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Top & Best Electric toothbrush Review 2022– How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Electric toothbrush: How to choose the best model in 2022

your internet review site. For those looking to incorporate practicality and efficiency with a touch of technology in their oral hygiene routine, a good electric toothbrush is the ideal option.

Developed to help remove plaque and prevent cavities, electric toothbrushes are a natural evolution of traditional models, taking advantage of new technologies.

In addition to saving your effort, they also have special features and different types of movements, helping with hygiene. To understand a little better about them, check out the following article.

First, the most important

  • Electric toothbrushes work on batteries and disposable or rechargeable batteries.
  • From time to time, the brush bristles will wear out naturally and need to be replaced.
  • In the case of people who have sensitive teeth or use braces, the best thing to do is to consult a dentist so that he can indicate the best model.

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Buying Guide

If people used to think that electric toothbrushes were an option for lazy people, today that mentality is changing and they are becoming more and more popular.

This is because they do not only help to avoid repetitive movements, they offer a personalized and much more intense and effective cleaning. To understand a little more about electric brushes and which model is right for you, check out our Buying Guide.



What is an electric toothbrush?

Electric toothbrushes are nothing more than a natural evolution of traditional models and help remove plaque, keep gums healthy and prevent cavities.

The first models appeared in the 60s and were initially plugged directly into the outlet or had batteries so huge that they left them the size of flashlights.

Today they are much smaller and more practical. Many models now offer rechargeable batteries. And the benefits for your health are undeniable, as they offer a much more powerful movement, ensuring a more intense brushing.



Did you know that the first electric toothbrush appeared in 1800 in the United States and made an electric current run through the bristles to your teeth? It looks shocking.


What are the different types of electric brushes?

Currently, there are three main types of electric toothbrushes. Rotating brushes are the most traditional and can be found at the most affordable prices.

Sonic brushes offer a much higher number of movements per minute, are in an intermediate price range and already have more rotation functions.

Now, if you want a powerful model, you can choose an ultrasonic brush, a little more expensive, but capable of more intense cleaning. See our comparative table below.



What are the advantages and disadvantages of using an electric toothbrush?

Electric toothbrushes offer much deeper cleaning. With them, it is possible to achieve different types of movements, both in teeth and gums. In addition, they save you the repetitive efforts of traditional brushing.

However, they are more expensive, the head needs to be changed regularly and they run on batteries that may or may not be rechargeable. Check the table below.



  • Offer deeper cleaning
  • It is possible to achieve different types of movement
  • They save the effort of repetitive movements


  • Cost more than traditional models
  • Operate on batteries or batteries
  • You need to change your head regularly

How do I know it’s time to change my electric toothbrush head?

When you use a traditional brush, it is natural for the bristles to wear out and you have to buy a new one. In the case of electric toothbrushes, you only need to change the head that contains the bristles.

Experts recommend that the exchange be carried out every three months, but this will depend on the use and quality of the material. When you notice that the bristles have lost their softness or integrity, it’s time to perform the replacement to avoid injury to your gums.




How much?

The price of electric toothbrushes varies according to their power and features. Traditional rotary models can be found in a range of R $ 40 to R $ 100.

Sonic models, especially ultrasonic ones, cost more, in the range of R $ 100 to R $ 500, some models may cost more than that. All models shown in this review can be found in a range of R $ 120 to R $ 300.

Where to buy?

You can find the electric toothbrushes in the main chains of pharmacies and drugstores or in large supermarkets, in the personal hygiene department.

But if you prefer to make the purchase without leaving home, from the comfort of your home, you can also find them on the internet. For example, all the models shown in this review can be found on Amazon.





Purchasing criteria: Factors to consider when buying an electric toothbrush

With the advancement of technology, electric toothbrushes are increasingly modern and have different types of displays and functions. While this is great, you may feel a little lost when making a purchase.

To help you choose the ideal model, we have separated some essential criteria that must be observed for you to choose the brush that meets all your needs to keep a smile always healthy.

  • Bristle type
  • Loading way
  • Additional features
  • Water resistance

Check each of these topics carefully to understand a little better about the product and the variation between models. This way you will be much more practical when brushing your teeth.

Bristle type

One of the most important factors you should consider when choosing an electric toothbrush is the type of bristles it has. It is possible to find bristles with different levels of softness, from the softest, suitable especially for children, or harder, recommended for adult use.

The arrangement of the bristles can also change according to the brush. They can be arranged in a rectangular or circular shape, which helps to reach even the most difficult corners of the mouth.

An advantage of electric brushes is that the heads can be changed, so you can replace them according to your need and use different types of bristles to get more than one type of brushing.



Loading way

Electric toothbrushes need a source of energy, and today the most common ones run on batteries, which may or may not be rechargeable.

In the case of disposable batteries and batteries, it is worth observing the product specifications and the availability of the batteries, as well as the ease of carrying out the replacement.

Many brushes are now adopting rechargeable lithium batteries. They can be recharged through bases connected to the socket or even via USB cable.

Additional features

In addition to offering much deeper brushing, some models of electric toothbrushes have some additional features, such as different types or levels of brushing.

Many also have pressure sensors, giving you alerts to decrease the intensity of your movements. Most models also have timers, letting you know when it’s time to stop. Or even when it is necessary to recharge or change the batteries.

More modern models can even be integrated with other mobile devices through applications, offering complete reports of your oral hygiene habits.



Water resistance

When you think of toothbrushes, one of the first associations you should have is with water and that they work perfectly in contact with it. It may not be the case with all models.

Before making a purchase, especially if you like to brush your teeth while bathing, it is important to check the water resistance level of the product to avoid damage, as some cannot be completely submerged.


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