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Top & Best Remote Control Car Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Remote Control Car: How to choose the best in 2022

Hello to you, who are visiting us one more (or for the first) time. Now fasten your seat belts, wherever you are, because let’s talk about the remote control car.

If there’s one thing that children – and adults – love, it’s being able to control a toy with a remote control. And the strollers are timeless in this regard, just go to a toy store and see the number of them on the shelves. They appeared around the 80s, but the success lasts until today.

Try saying you will buy one and see a child’s eyes shining. And for you to make a good choice, stay with us. Here, we will talk about the best models, price, where to buy and what to evaluate in a remote control cart.

First, the most important

  • There are many types of remote control car, from small to large models. Today you will learn everything about engine, traction, stroller types and other important factors.
  • Although part of the toy category, these strollers can be quite expensive and complex, and even a hobby for different levels. You can participate in official events, or even run in a wasteland with friends.
  • There is no price range when it comes to remote control cart. And you will understand why the cost can range from $ 100 to more than $ 1,000 throughout this guide.

Buying Guide

If you have looked through our suggestions in the list above, you may have noticed some very striking differences in the models presented. Remote control carts, also known as RC carts, are just like that.

But don’t worry, we’ll do an x-ray for you and help you with that choice!

What is a remote control car?

Let’s get straight to the point, without laps on the track.

Unlike many toys that are launched and disappear months later, remote control carts were created a few decades ago and continue to exist.

Children and adults end up sharing the experience of having one of these, with similar enthusiasm. Be it for fun, hobby or something more serious.

As the technology develops, the vehicles themselves are updated and adapted. More and more daring projects appear, and more and more complex toys, including spare parts.

Back and forth, left and right, are already common commands. Carts can reproduce practically everything a car does: maneuvers, turns, skids, etc.

Each cart will come with its pros and cons, and will also require a driving style. Before we start talking about vehicles, we need to talk about nomenclature.

we call it a remote control cart. But it is not uncommon to also be called RC car, which means radio control.

After all, the commands are issued by radio waves. So sometimes, when playing with them, it seems that one loses power next to the other.

What is the difference between RTR and KIT remote control trolley?

The first of many differences between small vehicles is precisely the way they are built. The terms, RTR and KIT, although in English, are known in the world of radio control. Below, we will understand more about them.


Carts RTR, short for Ready To Run, which in Portuguese means ready to run, are the ones we see on television advertisements, and in most stores. Already packed and assembled, requiring only battery to run.

In general, these vehicles fit as the best option for any beginner. Your time will be devoted to learning how it works, what its strengths and weaknesses are.

Getting to know the remote control cart and its operation takes some time. Not to mention that, with the vehicle already ready, you don’t have to worry about adjusting it to try to improve something.

RTR carts will leave you with more time to have fun. Over time, nothing stops you from taking the car apart, getting to know it better, seeing the performance of others, evolving as a driver. This will give you a new perception of what you want with the carts, and what you will need for that.


The term comes from the abbreviation “assembly kit”. In these vehicles, therefore, you need to awaken your inner mechanic.

Therefore, they are more suitable for those who have had previous experience with remote control cars. Or, if you like to build things, and learn in the process, this is a good way.


This type differs greatly from the RTR, mainly in the materials and equipment of the kit. It is not uncommon for you to buy a kit with only chassis, body and wheels. The tires often have to be purchased separately.

Generally, they end up costing more than RTR, due to the amount of components needed. Other than the job of assembling everything, and calibrating.

Of course, these are cars where you define performance. Usually more focused on official races and experienced drivers. A kit allows the choice of parts and adaptation to different terrains and needs.

Below, compare the main differences between them:

What are the types of remote control trolleys?

Remote control carts do not follow any standard. Dynamic in keeping up with new technologies and their uses, you will find the most different types to choose from.

There are creations aimed at torque, speed and tricks. All are real possibilities with these carts, which are divided into 5 large groups, according to their characteristics.


It is the standard we see in stores, available in RTR and KIT. They can be both cars that visually resemble existing vehicles in natural size, as well as with off-road characteristics.

Passenger cars became very popular with model lovers, due to the number of tournaments and championships. Racing on paved tracks full of vehicles, also called on-road.



Those with off-road characteristics, will have tall and wide tires and hybrid suspension. The advantage of these small ones is that they can be used not only on asphalt, but also on relatively uneven terrain.

KIT versions allow for several customizations, for better performance on any surface.


They are bigger than the strollers, and they usually dominate when it comes to off-road, being heavier and with more torque. They end up very similar to real life.

They are also great for acrobatics and jumps, due to the different suspension. However, it has low speed, which hinders its participation in competitions of this style.

Buggies and Truggies

This is one of the most popular models. It was from there that the craze for remote control carts began. They can travel almost anywhere, and the rougher the terrain, the better.

It is a hybrid style between carts and trucks. A generally smaller chassis with high torque, in addition to a high suspension, ensuring spectacular maneuvers and movements.

An advantage of the buggy is the cage format, which ends up making it much easier to use. He usually recovers alone in falls and maneuvers fail. The best option for those who want something like path, but faster.


Monster Trucks

They are the cheerleaders. Seeing a monster truck on the track is a sure thing, due to the different characteristics of the cart. With gigantic wheels and a highly elevated suspension, it’s a sensation apart.

He passes obstacles, pushes objects, holds tug-of-war competitions. Take him along the road, over rocks, steps, or even other carts. But, don’t expect speed from these monsters.

Rock Crawlers

The fifth and final category is also an attraction in itself. They are differentiated vehicles and capable of incredible feats, through brute force and design.

Similar to monster trucks, they are smaller in size, but retain brute strength and suspension from mentors.

They can go through mud, snow, sand, ice, almost any type of terrain. But you need to dedicate yourself to them to ensure that they continue to function after a day of challenges.

See how it works in this video published by RC Toys 4 Kids:



Although the main ones, it is not enough to know only the categories of remote control carts. The way of assembling and the different objectives of the vehicle are constantly opening horizons of use.

To enter this universe is to enter a highway with many kilometers to go, with surprises in almost every corner.

To make it easier, we will set up a table with some characteristics and the types of car for you to know each one better.

How does the engine of a remote control cart work?

Following the track of the remote control carts, we will now talk about what moves them.

There are many terms and jargon used in this world of miniatures and scale models. When we talk about the engine, there are nitro and electric ones.

Understanding this difference is necessary for your hobby to be enjoyable. Knowing the engine will help you to know the vehicle and its time of continuous use, as well as maintenance.

Let us now understand all the details of each one.


Trolleys with electric motors are the most common today. They are generally more accessible in terms of cost, and quieter, making it easy to use anywhere.

They are battery operated, the second option being the most interesting. They usually run only between 9 to 12 minutes, which is why the user recommends having more than one battery with them.

So, let’s say you decide on an electric model, we still need to understand that brushed or unbrushed motor options exist.

    • Brushed: Brushed motors are those that have small contact brushes, allowing the motor to rotate. It is usually the only type found in starter carts. They can be fixed or not, something that can totally change your experience with the vehicle. The non-fixed motors allow modifications and adjustments, configuring the cart, they are also easier to clean.
    • Brushless: These are motors that do not use these brushes. The power transmission system is made by magnets, which eliminates practically all the resistance of the material and can generate an immense amount of energy. The absence of the brushes makes the motors more powerful and with less friction, being able to generate a great voltage , which provides a start advantage. These engines hold the speed record for remote control carts. They can take beginner races at breakneck speeds.



Unlike electric motors, they rely on fuel to run. They are engines with carburetor, air filter, steering wheel, clutch, piston. Nitro is a combination of nitromethane, methanol and oil.

They are very similar to full-size gasoline-powered cars and trucks. Its most important part is the heat sink, to prevent overheating.

There are ways to regulate the temperature in a nitro powered cart.

Overall, this model is ideal for intermediate and advanced users, who like to review and adjust.

The complexity of starting the engine and the loud sound caused by combustion makes the driver feel as if he is accelerating the car on the track.

With autonomy directly linked to the use of power, remote control cars powered by nitro can operate for about 45 minutes before refueling. And there is no waiting for recharging, as in the battery.


There are also gasoline engines, which were once a sensation, but lost their space to nitro engines.

But they still exist and some prefer them. They are two-stroke engines, very similar to chainsaws. Maintenance and care end up being less than nitro engines.

The gasoline engine is a great alternative if you want long operating times with the remote control cart, as it can be used for 50 continuous minutes.

2WD or 4WD traction?

Choosing the type of traction can be stressful even for professionals. The option for the largest number ends up being common, after all, there are more wheels with engine power.

4WD carts, or four-wheel drive, tend to be faster on the tracks than 2WD.


How much does a remote control car cost?

It’s time to turn the product into value. And you’ve seen what these carts are capable of.

When it comes to RTR, there are fun product options for less than R $ 100 with electric motors. These are less powerful options, more for fun.

To really enter the universe of remote control carts, you need to be prepared to pay at least about R $ 400. From there, type of engine and vehicle, tires, radio control system, all these things will become part of your day to day.

And do not stop there, if you intend to reach levels of competition and tournaments, prepare for a disbursement of more than R $ 1,000. In addition to maintenance expenses.

Where to buy remote control cars?

First of all, remote control carts are toys. Therefore, toy stores will provide a good basis for these products, for different price ranges and types of stroller.
They will basically provide the RTR style that may or may not be your choice.

If you want to buy a KIT in a physical store, you will need to look for specialized stores and manufacturers of small vehicles.

However, regardless of any model you choose, on the internet you will find incredible options. Define your need, choose the components and receive at the door.

Stores like Amazon have a multitude of carts, with excellent options for any choice.



Purchasing criteria: How to compare remote control car models

Did you think our run was over? It is true that you have already received the last lap notice, but we still have some final matters. And it is very important that you pay attention.

We leave for this moment the great tips for you to choose your cart. Before buying, pay close attention to these instructions. Define:

  • Ground
  • Racing use
  • Motorization
  • Traction


The continuous evolution of the carts, combined with the available technologies, have been creating very dynamic vehicles. Off-road and all-terrain types are falling in the public’s taste all the time, due to their robustness and design.

However, if you do not have a larger budget, identify the main land where you intend to take the vehicle and choose the model from there.

If you already want to get into the hobby, that’s fine too. An all-terrain option will help you a lot. No headache from where you can or cannot use the vehicle.


Racing use

We are talking here about use in real racing, competitions. Don’t think that remote control carts are the same for running and having fun.

Deciding whether you want to enter the professional world is something to consider before purchasing.
Of course, the most common use of strollers is for fun, with races between friends.

stumps of this style are generally more durable, to survive maneuvers, hits and falls.

Professional race carts are another narrative. In this case, it is not a race between friends, but competitors. The vehicles here are generally light and fragile, giving up resistance for power gain.

Check out the video of a professional race:




We have already dedicated a part of the article to talk about it, and we will remember it again here. Simply because the engine is the most important part of the cart.

When choosing, define well what you want with the vehicle, and even evaluate the places where you want to use it. Combustion carts will generate a loud sound and the characteristic smell of the burnt fuel.

Maybe the neighborhood doesn’t like it very much.

Likewise, buying a brushless electric motor will take you to a limit never imagined before. But what if you only have the car garage there is no point in buying a vehicle that can run more than 100 km / h.

Take into account what space you may have before choosing the engine.


The last important issue that we are going to talk about today is traction. You already know that there are 2 or 4 wheels, now you need to decide which one will best suit your needs.

4-wheel drive will give you more control and speed, but double the amount of items to care for and maintain.

The 2-wheelers are recommended for beginners, as they teach the way of stones. And once you are tamed, leaving for 4WD will only make you an even more incredible driver.

Changing traction after the vehicle is purchased is practically impossible, so choose wisely.


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