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Top & Best Smoke machine Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Smoke machine: Which is the best in 2022

Did someone say party?!? If you are already excited just to hear about ballads, shows and festivals, you know how much a smoke machine makes a difference in these events, right? In addition to making the environment more lively, the fog highlights the lighting colors.

On the market, there are several equipment options that serve both leisure and professional use. With a simpler model, for example, you can already make a beautiful visual effect at a party at home with your friends.

We have prepared a complete buying guide. In it, you learn what are the best options for professional use or to make the party at your home.

First, the most important

  • A smoke machine is essential in events – mainly musical – to highlight the colors of the lighting and make the environment more lively.
  • The models vary according to your need. If you are an event professional, you need robust and therefore more expensive equipment. In turn, a modest device is more than enough to invite your friends and have a small party at your home.
  • In the process of creating the fog, the device gets very hot, causing burns to people or even causing a fire in the presence of flammable objects. So that these risks do not end your fun, we have listed a series of precautions that you must take when using a smoke machine.

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Ranking: The 4 best smoke machines

Whether for professional or leisure use, smoke machines help improve the lighting of an environment and, in addition, make events more lively. If you enjoy or work with parties, this equipment is indispensable.

To give you a hand at the time of purchase, we have selected the best rated smoke machines on the market. Check below:

Buying Guide

Do you want to have an unforgettable party full of visual effects? So, be sure to check out our Buying Guide to find out what are the advantages and disadvantages of smoke machines and the care you need to take in handling them. Come on!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a smoke machine?

Anyone who works with events knows the importance of a smoke machine. In short, it highlights the colors of the lighting, which provides a very beautiful visual effect in electronic festivals, concerts, weddings and so on.

This type of equipment is also used to record TV programs. That’s because it enhances the lighting without the environment becoming blurry.

So that the smoke machine does not lose its meaning, it is necessary to activate the fog jet only at strategic moments. In a nightclub, for example, the ideal is that the smoke is released when the track is full.

Playing a green or red laser makes the effect even more beautiful. You can bet: the party will be more lively! As much as it is necessary to know how to reconcile the jet of fog with adequate lighting, there is no secret to using a smoke machine. Basically, the walkthrough is as follows:

  • Fill the container with the appropriate liquid;
  • Turn on the equipment;
  • Wait for the initial warm-up time;
  • Press the control button to activate the smoke jet.

Simple, isn’t it?

Among other advantages, we can also highlight its price. The most modest models that you can use in your parties between friends at your home cost less than R $ 200.

It is true that professional equipment costs much more. However, you can include this cost when charging for your services. In the end, it is an investment that pays off in the long run.

Here, we cannot fail to remember the problems that a smoke machine has. In the process of creating fog, the device gets very hot, which can cause people to burn or, worse, cause a fire to come into contact with flammable objects.

Given this situation, it is recommended to keep the equipment out of the reach of children. In general, they are more susceptible to making this kind of mistake. Another disadvantage is that, from time to time, you need to buy fog fluid to supply your smoke machine. In other words, you have a constant fixed expense.

How much?

The value of a smoke machine varies according to your need. If you are an event professional and work at large parties, it is recommended to use high-powered equipment.

In general, these devices are more expensive. They cost between R $ 900 and R $ 4,800. However, as they are for professional use, we can consider an affordable investment that pays off in the long run.

Now, if your intention is to have a smoke machine just to make a small private party, the cost is much more affordable. For less than R $ 200, you can buy good equipment. Including wireless remote control and RGB LED lights.

Here, it is worth remembering that, as you use the smoke machine, you will need to purchase the professional smoke charge liquid. As a rule, the liter of a quality liquid has a reasonable cost, less than R $ 50.

Where to buy?

It is possible to buy a smoke machine without leaving your home, in a few clicks. At Amazon, for example, you can find the most varied equipment.

Other marketplaces, also sell the product. One of the advantages of buying online is that you can compare prices, payment terms and delivery times.

On the other hand, you need to pay attention to the reputation of the online store so you don’t fall for scams, huh!



What precautions should I take when using a smoke machine?

We know that the smoke machine, in addition to improving the quality of lighting, provides more entertainment at parties. But not everything is perfect…

Excessive smoke can impair people’s breathing and vision and – in more extreme cases – even start a small fire. So that the fun is not hindered by these risks, it is necessary to take the following precautions:

  • Moderate use
  • Reduced visibility
  • Fire alert
  • Out of reach of children
  • Suspended machine
  • Compatible and quality fluid
  • DO NOT switch off the device with liquid inside
  • Avoid home-made

Moderate use

As much as the fog that comes out of the device is not toxic, the excessive use of the smoke machine in a small environment can bother some people, especially allergic people. Not to mention throat irritation.

In this sense, it is recommended to follow the instructions in the manual that comes with the equipment and to activate the jet of smoke in a moderate way.

Reduced visibility

The ideal is to start the machine in more spacious closed environments so that the smoke spreads and does not hinder the visibility of people. If you use the device excessively in a small room, the smoke will be concentrated.

The tendency is for people to have a smaller view of space, running the risk of bumping into and tripping over dangerous objects in the middle of the road. Therefore, if you are going to have a party in a small environment, remove the furniture and objects that hinder people’s circulation.

Fire alert

Do not direct smoke towards people. As the device heats up a lot in the process of creating the fog, people can accidentally burn themselves. Remember that the smoke outlet nozzle remains hot for a long time after use.

The situation can get even worse if there are flammable objects around. The heat from the machine can cause these objects to catch fire. Finally, when it is necessary to replace the fuse, replace it with the same size and rating. This considerably reduces the risk of a short circuit.

Out of reach of children

It is true that the risks with a smoke machine are quite reduced, but it is better not to play with the danger, right? Therefore, try to keep your device out of the reach of children.

In general, the little ones do not have much insight into the consequences of their attitudes and, therefore, they can misuse the equipment.

Suspended machine

Another caution you should take is regarding the location of the equipment. If you put the machine in suspension, try to keep it tilted up to 45 degrees – up or down. A steeper slope may result in liquid leakage.

And, of course, never leave the device suspended in areas where people will be moving. Thus, you avoid more serious accidents in case of falls.

Compatible and quality fluid

This can happen: even if you buy a state-of-the-art smoke machine, you realize that the jet of fog does not have a good effect. The problem here may be the choice of fluid.

It is possible to affirm that to buy a cheap liquid (those you get as a free gift) is to throw money away. In addition to not having a nice effect on the environment, they do not usually have a pleasant smell. Also, avoid liquids that have glycerin. They can clog the heating chamber.

In this sense, it is worthwhile to buy the best-evaluated fog fluids on the market, which cost around R $ 40 a liter. However, the performance of your smoke machine improves considerably.

In fact, some smoke machines require compatible fluids to work and get better performance. This is the case with the JEM ZR44 Hi-Mass, one of the models presented in this Guide.

Usually, manufacturers indicate which are the best liquids to fill the equipment in the user manual. So be sure to read the guidelines before using any fluids.

DO NOT switch off the device with liquid inside

Now, a fundamental detail is to completely empty the liquid from the reservoir before turning off the device. In fact, it is essential to regularly clean your equipment. The accumulation of dirt affects the performance of the device and, worse, it reduces its useful life.

Avoid home-made

Browsing the internet, you can find a series of videos and tutorials teaching how to create a homemade smoke machine. However, it is not recommended to do this.

This is because this process requires a series of technical knowledge, such as the electrical and chemical parts (to make the liquid solution). Not to mention the risk of causing fires. The ideal, therefore, is to buy a manufactured machine. In general, the equipment sold has already been tested and approved by specialists in the field.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing smoke machine models

In order not to make a mistake when buying a smoke machine, you need to be very clear on what your needs are. While robust equipment is appropriate for large events, a more modest one is enough to get friends together for a small party at home.

Having very clear what your goals are with a smoke machine, you need to pay close attention to the details below:

  • Reservoir capacity
  • Jet distance
  • Remote Control
  • Lighting
  • Wattage

Reservoir capacity

Knowing the capacity of the container is very important before making a purchase. Depending on the size of the machine, the capacity of your reservoir increases or decreases. While some models can store more than 9 liters of liquid, others have a limit of just 300 ml.

If you are a professional and hold large events, machines with greater storage capacity are the best option. This way, you don’t have to keep refueling the device during the party.

jet distance

Another detail that deserves attention at the time of purchase is the distance from the fog jet launched by the machine, especially if you work at large events.

On average, the equipment fires smoke from a distance of 2 to 5 meters for 40 continuous seconds. It is important to remember that the ventilation of the location can interfere with the distance from the jet.

Remote Control

All smoke machines on the market come with at least one wired remote control. Here, the difference is precisely in the length of the cable, which can vary between 1.5 meters and 3 meters depending on the model of the device.

The most modern models also include a wireless remote control so that you can activate the jet of fog even far from the device. You just have to keep an eye on the battery of the wireless controls so you don’t stay on hand during a party, huh!

Finally, there are options that have a repeat timer. You need to configure the device so that it produces fog from time to time. Thus, it is not necessary to keep pressing the button every time.


We know that the main function of a smoke machine is to provide a considerable improvement in the lighting of a party. By activating the fog jet, it is possible, for example, to visualize the effects of lights on a dance floor.

The coolest thing is that there are some models that combine the two visual effects in one device. When the fog jet is launched, the machine’s own RGB LED lights come on. If you don’t have lighting equipment, these models can be a great alternative, right?


The density and reach of the smoke are directly linked to the power of your machine. The reasoning is simple: the greater the power, the more cubic meters of smoke will be produced per minute and, consequently, will have a more visually beautiful effect.

For large events, equipment with more than 1,400W of power is required. However, a device with 400W to 600W of power already breaks a great branch for your parties between friends.


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