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Top & Best Eyebrow kit Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Eyebrow kit: How to choose the best in 2022

The eyebrows act as a frame for the eyes. They have a fundamental role in the aesthetics of the face, so they need to be well taken care of. To make them more beautiful there are several products and the eyebrow kit is one of them.

This item consists of several tools and there are options with tweezers, scissors, eyeshadow and more. It can be used to remove excesses or even fill in gaps, leaving the eyebrows outlined and well shaped. Next you will know everything about the eyebrow kit, come on?

First, the most important

  • The eyebrow kit is a very useful product that can be used to care for your eyebrows at home.
  • There are options that serve for the design of the eyebrow and others that are like make-up to make them stand out and without flaws.
  • The eyebrow kit can be purchased at any cosmetic store and costs around R $ 20.

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Buying Guide

Eyebrows are a part of the body that has undergone extensive changes over the years. There was a time when they were super thin, then came the fashion of thick eyebrows and nowadays the correct thing is to have the model that best suits the face.

Regardless of the shape or thickness, having a beautiful eyebrow makes all the difference in the look. This part of the body is essential to make the eyes stand out and to keep it up to date there is the eyebrow kit. In this buying guide you will know everything about this product. To do this, just read until the end.

What is an eyebrow kit for?

The eyebrow kit is a product whose main function is to make the eyebrows more beautiful. To achieve this, each kit model works in a different way.

The versions for eyebrow design are used to cut hair, shape and remove excess. These have a function more focused on hair removal from that part of the body.

Filling kits, on the other hand, serve mainly to eliminate flaws and correct or enhance the color of hair. These are like an eyebrow makeup and a great option to make them look more beautiful and marked.

What comes in an eyebrow kit?

There are several eyebrow kit options that can be found to buy. So there is a lot of variation with regard to the components of this product.

Basically kits for hair removal usually consist of tweezers, scissors, mirror and brush or eyebrow comb.

On the other hand, the models that are developed to fill in gaps usually contain shade for coloring, primer and shade for lighting. There are also versions that come with a brush for application.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the eyebrow kit?

The eyebrow is a very important part of the body and it is proven that it makes all the difference in the appearance of the face as a whole. Precisely for this reason there are several products made to make it more beautiful, such as the eyebrow kit.

This item has the main advantage of its versatility, since it is developed in several versions. Thanks to this, there are kits that serve to meet all needs.

Another positive point is that with the eyebrow kit it is possible to leave the hair aligned, remove excesses, comb and even fill the gaps very simply.

Speaking of filling, it is worth knowing that kits made for this purpose are developed in different shades. This means that there are options for blondes, brunettes, chestnuts and more.

The disadvantage is that in most cases it is necessary to purchase a kit for the design of the eyebrow and another to fill it. This is due to the fact that there are practically no options that bring together all the components.



  • Values ​​the beauty of the eyebrow
  • It is practical and easy to use
  • It is developed to meet all needs
  • There are options for different brow tones
  • Has affordable value


  • It is often necessary to purchase a kit for design and another to color the threads

How to use an eyebrow kit?

The eyebrow kit is a very easy to use product, but its use is directly related to the version purchased.

It can be said that the eyebrow filling kit works as a complement to the design kit. This is because one models and removes excess, while the other fills in gaps and colors.

So, to use this product just follow the step by step below.

Design kit

To make your eyebrows perfect it is important to pay attention to her design. This design can be created by an eyebrow design professional or by you.

To do this, comb the threads and check which ones are out of the desired shape. If there are very long strands, you should start by cutting them with scissors.

Then the tweezers are used to remove all excess, always taking care not to pull the wrong wire. That done, your eyebrow will be ready for the next step.

Filling kit

The eyebrow filling kit is used to fill in gaps and, in some cases, color the hair temporarily.

Some options contain a primer that serves to better fix the shadow. If what you have has this item then you should start by applying it to all wires.

Then take a small amount of eyeshadow with the brush and apply it where it is necessary to fill the eyebrow.

The movement with the brush must be light and respect the natural design of the threads. Otherwise, the eyebrow may be very marked or even look artificial.

After completing this step, it is recommended to apply an illuminating shadow under the eyebrow to highlight it even more.



Tania TrindadeVisagist

“We believe that what we see today, about this concern or ‘discovery’ of the importance of eyebrows in the harmony of the face, previously restricted to the beauty professionals of film and TV actresses, invaded the world of ordinary women because of the soap operas. All fell in love for perfect eyebrows that appeared in fiction, it was no longer just the result of tweezers, but there was something else: pigmentation, perfect symmetry and prominence. ”

How much does it cost and where to buy an eyebrow kit?

The eyebrow kit can be purchased mainly from stores that sell cosmetics and beauty products. However, in some pharmacies and supermarkets it is also possible to find one of these to buy.

The value of this product depends a lot on the brand and the number of pieces and there are options starting at R $ 20, on average.


Purchasing criteria: Comparing the eyebrow kit versions

If you are looking for an eyebrow kit to make your most beautiful and striking, know that the time has come to help you with this. To acquire the ideal version it is necessary to pay attention to some details, they are:

  • Kit Type
  • Number of components
  • Hue
  • Presence of case

Now we explain these topics in detail.

Kit Type

As we explained above, there are basically two types of eyebrow kit that can be chosen.

The eyebrow design kit contains items such as scissors and tweezers. This is ideal for removing excess hair and creating a more beautiful design for the eyebrow.

The other option is the filling kit. This is composed of eyeshadow and often brush and serves mainly to fill in gaps.

The ideal is to have these two types of kit at home. That way, it is possible to make the eyebrow beautiful without difficulties.

But, if you already have one of those, then only buy the missing one.

Number of components

It is possible to find eyebrow kits with the most varied components. There are options that come with two items, three others, four and so on.

It is important to analyze what is essential for your eyebrow care. Some people do not need scissors, while for others this piece is essential.

In addition, in general, the more parts the kit has, the more complete it will be. That way, you can leave your eyebrow beautiful without having to improvise.

However, normally the most complete kits have a higher value. With that, choose the option that best suits what you need.


If the choice is to purchase an eyebrow filling kit, then it is essential to choose the correct shade.

This product is developed in several colors ranging from blonde to dark brown. The ideal time to choose one of them is to be based on the natural tone of your eyebrow.

The filling kit should not alter the natural color of the eyebrow hair in a very intense way.

With that, who is more blond should opt for a lighter option, while who is more brunette can invest in a kit in shades of dark brown.

Also, be careful with versions that claim to be universal. They don’t always look good on everyone.

Presence of case

Many eyebrow kits have cases that can be used to keep all components stored together and in the same place.

This additional item is very welcome considering the practicality and ease of use of the kit. This is because when everything is kept in the same container, the probability of losing any product is very small. So analyze this.


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