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Top & Best Pool cue Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Pool cue: How to choose the best in 2022?

The time has come to understand how to choose the pool cue that will improve your game. After reading this article, you will be a true champion when comparing the types of club.

Whether to play professionally or just with friends, there are several types of pool cue. Some are better for tables, while other versions work better at right angles to accurate shots.

We will demonstrate the best versions of pool cues and what the right characteristics of the product should be according to your player needs.

First, the most important

  • Pool cues are available in threaded or one-piece versions.
  • Choose a pool cue to play a lifetime. Yes, they can last a long time.
  • Size, weight, viola, sole and wood are attributes that define the quality of pool cues.

Best pool cues: Our favorites

The best players have their own clubs. If you are also looking for a version to improve your game, get to know some technical characteristics of famous products on the market.

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  • Professional taco for those who want to invest


Buying Guide

It’s time for you to learn how to buy the pool cue that makes you become Rui Chapéu among your billiard friends. Read the information in the shopping guide carefully.

What is a pool cue?

Known as a highly accurate tapered instrument, the pool cue is a tool for playing billiards. There are several variations of sizes and types, although most of them have original wood.

Clubs need to be stored in dry locations, away from direct sunlight or rain. You must choose the club according to your level as a player, comfort in use, wood variations, weight and size of the product.

Pool cues are made of what wood?

The best woods for pool cues are:

    • Ipê;
    • Cumaru;
    • wood;
    • Imbuia;
    • Rosewood;
    • Oak;
    • Ivory wood.


The pool cue can be composed of one or several of the types of wood mentioned above. According to professionals it is recommended that a player always use the same club if he wants to achieve better results.

The club I use is the same one I used in the youth championship, when I was 15 years old ”- John Pulman, English, snooker player, 8 times world champion.

What are the advantages of a good pool cue?

Let’s get to know the positive and negative sides of using pool cues to play your pool games.

Pool cues differ in weight, size and type, so they can perfectly match the type of game or the physical characteristics of each player.

Quality pool cues are available with hardwood that are very hard, capable of lasting a lifetime, thus valuing the investment.

Threadable versions are more compact. Simply thread the product to use and store after starting in a case.

A negative side is that the different versions with different sizes, weights and woods confuse inexperienced players. For example, a person without much skill in the game can choose a long threaded heavy club, suitable for those who always play.

It is important to be careful when buying low price versions. Inexpensive models sometimes have poor quality in the materials of the composition, to the point of the club cracking in the first accidental fall.

Not to mention that just the club does not make you a good player. That is, to handle the tool correctly, certain training is required.

See the benefits and cons of the pool cue in the table below:



  • Several options for different requirements
  • The best productions have quality wood
  • Can last a lifetime without problems
  • Threadable versions are compact


  • Multiple options can confuse users
  • Wood is of low quality in low-cost production
  • The use of the product requires training

One-piece or threaded pool cue?

If you know a minimum of snooker, you know that in general terms there are two versions of cues. The most popular option is one piece and without thread for disassembly.

The less popular models are screw-in clubs, simple to dismantle and stowable in cases.

We will know the difference between the two types of pool cue: Whole and threaded.

One-piece pool cue

There are no metallic components inside the central part of the one-piece pool cue. This allows for a greater impact on firm shots. The production is 100% wood.

This version is popular among gaming houses for its easier use for novice players.


Threaded pool cue

This model has a thread system that should not be threaded too firmly to avoid damage to the wood joint or false strokes. The version is ideal for plays with little strength and more skill.

Threaded club has a longer length when the player has more comfort to hit the balls that are very distant and require displacement of the body.

See the difference between the two types of clubs:

How much does a pool cue cost?

This is a product that has a lot of price variations. If you buy the smaller versions of medium woods you can pay from R $ 25 to up to R $ 60. Buy packages that already come with 5 or more pool cues, according to your needs.

Higher priced productions may or may not be of the threading type. Professional models made by hand cost from R $ 150 to R $ 1,000.



Where to buy pool cues?

Bayard  are the typical stores with sports departments that sell clubs for amateurs or intermediate players. When buying at these points of sale it is difficult to find many variations of models.

Buying online is all you need to find many variations of club types.

Some online stores sell even successful productions in international markets. Amazon are recommended sites.


Purchasing criteria: How to compare pool cue models

In order not to be sneaky and end up buying on impulse a model that is not worth it, follow the comparative shopping criteria:

  • Weight
  • Size
  • Screw thread
  • Sole
  • Ferrule

Let’s go to the definitions of each of the points listed:



The weight variation of most billiard cues can range from 250 grams to 650 grams. You need to try the heavier and lighter versions to understand which option you are comfortable with.

When choosing the version in the ideal weight for you there is more control to pocket with strong strokes.

The size, types of wood and internal compositions with metals define the weight of a pool cue.


It can range from 100 cm to 155 cm the size of pool cues.

Shorter clubs generate less oscillation, increasing the firmness of the moves. Those who do not have much experience with the game should invest in the smaller models.

Larger clubs, on the other hand, serve players accustomed to playing, offering easier to hit balls far from the body, in addition to helping with accurate table moves.


Screw thread

When buying the threaded pool cue you need to pay attention to the type of thread.

For example, there is a “central threaded club” which, although cheaper, may show fluctuations in the strokes.

“Three-quarter threaded clubs” are easier to transport and make it easier to avoid oscillations.


The sole is at the end of the pool cue. It is the part that touches the ball and in general it has a black color that over time wears out.

There are many different characteristics that define a good sole:

  • Origin;
  • Consistency;
  • Composition;
  • Type;
  • Size;
  • Among other factors.

Each of these details interferes negatively or positively, depending on your type of game.


The ferrule is the part just behind the sole in the pool cue, usually white. It serves to protect the wood of the putter against cracks.

There are two materials for billiard cue ferrules: Brass and synthetic fiber, the second option being more resistant, although it costs higher prices.

In general, the size of the ferrule is present following the values ​​of the diameter of the sole in the descriptions of pool cue offers. For example: 11 / 12mm (11mm sole and 12mm ferrule).


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