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Top & Best Set of keys Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Set of keys: How to choose the best in 2022?

Want to buy a set of keys and don’t know which model to choose? Calm down, you just need to read this text to know the best information that will guide you in the search for valid offers.

Wrench sets are mandatory in any auto repair shop. In the kits there are differences that are beyond the size of each tool. What are these differentiations? You will follow this in the shopping guide.

Types of wrench sets, best brands, weights, formats and everything about this product will be revealed in the words below. We recommend that you read all the content before opting for an offer on the market.

First, the most important

  • Fixed wrench sets are useful tools for tightening, loosening and auto torque.
  • In some versions of the wrench set there is a side with a star cavity for final tightening.
  • You must use the tightening wrench the same size as the head of the screw or nut.

Best Key Sets: Our Recommendations

  • Set of keys Tramontina
  • Eda wrench set
  • Vonder wrench set
  • Set of keys Belzer

Buying Guide

A self-respecting mechanical workshop needs to have sets with several keys of different sizes for different services. Except that it doesn’t do much good to buy cheap productions that never make the work easier.

Let us know information that helps you in making the perfect purchase of this tool.

What is a set of keys?

A set of fixed wrenches is characterized by its strong and solid shape in the tightening tools indicated for use on nuts or bolts.

To work perfectly with the set of wrenches, it is necessary to perform a rotation that requires the tool to be removed from the screw with each movement.

Using the game keys you can ensure that a device does not move or rotate because it is fixedly attached.

How does a set of keys work?

The concept of operation in the set of wrenches is based on the Archimedes principle, to which the torque used to thread must be stronger than the force used to remove.

There are several types of cavities in the wrench sets, each of which serves to pull a different type of screw with a head (hemispherical, conical or cylindrical).

Therefore, you must choose the size and type of wrench according to the characteristics of the screw, as shown in the following video:

What are the advantages of having a set of keys?

Let’s get to know a little bit about the positive in the set of keys. This way you can know whether or not this is the best tool for your work at home, on the site, in the workshop or any other place.

The set of keys is characterized by compact design. You can easily take one or two keys in the service case. However, to load the complete game there is sometimes some difficulty due to being overweight.
It does not need electrical energy to function, but in order to work using these tools there is a need to use energy from the arms. The set of keys does not require much training or skill to use.

Some productions have dual operation: One side works for the initial tightening and the other part has a star structure for the final tightening.

Other units, on the other hand, do not have a stellar structure and must be dispensed when making the final tightening that guarantees perfect fixation.

Briefly see the advantages and disadvantages of the set of fixed keys:

Set of keys: Fixed or stellar?

What are the best keys for tightening screws or threads? Fixed? Star? This is a doubt present even in the minds of specialist mechanics. Let’s understand a little the difference between these two models:

Set of fixed wrenches

Fixed wrenches, although very useful for initial movements to tighten or loosen, should not be used for final tightening. The proof of this is in the straight shape in the hooked cavity.

To try to make a final tightening with this type of wrench, it is necessary to tilt the tool and perform a lot of effort in the movements that can wear the screw head faster, in addition to requiring a lot of physical strength from the mechanic.

Star wrench set

The star cavity in the set of keys is produced in a more angular way to help mechanics make the final tightening, thus guaranteeing absolute fixation. In the tool there are metallic teeth that are shaped like a star.

There are sets of stellar keys with different opening sizes on both sides.

Notice better the difference between the set of fixed and star keys:

How much does a set of keys cost?

The brand is one of the points that makes the product more expensive, which can cost up to R $ 500 for 16 units. Some versions of 12 units from less famous manufacturers cost R $ 100, lower values ​​are unreliable kits.

Sets of combined keys that work with a dual function cost more. Fixed versions that have only one feature have lower overall prices.

Where to buy a set of keys?

Construction stores have a habit of selling some versions of famous brands. You can also buy these popular tools at hypermarkets.

Variety of choices, low prices and home delivery are the typical advantages of buying key sets online. Amazon is the preferred site among internet users who also buy from other online stores.



Some sets of wrenches have adjustable cavities. They are more versatile tools since with the use of just one unit it is possible to work on different sizes of screws or nuts.



Purchasing criteria: How to compare key sets

Although they appear to be the same products, the tightening wrenches have small differences that should be noted when comparing offers.

  • Support
  • Size
  • Combined key
  • Material
  • Warranty

The definition of each item listed is as follows:


Opt for promotions that also offer support for the key kit.

With the support you have at your disposal an accessory to organize or store all the units, which also makes it easy to get the tool of the right size according to each service.

Some offers offer a great support for leaving the set of keys positioned on the outside. In other promotions the kit comes with a suitcase to store the tools inside.


You must choose the size of each wrench in the game according to the diameters of the screws or threads.

If your goal is to work only with screws of a specific size, you do not need to buy the complete set. Buy only one unit that matches the diameter of the screw.

Combined key

When looking for the best deals you will also find the combined keys. These formats are great for those looking for flexibility in a tool that performs initial and final tightening without any problems.

Although they cost more, the combined keys help to speed up the service time due to the dual functionality.

This is also a choice that offers more savings, since with only 1 combined wrench you can perform two types of tightening that could only be done using two different wrenches.


Pay special attention to the quality of the compositions of the sets of keys, productions that have disqualified materials may require more effort at the time of application.

The best versions nowadays have chrome-vanadium steel (CRV steel) stainless steel, known for its superior natural defense against fungi or rust that shorten tool life.


You use the correct wrench according to the size of the screw and suddenly the tool breaks, all after just a few days of use!

Believe me: This problem happens even in the case of the set of keys from the best brands due to unexpected problems in the manufacturing process.

Therefore, no matter how cheap the keys are, you should only opt for productions that offer a minimum guarantee of 90 days.


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