Top & Best AirPods Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best AirPods: Know how to choose the best model for you in 2022

Those who really love music don’t think twice before investing in one of the best headphones on the market. We are talking about AirPods, wireless headphones from the renowned Apple, which invests in quality to bring the best user experience.

Although its value is high, the sound quality is worth the investment. Super compact, lightweight and practical, you can take your AirPods in your pocket. The brand has two versions available. Want to learn more? It’s in the right place. Welcome to Stay with us until the end of this guide.


First, the most important

  • Apple has two versions of AirPods available on its website. The older model has two charging case options, resulting in three offers.
  • With AirPods you have guaranteed music all day. You can hear up to 24 hours of audio.
  • If you want to buy AirPods, know that the investment is high. You will pay between R $ 1,200 and R $ 2,500 for Apple headphones.

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Best AirPods: All Models

Tired of buying headphones that bring a bad sound experience? The noise is something that gets in the way when you want to listen to that favorite band, watch some YouTube video or follow important podcasts.

When it comes to headphones, it is certain that a very cheap investment will not bring quality. That’s why we have selected AirPods offers for you to choose yours and start enjoying the best sound quality:

Buying Guide

An Apple user knows the indisputable quality of the brand. Anyone who gets used to the pattern of the famous apple, hardly surrenders to buy cheaper products. The high investment outweighs the benefits of its products. And it couldn’t be different with the brand’s wireless headphones.

Want to know more about the AirPods available? Stay with us until the end of this complete Buying Guide.


What are AirPods?

AirPods are wireless headphones from Apple. They were launched in 2016 and have undergone some improvements since then.

AirPods 1 was the first generation of the headphones, which is not even available for sale on the official website of the brand anymore. In 2019 Apple launched the second generation, the AirPods 2, which today classifies simply as AirPods.

In the same year AirPods Pro also arrived, an even better version of these headphones. We will compare the traditional ones with the Pro version below.

In their simplest version, they automatically turned on when placed in the ear, were already interactive with Siri and came with a case that goes beyond a simple case to store them, since charging is done through the case.

Thus, the brand was able to offer more freedom and the possibility of more than 24 hours of audio.

What are the advantages of AirPods?

Investing in AirPods is about ensuring an excellent listening experience. Apple invests in technology to deliver the best for its users.

The brand headphones turn on automatically when inserted in the ear and stop when removed, bringing more convenience. In addition to being wireless, which provides more freedom, they are super compact and lightweight, fitting in any pocket.


AirPods turn on automatically when inserted into the ear.

His commands are done through Siri, Apple’s intelligent assistant, in two ways. To play or change music you can double-tap, so you can also answer a call. Or you can use the “Hey there, Siri” voice command to call someone, among other functions.

AirPods offer up to five hours of sound and three hours of talk time on a single charge. But as they have charging through the case where they are stored, the user can count on more than 24 hours of sound.

Another interesting point is that because they have a super clean design, these headphones are ideal for all types of users. Whether you are practically a sportsman or businessman – or even two – AirPods will accompany you anytime.

Of course, so many innovations are expensive. This is the disadvantage of those who want to buy AirPods: the high price. Furthermore, because they are small they can be easily lost.

An important detail is that AirPods are not compatible with very old devices. Before making your purchase, check this compatibility on the brand’s website.

Compare: Airpods Pro or traditional AirPods?

All the advantages mentioned above are characteristic of all AirPods currently available on the Apple website, that is, the traditional and the Pro. However, the latest version (Pro) of the brand has other improvements and some differences.

For you to compare, we created this explanatory table with its main characteristics. Check out:

Another difference from the Pro version is that it has an ambient mode for you to hear what happens around you.

It also has a double microphone, one facing outwards, which detects external sound, and another facing inwards, which eliminates unwanted sounds in your ear.

An interesting detail is that with just five minutes of recharge you can listen to 1 hour of music.

AirPods only work on Apple devices?

No! The good news is that Android users can also count on the quality – and almost all the advantages – of AirPods. It is possible to connect them via Bluetooth.

However, it is worth remembering that some features may be lost, such as the command via Siri, which is Apple’s intelligent assistant. Therefore, the use of AirPods on devices other than iOS is more limited.

How to configure AirPods?

The configuration will depend on the operating system of your devices. Are you an iOS user? So you don’t have to do anything at all. Just open the case and it will automatically connect with your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, iPod, Mac or Apple TV.

Android users need to do a step-by-step to ensure pairing and operation via Bluetooth.

  1. Activate the Bluetooth of your device, whether cell phone, tablet or any other;
  2. Open your case and connect the AirPods via the button on the back of the case;
  3. On your device’s screen, a list of available devices will appear . Among them should be listed your AirPods. Click on them and the pairing will be done;
  4. Now just play and enjoy your sounds with AirPods, even from an Android.

How much does it cost and where to buy AirPods

You can find AirPods easily on the internet, on the official Apple website, or on Amazon . If you prefer to buy in physical stores, look for an authorized unit of the brand.


The price will depend on the model. On average, traditional AirPods cost between R $ 1,200 and R $ 1,700. The Pro model will be above R $ 2,000.
On the internet you can also find silicone cases for the case, they protect against falls.

Purchasing Criteria: Essential factors for choosing your AirPods

If you are sure that Apple wireless headphones are exactly what you need, before finalizing your purchase we want to bring you some more essential tips. Check out:

  • Generation
  • Originality
  • Refill case
  • Price

Read below the topics mentioned in detail.


When we talk about traditional AirPods, make sure you are buying the correct version. In 2016 the first generation of these headphones was launched. In 2019, improvements were made and the second generation won the markets.

The first generation is no longer sold on the brand’s official website, but can be found at other retail outlets for a more affordable price. Which generation are you looking for?


Tip: Be careful not to buy the first generation believing it to be the second. So always choose trusted selling sites and read the product description well.



Be wary of prices well below those mentioned. You can even find a good deal, but the value will hardly be much different.

Many brands imitate Apple’s design but don’t offer the same technology, so you won’t find the same quality. Remember that AirPods are produced by Apple and are expensive.

Refill case

In the traditional version of AirPods 2 you can choose between two charging cases: wired or wireless.

The wired model uses a Lightning connector. The wireless version, in addition to having the Lightning connector, has charging through the Qi standard, which uses electromagnetic induction to recharge the batteries.

The wireless model has a difference of up to R $ 300 compared to the AirPods with case with wired charging.


If price matters to you, you will probably choose the traditional AirPods model which can cost up to R $ 1,000 cheaper than the AirPods Pro. This is an excellent choice for those who cannot invest in the more expensive model.

Check out the differences between the two versions in our Purchasing Guide and consider whether it is worth paying for the Pro model.


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