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Top & Best Shaving foam Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Shaving foam: How to choose the best in 2022

Today we are going to talk about a product for men, widely used all over the world, and which is in the face of many people, literally: shaving foam.

Anyone who has suffered from the harsh irritations of the aftershave or has even faced the inconvenience of an improvised shave in soap knows the value of a good shaving foam. In addition to skin care and protection, this product is a real facilitator of an activity that for many is daily.

In this Guide, we will help you choose the ideal model for your beard, explaining which are the different types present on the market, in addition to the best launches. After reading this article, you will be able to choose the best shaving foam without trauma. Come on?

First, the most important

  • Notice your skin, your hair, even your blade. Knowing about your shave is essential to choosing the best foam.
  • There are shaving gels, creams and foams. Find out about each type to find out which one best fits your beard and skin.
  • Its price varies little. It is possible to find models from R $ 18 to R $ 60.

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Buying Guide

Shaving foam is a product with a simple purpose, which is why it is difficult to choose. Inserted in a recurring activity and, for many, essential, the foam has several formulas and versions available in the market.

In this Buying Guide, we will explain its operation, show its varieties, its advantages and disadvantages. So you can think of the foam that best fits your face and shave.



What is shaving foam and what is it for?

Shaving foam is nothing more than a chemical made to mediate between facial hair and the blade during shaving. Its application is made directly on the skin and its performance is based on three fronts:

    • Softening of beard hair through humidification. The logic is the same as for hair, which is easier to handle, comb and cut when wet.
    • Lubrication of the cut , acting as a softener of the friction between skin, hair and blade, reducing the impacts of the scraping.
    • Hydration and skin care , reducing aftershave irritation, contributing to resistant skin and healthy hair growth.


There are also secondary actions, more linked to shaving than to the product itself. One is the direction it gives to the scraping process, guiding the person who shaves when showing where the blade was used.

Another action of the foam has an almost therapeutic effect, which is its application process, a moment of personal care, almost intimate, and, why not, nostalgic, recalling a moment in life that every man goes through, which is the learn how to shave.

Shaving foam, or at least its concept, is as old as our civilization itself, a symbol of man’s conscience and self-knowledge, both of his body and the consequences of his actions.


Did you know that there is evidence of a rudimentary cream used in Sumer, a region of prehistoric civilizations in today’s Middle East, in 3000 BC?


Bars of soap for shaving, tubes with mixtures of oils with soap and the first drafts of a cream suitable for the activity of barbers were part of the history of this compound of such specific use.

The great “revolution” started in 1949, when the first pressurized can of shaving cream was launched in the USA, which instantly produced a foam just by pressing a button.

Thereafter the product was established on the market, meeting a real demand from boys who wanted more than a soap for their beards. In 1970, the first gel appears; in the 90s, the combination of gel and foam.

Today’s products do not change much in the application and in their state. Instead, manufacturers bet on different formulas and compositions, in order to meet different beards and shaves.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of shaving foam?

The advantages of shaving foam come directly from its use. One of them, the main one, is that it makes shaving easier, especially in relation to the use of a common soap.

Another is the protection it offers to the skin, either against cuts and wounds, or against major post-scraping irritations. The foam also has a more practical application, already in the final state of the compound, unlike gels and creams, which need to produce the foam before shaving.




The foam still guides the shave, informing where the blade has passed or the limits where it must pass.

On the other hand, the product limits the visibility of hair, being less visible as its density increases. If the blade, for example, fails in a few moments, it is only possible to notice when one has a clean face.

Another negative point is the dirt that your shaving ends up providing. As it dissolves in water, the foam does not retain the cut hairs, leaving a trail of “debris” on the way down the sink.

Finally, however advanced the formulas of today are, the product is not the most economical, in the sense of the amount that is necessary for an efficient shave. The problem increases with thick beards and/or that are shaved daily.


  • Easy shaving
  • Skin protection
  • Adds cosmetic functions and dermatological care


  • Hair visibility compromised when shaving
  • Does not retain cut hair
  • Uneconomical

Shaving gel, cream or foam: Which to choose?

There is not exactly a difference between shaving foams. They are more or less dense or flavored, and that’s it. The variation happens in its previous state, which precedes the foam when it exists.

Below is a market study was done regarding the use of the different types of shaving foam texture:



Market research (10/20): Scientific methods were used to further analyze 93 products in the “Shaving foam” category. The purpose of this analysis is to answer how the “Texture” question is distributed across the market. This information will allow you to better assess which product is right for you. You can also see the results of our study in the chart above. (Source: Own elaboration)

In this case, there are shaving creams and gels, in addition to the ready-made foam. The first, usually sold in small cylindrical cans, as ointments – referring to the product’s beginnings – is a simple cream, which needs a brush or a brush to produce foam.

The most modern gel, sold in tubes or jars, like a hair gel, has a simpler and faster application, foaming on contact with the skin and with water.

It can be a bulkhead, more efficient protection against cuts, but it can clog most blades, as it is denser and slower to dissolve than the ready foam. Shall we compare the three types of shaving products?


Cosmetics and dermatology: Why are they special?

Another common variety found is the combination of the product for shaving with substances of aesthetic and dermatological care.

It is not difficult to find foams (and gels and creams) that offer prolonged hydration, healing effect for possible cuts or refreshments for the aftershave, among other benefits to the skin and hair.





Where to buy shaving foam?

It is possible to find quality products in physical cosmetics stores,

If, however, you want comfort at the time of purchase, but without giving up quality options and good prices, online stores such as Amazon in addition to the web versions of the establishments mentioned above should meet your demand well.



Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare the types of shaving foam

Below, we list some things to note before purchasing your shaving foam. They serve perfectly as criteria to guide choosing the best model possible for you:

  • Your shave
  • Yield
  • Skin type
  • Formula

Now, let’s detail each of these items. After all, the more information, the better your choice!



Your shave

foam for you, you need to know first what it has to adapt to. The oiliness of your skin, the thickness of your hair, even your razor, everything is important right now.

For very oily skin, for example, a gel can be a good choice, as it responds well to this type of skin. Now, if you like thinner blades, the gel is no longer ideal, as opposed to a ready foam.

If your hair is very thick, perhaps a cream with a dense foam is best for you; if they are thin, a more aerated foam will bring better results; finally, notice your shaving to better choose your foam.



Another important criterion concerns your pocket. Most models are not usually exactly economical, in the sense that they need a lot of foam for an efficient shave, especially on full beards and thick hair.

Prioritize products with greater quantity.

So if you make regular scrapes, the product will not last long. Therefore, give priority to models whose yield per “portion” is higher, or whose formula is more concentrated.

With less foam for each shave, not only is there more savings but more practical application.

Skin type

Another aspect to give preference is the indication of the type of skin the model is ideal for. The vast majority of models are versatile and can be used on all skins.

Exactly for this reason, the specificity ends up becoming a differential, especially for very oily or very dry skin. In the first case, a foam of its own can increase the efficiency of your shave, while in the second, the protection during and the care after shaving is maximized.

Here we see a unique ReviewBox chart on the types of foams for each skin type:


The purpose of this analysis is to answer how the question “Type of skin” is distributed across the market.
This information will allow you to better assess which product is right for you.
You can also see the results of our study in the chart above. (Source: Own elaboration)


Following the logic above, another important criterion is the formula of your model. No, you don’t have to be a chemistry expert. Just pay attention to the packaging and what else your foam can offer you.

There are several products that offer benefits in addition to its basic functionality, which is shaving. They add aesthetic and dermatological care. The best thing, in this case, is that these additions do not compromise its main functioning.

So, if you are in doubt between the two models, consider the one that offers hydration, refreshing skin, or special care with hair growth. Anyway, pay to take as much as your foam can offer.



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