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Top & Best Scientific calculator Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Scientific calculator: Which are the best in 2022?

Today we are going to talk about an item that is useful in the daily lives of many people: the scientific calculator, most used in the areas of science, engineering and mathematics, as they have several functions that assist in different types of calculations.

The following guide was written to let you know which are the best scientific calculators and which model is best for you. Keep reading and learn how to choose yours!

First, the most important

  • One of the advantages of scientific calculators is that they are very agile to solve complex calculations.
  • A graphing calculator is always scientific, as the opposite logic does not apply.
    The prices of the scientific calculators listed below are between R $ 50 and R $ 500.
  • We will explain in detail each of these important characteristics of scientific calculators: functions, display, battery, design, memory, spreadsheets, size, resistance, menu, manual and integration with devices.

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Ranking: The 7 best scientific calculators

Needing to do complicated calculations at college or at work? Then a scientific calculator will be very useful for you. Below, we have selected seven models that are sure to make your life easier at the time of those accounts that seem to have been made to remain unsolved. Choose yours based on your needs!

Buying Guide

Whether at school, university or the job market, many people have to deal with complicated calculations on a daily basis. These people know well the answer to that classic math class question: where am I going to use this, professor?

If you fit into this group and need a scientific calculator, our Buying Guide will provide you with the information you need to choose the ideal model.

What are scientific calculators and what are their advantages?

Scientific calculators are an excellent tool for those who need to perform advanced calculations in high school, college or professional life. But be careful, as many of them are not allowed in tests.Many people believe that calculators should not be introduced in schools, as students must learn to do the calculations in their heads. However, in view of the technology present in our lives today, it is valid for students to start dealing with this equipment from an early age.

After all, it is not because a person is using a scientific calculator that he is not using logic to solve the equations.

Another factor that pleases many consumers in relation to scientific calculators is their speed in solving mathematical and statistical problems. This is very useful in situations where it is necessary to deal with these problems quickly and effectively.

One of the disadvantages of these devices is that they are complex to use at the beginning, as it takes time to become familiar with the display and the information presented on it.

That is why it is important to read the calculator’s manual, so that you have a basis for understanding all the functions it has, in addition to being able to become more familiar with the equipment.

Scientific or graphing calculators?

One of the doubts that people always have in relation to the calculators used in more complex calculations is the difference in graphic and scientific equipment.

First, it must be said that all graphing calculators are scientific, it is no longer possible to say the opposite, since they have the extra function of having a larger display to display graphs.

Thus, it is enough for the user to activate the graph function for the calculator itself to create a graph from the equation.

Therefore, the graphical calculator displays are larger and have higher resolution, as this is a necessity for those who use this equipment. In addition, graphing calculators are also a little more expensive, precisely because they have more quality, and because they often have the color display.

If you are interested in graphing calculators for your classes, think about your choice, as they are not usually allowed in tests and exams. The table below shows the main differences between the two types of scientific calculators:

Is it worth buying a scientific calculator in 2019?

It is true that with the technology and variety of applications, many people have replaced the scientific calculator with online platforms, which do the calculations for you quickly.

But it is worth remembering that it is always indicated that the professional knows how to do the calculations on their own, after all, you can’t stay writing about technology, can you?

So, whether you are a student, trainee or professional trained in the fields of engineering or mathematics, it is certainly worth having one of these.

The scientific calculator is not an expensive product, so it is worth the investment. Not to mention that you can often run out of power and internet, but your calculator will work even under these conditions, as it has autonomy of use without depending on these requirements.


How much?

A scientific calculator will vary a lot in price according to the brand and the functions it has, and the choice will depend a lot on what your goal is with it.

You can buy a good quality scientific calculator from R $ 50. The price factor, however, should not be your main criterion when choosing a calculator like this.

Such an object can last for many years if you choose a model from a credible manufacturer. In addition, there is no point in buying a graphing calculator, for example, which is more expensive, and then not being able to use it at the time of your college exam.

Therefore, this choice must be thought out calmly, through research that involves not only the price, but also the functions of the equipment, among other factors.

Where to buy?

One of the questions that many people end up asking is where they can buy scientific calculators. This question is very simple to answer, as there are countless stores that sell this equipment.

On the Internet there are several websites that sell scientific calculators, among others. Online, it is easier to find products on sale, without having to leave the house to buy.

Stationers are excellent places to buy scientific calculators too, and one of those places, as both in the physical store and in e-commerce, you can find several options.

In department stores like Havan it is also quite possible that you will end up finding models of scientific calculators.

Another option is to buy used equipment, which can be a good option for those who want to pay cheaper. Sites like are good alternatives in this case.


Purchasing criteria: Main features for evaluating scientific calculators

There are certain characteristics that are fundamental in a scientific calculator, such as the following:

  • Functions
  • Viewfinder
  • Drums
  • Design
  • Memory
  • Spreadsheets
  • Size
  • Resistance
  • Menu
  • Manual
  • Device integration

Below we will clarify each of these characteristics, so that you can have a clearer idea of ​​the scientific calculator you want to buy.


First, you must consider how many functions of the scientific calculator you will actually use, to know if you are not going to buy equipment that has more functions than you really need, and end up paying more for it.

What can also happen is to end up buying a calculator that doesn’t have the function you want, and end up having to buy another one to make up for that lack.

If your goal is to make professional use of the calculator, calmly evaluate all the functions you will need in your day-to-day and what can not be missing from your scientific calculator.

Students who use the scientific calculator should pay attention to the subjects they are studying, and ask the teacher which is the best option.


The display of a scientific calculator is very important, as it not only shows information, but also makes life easier for users, since it is capable of showing equations in the same way they appear in textbooks.

For this reason, many people who have never used a scientific calculator, should check if they can familiarize themselves with the equipment’s display, as this is already a big step in choosing the right product.

There are models of scientific calculators that show only one calculation line on the display, others that have two or more lines, and some that even have the color and graphical display.

Obviously the more advanced the calculator display is, the higher its price, so it is interesting to research these details in depth, to know what you really need.


The battery is also very important in a scientific calculator, as there are options in the equipment market that use only batteries or batteries, or that combine these energy sources with solar.

Usually the batteries or batteries of a scientific calculator last a long time, with some models lasting up to 20 thousand consecutive hours of use.

Even if you have confidence in the calculator’s battery, it is best not to take any chances and choose a model that combines this energy source with the solar one, so that you don’t run the risk of running out of battery.

There are also models that offer the option of recharging the battery in the outlet, and these can also save you someday when you run out of battery and you really need to use the calculator.


The design of a scientific calculator is more important than you can imagine, as a keyboard with numbers and formulas with different colors greatly facilitates the intuitive use of the equipment.

In addition, keys that have more space between them prevent a typo, so that you lose time and have to redo the calculations.

For people who use the equipment all day, at work or during classes, it is also important that the keys offer a soft touch, so that it is comfortable to use it for a long period of time.


While some scientific calculators only allow you to store specific data in your memories, such as the last calculations that were made, others allow you to store complete operations in order to perform more complex calculations.

These calculators that allow you to store complex calculations in memory are usually prohibited in college exams and exams, so be very careful.

Many also allow you to store complete programming languages, among other advantages, which will be appropriate according to each specific case.


Many talk about the competition between scientific calculators and Excel, and say that spreadsheets can do everything a calculator does, which is still true.

Thinking about it, the manufacturers decided to integrate the two. Then, some calculators allow you to use Excel spreadsheets. This can be very useful when you don’t have your computer around, as the way to use Excel on the calculator is very simple and fast.

The models of scientific calculators that have Excel are a little more expensive, as this is still a new function of this equipment.


Scientific calculators tend to be slightly larger than financial calculators , and for some people it may be more difficult to carry them in the stock market, as they are a little longer.

Most of them have a standard size, which usually varies is the weight, as some models are lighter, so it is worth checking this point if you consider it important to have a light and practical calculator.


Resistance is a very important aspect of a scientific calculator, as you will probably want to carry it to different places and eventually, it may end up falling to the ground, so it is essential that it is durable.

They are usually made of plastic, which is a material that usually lasts for many years and does not break easily when dropped on the floor. In addition, most of them usually come with a hard plastic cover, which can be attached when you are storing the equipment.

This case protects the display and buttons on the calculator, and is an apparatus for its security. If you choose carefully, your scientific calculator will certainly have a long service life.


The menu on your calculator is the layout of the different function options on the display, and is one of the things that should be noted on a scientific calculator, as it must be easy to handle and intuitive.

Several current calculators already have an icon menu, which makes choosing a function much easier.

Obviously these are more advanced and slightly more expensive models, but if you choose a simpler model, check the following:

  • The display of functions on the display
  • The font size
  • Ease of changing options on the screen

Another aspect related to the menu, which is very important for many people, is that it be in Portuguese, since several scientific calculators currently available have the menu in English, which makes it very difficult for those who do not know the language.


The manual is important for you to understand the functions of your calculator, which is why it is essential that it be in Portuguese, so that you get familiarized with the equipment more quickly.

After all, scientific calculators have several functions and keys that are very complex to understand, especially for those who are starting to deal with this equipment.

Therefore, it is important to check before purchase that the manual is well complete and explains each of the calculator’s functions, so that afterwards you don’t have to waste time searching the Internet on how to use the equipment.

Device integration

One of the coolest features that has been added to calculators in recent years is the integration with devices via a QR code, which allows you to view charts, matrices and other things on a smartphone or tablet.

This is very innovative, as it allows you to include the graphs of the calculations made on your scientific calculator in an Excel spreadsheet, or in a presentation. This feature, however, is only present in some newer models of scientific calculators and, consequently, more expensive.


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