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Top & Best Avon Products Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Avon Products: How to choose the best in 2022?

your internet review portal. If you are a vain person who loves quality cosmetics, you have certainly heard of some of Avon’s products.

Avon is a true pioneer in the production of cosmetics, being recognized worldwide for the quality of its products, in addition to being easy to find.

With more and more options available, it can be a little difficult to choose the perfect product for your collection. To assist you in the selection, check out our article and find out which are the best Avon products available on the market.

First, the most important

  • Avon is one of the pioneers in catalog sales, and the company’s consultants were responsible for delivering the products.
  • There are Avon products in several categories, from skin care to hair care products.
  • Before inserting new cosmetics in your care routine, carefully check the composition and how to use the products.

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Buying Guide

Known in the cosmetics industry, Avon products are recognized for their quality, which is commonly combined with attractive prices, making them popular with men and women of all ages.

Therefore, before choosing its newest products, it is important to know a little more about this brand and what are the best options available on the market. Check out our shopping guide and find out.


What is an Avon product?

Avon is a cosmetics brand that emerged in 1886, when David McConnel created the company based on the idea that women could have their own income, something rare at the time.

With a wide catalog of products, it is possible to find items for makeup, skin care, body, hair and even children’s items.



Why is Avon so well known?

Much of Avon’s fame stems from its way of functioning, since most of the brand’s sales structure is made through autonomous resellers, who present and sell products directly to customers.

In addition, the quality and affordable price made the brand more and more known. For this reason, Avon usually appears among the list of favorite brands of many.


Are Avon products quality?

Yes they are. If before the production of cosmetics and make-up was done in a simpler way, nowadays numerous researches are developed to prove the efficiency and quality of products, and Avon is one of the pioneers in the scientific development of cosmetics.

With laboratories around the world, whose headquarters are in the United States, Avon has established a branch of its institute in São Paulo, to work together with local laboratories to develop new products.



What are the advantages and disadvantages of Avon products?

In addition to the high quality offered by Avon products, the brand is internationally recognized for developing advanced research for the development of new items and analysis of active ingredients, guaranteeing the quality of its products.

In addition to quality, attractive prices – which tend to be lower when compared to other international brands – can be considered as the main advantages of the brand’s products.

However, despite being quality products, Avon make-up and cosmetics are not usually indicated for professional use, since the brand indicates the use of products for everyday makeup.

In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the components of the product formulas, because although they are safe items, some people may be sensitive to specific components.



  • They are easy to find
  • The brand develops research for the production of quality products
  • Avon products are usually cheaper


  • Most makeups are not suitable for professional use
  • Some people may be sensitive to components of formulas

What are the different Avon product lines?

Avon has numerous different lines in its product portfolio, which are targeted at specific audiences, as they have different proposals.

Renew is one of the most loved cosmetics and makeup lines among adults. With items aimed at different age groups, the products cover the entire skin care routine, with numerous face creams, being indicated for customers from 25 years old.

The Color Trend line is considered Avon’s “young” line. With cheaper products, the entire visual identity is designed for teenagers and young adults, who are now getting to know the universe of makeup.

The Mark line, although new, is one of the newest darlings among Avon customers. With an intermediate price, the line was designed to follow international makeup trends. Therefore, it is possible to find different items such as lipsticks in different finishes and colors in its catalog.


Is it worth giving an Avon product?

Certainly! Whether with cosmetics or makeup, Avon is internationally recognized for the quality of its products, so an Avon gift is perfect for those who like personal care items.

By having a multitude of products and options, you will surely find something perfect to present a loved one on a special date.



How much do Avon products cost?

The price of Avon products varies widely depending on the type of product and which line it belongs to. It is possible to find makeup items from R $ 2, up to kits with numerous products for approximately R $ 250.

As for skin care products, the variety is as great, with products starting at R $ 5, up to R $ 350. Therefore, it is possible to find Avon products for all budgets.



Where to buy Avon products?

Avon uses a sales scheme that has made it known worldwide. Through consultants, it is possible to select and buy your favorite products.

However, for those who prefer online shopping, the brand now offers an e-commerce option. In addition, the products are available in stores like Amazon, so you can receive them in the comfort of your home.


Purchase criteria: What to consider before purchasing Avon products

As you can see throughout this analysis, Avon has numerous products. Therefore, to choose which Avon product will be your next choice, it is important to be aware of some purchase criteria.

To assist you when choosing, we have selected some important topics, to be considered at the time of choosing, so that your next purchase meets your needs perfectly.

  • product type
  • Formula and composition
  • Colors and fragrances
  • Net weight

Check below in detail each of the topics mentioned above and select your next Avon item right now.

product type

Avon has numerous types of products, which were developed with specific needs in mind.
Among the bases, for example, it is possible to find products for normal, dry, mixed and oily skins, with a matte or luminous finish. There are also bases with anti-aging properties, which treat the skin during use.

In addition to makeup items, Avon has specific care lines, which include items for the face, hands, feet and anti-aging treatments, which are excellent for a moment of personal care.


Formula and composition

As previously mentioned, Avon is a brand recognized for the quality of its items and for the research developed to develop new products.

Using item ingredients, the cosmetics created by the brand are usually efficient and true to what they propose. However, it is always important to be aware of the formulation, as people with sensitive skin can develop reactions to cosmetics.


Colors and fragrances

Specialized in the production of cosmetics, Avon takes special care in the choice of colors and fragrances for its products.

Attentive to the latest news, she offers makeup with modern and vibrant colors, following the international trend, but with an attractive and competitive price.

In fragrances, the brand usually uses classic fragrances as the basis of its production, but which are updated from time to time, according to market demand.


Net weight

Before purchasing any product, it is important to analyze its net weight, as only then will it be possible to calculate its real cost and estimate its durability.
A valid account is to divide the value of the product by the net weight. Thus, you will have the exact cost per gram, to compare with similar ones in the same category.



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