are currently four main types of gillette. The disposable shaver is the most common of them, ideal for day to day or travel. He does about 5 beards before having to be replaced and these are the cheapest models on the market.

Cartridge shavers allow blades to be changed, shave up to 10 shaves before an exchange is required and are in an intermediate price range. Slightly more expensive, electric models allow for a much more comfortable shave and their blades last for much longer.

Finally, we also have female epilators, perfect for epilation of the body. There are disposable or multi-use models and they can be found in an intermediate price range.


How much does a good Gillette cost?

The price of Gillettes can vary a lot according to the model, number of blades and even technologies that make shaving closer and more comfortable. Disposable models are the cheapest and can be found from R $ 2 to R $ 10.

Female models with cartridges cost a little more, in the range of R $ 10 to R $ 50. Electric ones, on the other hand, can be found from $ 100 to R $ 300. To give you a better idea about prices, the models shown in our ranking range from R $ 20 to R $ 150.


Where can I buy Gillette devices?

You can find the gillettes mainly in pharmacies and drugstores, but as it is a very common personal hygiene item, they are also available in practically every supermarket chain.

But if you are more demanding and are looking for a specific model that you could not find in your city, you can also find them on the internet, either in drugstores with e-commerce service or in large distributors like Amazon, which delivers the product in your home with all practicality, speed and security and also has a wide variety of options.



Purchase criteria: What to consider before buying a Gillette

Gillettes help us save time, money and ensure that we always have a shave. And today they are not an item dedicated only to men, but women too.

And, with so many advances and new technologies, it is necessary to be attentive to choose which model of gillette that offers the best cost / benefit for your trips. With that in mind, we have separated some of the main criteria you should pay attention to before making a purchase.

  • Number of blades
  • Joints
  • Lubricant
  • Refill

Carefully read each of the topics below to learn everything you need to know about gillettes, how to differentiate between the main models and find a product that will always leave you looking flawless.

Number of blades

One of the main factors that you should watch out for when choosing a good gillette is the amount of blades. The greater the number of blades, the closer and smoother the cut.

While the most common models offer two blades, today you can find many gillettes with up to five of them. And with the right joints, they guarantee a much more pleasant experience, free of cuts and causing less skin irritation.



The vast majority of modern razors have some sort of articulation, even on some disposable models. The most common are the moving heads, springs and suspensions on the blades.

In the case of the head joints, they help the blade cartridge move according to the body’s curves, facilitating handling and making shaving much more pleasant.

In the case of springs and suspensions, they work together u individually with the blades, allowing them to follow the different skin reliefs to provide a much closer cut and remove even the shortest hairs without difficulty.


Although it is still possible to find cheaper models that do not have lubricating bands, the overwhelming majority of models already have them, even in disposable models.

Of course, the quantity and quality of the lubricant varies according to the model. Positioned on the head of the device, they help to make the skin more moist and soft, facilitating the slide of the blades. This in turn helps to avoid both reducing the risk of cuts and skin irritation, especially on more sensitive skin or those with a tighter beard.



Unlike the cheaper and disposable models, many razors offer the option of changing the head, where the blades are located, which are exactly the part that most wear out with use.

Here you need to be especially careful, because you have to take into account the ease that you will have to find replacement cartridges. In addition, many gillettes only allow certain cartridges to fit.

In most models, it is recommended to change the cartridge between 5 and 10 uses to ensure that the blades are always sharp, otherwise they can damage your skin, making shaving much more difficult and unpleasant.



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