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Top & Best Hydration mask Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Hydration mask: What is the best option of 2022?

If you are always looking for tips on hair care, you will like to know that today we are going to talk about the hydration mask.

Very famous inside and outside the beauty salons, the hydration mask guarantees hydrated, shiny and resistant hair. Its main function is to recharge the threads with nutrients and assets capable of promoting reconstruction and strength.

In today’s guide we will present you with a series of information about the use of hydration masks, in addition to pointing out their advantages, values ​​and sales locations.


First, the most important

  • The hydration mask is a highly nourishing cream idealized to be applied to dry or damaged hair.
  • Its objective is to replenish nutrients and vitamins, and help in the reconstruction of the hair fiber.
  • In addition to nourishing and hydrating, the hydration mask also conditions and cleans, replacing the conditioner on the days it is used.

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Buying Guide

Now that we have presented you with excellent hydration mask options, we will talk about the benefits of this product, and point out all the issues that should be taken into account when choosing.


What is the hydration mask?

As the name says, the hydration mask, or capillary mask, is a cream specifically designed to be applied to the hair in order to nourish, repair and moisturize it.

They can have different compositions and usually have specific purposes, such as: chemically treated hair, dyed hair or extremely damaged hair.

In general, they should be used once or twice a week, leaving them to act for about five minutes. They can be applied at home, during the bath, or in a beauty salon, if you choose professional monitoring.

What are the advantages of the hydration mask?

Whoever has never suffered from dry hair should throw the first stone. It is quite common that, due to the wear and tear caused by chemistry, climatic factors, and other situations, the hair loses strength and nutrients.

In such cases, the best course of action is to moisturize it using hair masks. These products are full of actives and substances with reconstructive and strengthening capabilities, such as ceramide, argan oil, coconut oil, shea, keratin and many others.

Together, these assets have a surprising hydrating power, which, with regular use (once or twice a week), end up bringing shine and strength to the locks again.

In addition, hydration masks have cleaning and conditioning power. When used, the use of the conditioner is unnecessary, since the mask already fulfills this function.

In summary, it is not a very cheap product, but it can offer surprising results to damaged hair.


Hydration mask or conditioner: What are the differences?

As we mentioned in the previous topic, when the mask is used, the conditioner is not necessary, and then you may have had doubts about the difference between these products and when to use each one, right?

Well, the hydration mask, as we said, has a very intense treatment effect. It is responsible for replacing nutrients to rebuild the hair fiber and prevent dryness.

It is a product that can be used only as a prevention, and also as a damage control, in the case of very dry hair.

And now you must be asking yourself: if the mask is so good, why use the conditioner?

The use of the conditioner is essential because it is responsible for sealing the hair fiber cuticles and preserving the nutrients absorbed by the mask.

In addition, the hydration mask has a high composition of assets, so it should be used only once or twice a week to avoid the rebound effect, when the hair becomes overloaded with proteins and ends up becoming too heavy.

Therefore, the ideal is that you use the conditioner daily, as a way to keep your hair clean and nourished, and replace it with the mask on the days that you need an intensified treatment.

How much does a hydration mask cost?

Due to its great treatment potential, the price of the hydration mask is usually more expensive, although there is some variation.

In the case of large brands, already renowned and known for the high quality of the product, the cost usually varies between R $ 150 and R $ 400.

However, it is also possible to find options at more popular prices, costing around R $ 60 to R $ 100.

Where to buy hydration masks?

You will not always find hair masks in supermarkets, in this case, we suggest you the large pharmacy chains, or cosmetics stores, The internet is an excellent place to purchase this type of product, in which case we can recommend Amazon.


Purchase criteria: how to compare the models of hydration masks

The hydration mask is a product that deals with the health of your hair, which is why it is important that you observe every detail before choosing yours. We selected some criteria that can help you choose, they are:

  • Composition
  • Yield
  • Aroma
  • Method of use

Now that you know which points to watch, let’s explain each one better.


Whenever the subject is cosmetic, we always recommend that you take a look at the composition of the product, however, in the case of the hair mask, this is even more important.

When buying this type of product, you probably have a specific purpose for it, whether it be dyed, highly damaged or dry hair due to chemistry.

Therefore, always note which are the moisturizing assets described on the packaging, as each of them is indicated for a type of objective, which will probably also be written on the packaging.

Substances like coconut oil, argan oil, shea butter, palm oil and keratin are great allies.

These, among many others, offer very interesting advantages to hair treatment, such as nutrition, hair renewal and protection of the scalp.


Although it is not a product for daily use, it is interesting to purchase a mask with good performance, after all, it is an expensive product.

Opt for that option that offers you a good cost benefit and that will last at least 10 applications in locks.


Does it feel better than getting out of the shower with a fragrant hair? Of course not? And it just depends on the products you use!

At the time of purchase, check the smell of your mask, and see if you like it. Nothing better than the feeling of cleanliness after a busy day.

Method of use

Many people are not in the habit of reading the back of the conditioner they are buying, but we recommend that you read it.

On the packaging itself, in addition to information about the composition of your product, you will also find tips on your ideal use method, how to correctly apply it and how many minutes the product should be left on the wires.


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