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Top & Best Folding folder Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Folding folder: See how to choose the best model in 2022

where you can always find the best reviews on the internet. Today we are going to talk about a fundamental office material to keep the organization: the folding folder.

And don’t be fooled into thinking that it is only useful for large companies or reserved only for archive rooms where no one wants to enter. They can also be used at home to organize your documents.

Keeping everything important in a single folder is already a great advantage, but when you can divide them according to their importance, it is even better. Stay with us to better understand your benefits.

First, the most important

  • Many accordion folders offer organization by color or alphabetical sequence.
  • It is possible to find models with a wide variety of dividers.
  • Before making the purchase, check the size and it is possible to store all documents without wrinkling them.

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Best folding folders on the market: Our favorites

Few things are as frustrating as looking for an important document and not being able to find it, especially when you have a deadline. Some documents are simply irreplaceable.

Folding folders can end this problem, so see here our list of some of the best models on the market. This can save you a lot of headaches.

  • Folding Folder with 12 dividers: Ideal for work
  • Plastic accordion folder: Ideal for home
  • Plastic accordion folder: Fits inside the backpack
  • Plastic accordion folder: Stylish

Buying Guide

Organization is a vital aspect of our life. It is very difficult to be productive when everything is in chaos. Whether in your personal life or in business, adopting ways to maintain order is vital to achieving success.

It may sound silly, but even making small changes can make a big difference. And yes, an accordion folder is a great start to putting important documents, notes and projects in an accessible place. Follow our shopping guide to better understand them.

What is an accordion folder?

The folding folder fits into school or office supplies and differs from other models in that it has accessible partitions when you open it, making it easier to access documents.

They are widely used for archiving documents, as their customizable index system can include a color, numeric or alphabetical system to facilitate organization.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of folding folders?

You may have already noticed that having a folding folder (or several) can have several benefits, after all they have customizable tabs, allow greater organizational power and are an inexpensive way to keep your documents protected.

However, there are some disadvantages to note. The size can be ideal for all types of documents, they take up more space than traditional folders and do not have support for file drawers, which can make the process of saving the folder difficult.

Which documents are important to keep and for how long?

The documents are important proofs that you will need several times throughout your life, such as school transcripts, diplomas, medical records and even the essential bills we pay on a daily basis.

Without them, you will inevitably face problems, which is why organization is so important. And, an accordion folder can help a lot in this process. To help you get an idea of ​​how important some documents are, see below how long you should keep them.

    • Water, telephone, energy bills and school fees: it is recommended to file them for a period of five years.
    • Credit card and insurance bills: are filed for one year.
    • Invoices and warranty certificates: must be kept for the entire life of the good or product, even if the warranty has already expired.
    • Contracts: it is important to keep them at least until the end of the agreement between the parties, and in case of debts, until the last installment has been paid off.


These are just a few examples. Especially in the corporate environment, the validity of the documentation can vary a lot and the ideal is to invest a little in a multifunctional printer (on a small scale), or in a professional scanner to scan the files, saving them on an external hard drive, in a server or even a cloud system.

How much does a good accordion paste cost?

The price of folding folders can vary widely according to their size, material and even the number of dividers or organization of the index. The most traditional plastic folders can be found in a price range that ranges from R $ 10 to R $ 50.

Smaller folders, known as check folders, are cheaper, from R $ 5 to R $ 10. And, of course, it is possible to find even more expensive models available on the market.

Where can I buy an accordion folder?

You can find folding folders easily at stores specializing in school supplies or office supplies, which include stationers and even some supermarkets.

But, if you have not been able to find the ideal model in your city or want to take advantage of a good promotion, you can also purchase online through the online store of your trust or in large distributors like Amazon, which has been growing more and more in the country .

Purchasing criteria: What to consider before buying an accordion folder

Now that you know the main benefits of folding folders, in addition to the advantages of keeping your documents safe and better organized, you still need to be aware of some factors before making the purchase.

Therefore, we have separated some topics that you should analyze to learn how to better differentiate one model from the other and choose according to what best fits your needs.

  • Material
  • Size
  • Tab numbers
  • Colors and prints

After finishing reading, you will know everything you need to buy a good accordion folder and take your productivity to other levels without wasting time in search of that document that insists on disappearing.


With the need for some documents to be archived for years, it is important that you pay attention to the material in which the accordion paste is produced, both to ensure its resistance and its longevity.

Currently, most models are made of plastic, because in addition to all its resistance, it is also a cheap and very malleable material. But looking for a little more, it is possible to find leather pastes or similar synthetic materials, which can give even a more interesting aesthetic aspect to the product.


Another determining factor that you should note is the size of the folder. This is information that can be easily obtained in the product description or in the manufacturer’s specifications, but in general, they accompany different paper sizes.

The most common, for example, is the A4 size, which holds documents the size of ordinary bond paper that we use every day. You can also find them in A3, A5 and A6 sizes. The smallest are the folded folders for checks and promissory notes.

Tab numbers

The big highlight of the folding folders are their dividers, so this is a criterion that deserves special attention. Most models have 12 to 24 dividers, with some models exceeding that number.

Remember that the more tabs and more archived documents, the greater the volume of the folder. In addition, it is important to check if they already come with a factory index (be it color, numeric or alphabetical), or if it is customizable.

In the case of folders with customizable tabs, they usually come with stickers so you can make your markings, otherwise you can use colored highlighter pens. The important thing is to maintain a level of organization that is most convenient for you.

Colors and prints

In addition to the internal organization, colors can help to differentiate one accordion folder from another, especially when you need more than one. Colors can, by themselves, be an easier way to keep multiple folders organized in your file.

Now, if you are going to use the material at school or in more stripped down environments, a good print can reflect your personality, in addition to giving a unique touch to your briefcase.


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