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Top & Best School notebook Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

School notebook: how to choose the best model in 2022?

In today’s article we will help you choose an item that cannot be missing from any student’s backpack: the school notebook.

Extremely versatile and practical, school notebooks can come in different formats, sizes and number of pages. With different themes, colors and configurations, the product evolves every day more to adapt to the needs of the modern student and help to make the study more attractive and organized for all ages.

Follow us on this reading and check out the best product options, in addition to the features you should pay attention to in order to make the best choice of school notebook for your activities.

First, the most important

  • The market offers a multitude of school notebook models, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, with different colors and themes. Choose based on age of user, purpose of use, product design and size.
  • Model, size, cover, type of sheet and quantities of materials are some characteristics to be considered when purchasing.
  • There is a lot of price variation for the product, depending on the brand and model. It is possible to find simple versions from R $ 5, the most sophisticated ones can cost more than R $ 50.

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Best school notebook templates: Our favorites

For many students, regardless of age, the time to choose school supplies is the high point in the period before classes start. And the notebook, of course, is one of the highlights of the list of materials needed.

The modern, fun and colorful versions are lively and passionate, with varied themes, ensuring that there are enough options to please all consumer profiles. Check our list of some of the most interesting models of the product for sale.

  • Excellent simple hardcover notebook
  • An excellent brochure notebook
  • For those looking for a smart notebook

Buying Guide

So, did you like our ranking? So let’s go ahead in search of the ideal notebook, since the product is a staple item in any student’s backpack. Available in several options of sizes and formats, colors, themes and materials, the notebook besides being practical and functional, helps to make your studies more organized and interesting.

Check out our Shopping Guide, where we will help you identify the version of this product that best meets your needs

What are the advantages of a good school notebook?

The notebook is a product mainly used in schools and academics. It consists of a set of sheets, lined or not, wrapped by a cover and joined by a spiral, seams, glue, rings or other mechanisms. Its use can be for didactic, artistic purposes, for reminders or to take notes in general, among other possibilities.

There are notebooks with various types of covers, materials, prices and sizes. The most popular are brochure and spiral ones. In addition to these, there are calligraphy, drawing, checkered notebooks, with rings, among other variants.

Although there are very accessible versions of the product. The more elaborate and fashion-themed versions can be quite expensive. So choosing wisely is key. Check the table of advantages and disadvantages of using the notebook:

What to take into account when choosing your notebook?

With the wide variety of school notebooks, it is difficult to choose a model as ideal. After all, there are many student profiles, so the ideal model varies from person to person. To identify the perfect notebook, start by analyzing the usage goals for the product. Ponder further:

    • What will be the main use of the notebook;
    • Where it will be used (wallet size, surface type);
    • User age and personality ;
    • How many subjects will he attend;
    • What will be the period of use (One year? One semester?);


Based on this information, you will be able to define which model is most convenient for each case. Smaller notebooks are ideal for young children or situations where they need to be used or transported with little volume. Models with flashy themes or colors are ideal for more outgoing students, while others may prefer more sober models.

In addition, the period of use and the quantity of materials will be decisive to define the number of pages required. For more advanced students, who need to work on several subjects, the use of binders is also an alternative.

How to optimize the use of school notebooks?

Especially from elementary school, there is a need for a greater number of notebooks, or notebooks of various subjects that simultaneously serve different subjects.

But for the notebook to be well used, avoiding leftovers or missing sheets during use, planning is necessary. Check out some tips:

    • Start by listing all the disciplines (themes or subjects) that that notebook will serve;
    • Based on estimates from previous years’ experience, establish an average of subjects required for each discipline. It is normal for some to demand more space than others;
    • Reserve a section of blank pages. It can be used for drafting, quick notes and other random uses without compromising the organization and division of your notebook;
    • Identify each division clearly with the name of the subjects. The use of dividers on the sides helps you find the desired discipline more quickly, preventing you from having to leaf through the notebook until you find the material you want.


How much does it cost and where to buy school notebooks?

It is possible to find school notebooks for sale on the market with wide price variations, especially during the promotion and back to school seasons. The values ​​change according to the brand of the product, model, material of manufacture, and accessories included.

The more basic the notebook, the lower the price. There are models for more than R $ 50, but you can also find simpler types for less than R $ 10.

Evaluate the prices of the chosen model in the different brands available in the market to ensure that you make a purchase with the best cost benefit.

You can buy your school notebook at physical stores that sell school supplies. It is also possible to find the product in hypermarkets.

However, where there will be greater availability of established brands and models it will be in online stores.

Purchasing criteria: how to compare school notebook models

After so much cool information, are you already feeling like an expert in notebook templates? But before you decide on your favorite model, check out some more features of the school notebook that will help you compare the options and choose the best possible version:

  • Model
  • Type of leaves
  • Quantity of materials
  • Cover

Below we will detail each of these particularities, so that there are no doubts when choosing:


Notebook models may vary in size and type of binding. The most common are:

  • Spiral model: versatile and practical, allows 360º opening. It is possible to detach sheets without affecting the structure of the notebook. Allow use by occupying less table space. Hardcover versions are ideal for taking notes without a support surface.
  • Brochure template: with sheets glued or sewn in the center, the structure of the notebook may be impaired if sheets are detached. It only allows 180º opening, being more suitable for students at the youngest school age, where desks have more space.

Type of leaves

In addition to varying paper weight and type, the sheets of the notebook can also be:

  • Smooth: white sheets, without markings and details. Ideal for drawings, collages and more creative uses, or for those who prefer to create their own layout for the notebook.
  • Lined: sheets with lines, ideal for writing and flowing texts, creating lists and notes in general;
    Checkered: ideal for training calligraphy, for more elaborate or technical drawings and for organizing task lists;

Quantity of materials

The number of materials in the notebook varies according to the number of pages. Simple notebooks, called single-story notebooks, are generally available in 48, 50, 96 and 100 sheet versions.

From 100 sheets, the notebooks are categorized according to the number of articles, which can vary from 5 to 30 articles. Typically, printers delimit a story every 20 sheets, inserting a dividing sheet between the sets of 20 pages. This number may vary depending on the product model and brand.


The characteristic that most differentiates one notebook from the other is the cover. In addition to the variation of colors and themes, the cover can also vary in type, thickness and material. The most popular models are:

  • Hard cover: also known as carton cover, it is rigid and more resistant, keeps the leaves firm, reducing the likelihood that they will wrinkle, create ears or bellies.
  • Flexible cover: lighter and more fragile, they are flexible and more malleable. However, the use inspires care, as it protects the leaves less, which are more likely to knead.


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