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Top & Best MP3 player Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best MP3 player: What is best for listening to music in 2022?

your shopping guide for electronic devices. It’s a pleasure to put the headphones to your ear, turn on the MP3 player and enjoy your favorite music, right?

Among the options on the market, which model to choose? Are higher price editions the best choice? You can find that answer by reading the complete guide on MP3 players.


First, the most important

  • There is an MP3 player that records conversations and records fitness data.
  • A player with more Gb (Gigabytes) has a superior capacity to store MP3 files.
  • Some models are smaller than a finger!

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Best MP3 Players: Our Recommendations

What is the best way to know technical data about MP3 models? It is certainly learning the information of the best versions, shown below:

  • A compact and superior quality option
  • To quickly recharge a long-lasting charge
  • In order to record audios
  • More flexibility and less costs


Buying Guide

You turn on your MP3 player and the device turns off in less than 1 hour, although the manufacturer says that there is more battery life? This is a sign that your product has no quality.

To avoid the risk of buying something bad, check with the informative content of this section:

When did the first MP3 player appear?

The first versions of MP3 digital file players appeared in 1997, developed by the company SaeHan Information Systems, in South Korea ( 1 ) .The encoding of music signals in digital formats began in 1970, by the ISDN (Integrated Service Digital Network) company.


Rose Marie Santini De OliveiraSpecialist in music and communication

“In the beginning, the MP3 format was used (on the web) only in academic environments, by high-tech professionals and some young North Americans” passionate “about computers ( 2 ) .”

Is it possible to listen to the radio on an MP3 player?

When it comes to automotive MP3 players, there is the possibility that you can listen to AM or FM radio, because the vehicle’s antenna helps to establish tuning.In the case of a mobile MP3 player for personal use, there is only an FM radio. This is because the models are digital and AM tuning requires an analog or antenna system.

Although they are not able to tune in AM, the most modern MP3 players have fitness applications that measure their distance covered.

Is it worth using an MP3 player today?

Nowadays it is not difficult to find a quality MP3 player, one of the most practical devices for you to listen to music. There are models that can even read different audio file formats, creating more flexibility for users.


Did you know that MP3 models are resistant to water drops? These choices are excellent for those who have a habit of running in the city parks and do not want the device broken because of the sudden rains.


Most of the productions have a small, light and easy format to take to different locations. More advanced models have several special features such as recordings, fitness apps, ample battery capacity, among others.

This table below reveals some pros and cons of the MP3 player:


MP3 or MP4 player: Which one should you buy?

This question has probably been on your mind at least once in your life: Buy MP3 or MP4 player? Before making the purchase decision know a little about each model:MP3 : This standard only plays audio. In addition to being compact, the reproductive version costs low prices and is quite successful.


MP4 : Plays audio, images and videos. Care must be taken when purchasing such models, as some generic products use different video compressions, requiring the use of programs for conversion, compromising the graphics results.

More differences between the two models are shown in the table:

Where to buy and how much does an MP3 player cost?

An MP3 player can be priced from R $ 20 to up to R $ 500. The less resistant standards are cheaper, with low memory capacity, basic display and battery operation. With R $ 250 it is possible to find a professional standard MP3 player.It is not difficult to find points of sale of popular versions: Ponto Frio, Magazine Luiza and Americanas, for example. Buy online at Amazon, save on shipping, with the wide variety of offers available. There are also versions on the Submarino pages.

Did you know that scientific studies indicate that prolonged use of MP3 can cause ear problems ( 3 ) ? It is not recommended to use for more than 2 hours. Listen at low volumes.

Purchasing Criteria: Factors to compare MP3 player models

The tendency to use MP3 with small monitors that inform the complete data of each song and special effects increases around the world. You should also like to have this feature on your device, right?

To compare the offers most likely to buy a version that suits you consider the following commandments when making model comparisons:

  • Recording
  • Energy
  • Size
  • Capacity
  • Display
  • Fitting

More information about each criterion you can read below:


Do you insist on a device capable of recording? If not, it is worth researching a little more when buying, since the presence of the “recorder” function can make the product more expensive, especially if it is very dedicated.

It is important to understand that the models have different time capacities for each recording, which varies according to the storage capacity and active battery time.


Buy a battery-powered or rechargeable MP3 player? The first option costs less (excluding battery costs). The second model can be recharged easily, but low-priced editions last a short time.

Also consider the time for a model to load, which can range from a few minutes to up to 4 hours or more, depending on the version.


The smaller the model, the more compact it really is. Some minor editions may be less dedicated to special features. Compare with an eye on the dimensions, without neglecting quality issues.



The 4Gb and 8Gb models are popular. Consider that more Gb value also means higher prices and greater capacity to store MP3 files.

Attention: The device is slow if it has almost the total memory capacity occupied with files.

It is also important to keep an eye on the capability of the audio standard in the device. The sound can get better when you use an MP3 player connected to the headphones of the same brand.



The player with a brighter display and larger sources makes it easy to observe the data of each soundtrack. In certain editions this feature can consume excess battery.

If you’re also thinking about being economical, look for less dedicated editions of display technology.


Do you like to put your racing headset on your MP3 and walk around for several hours outdoors? In these cases there are more advantages in buying water resistant models. But, that’s not all!

Invest in the purchase of breeders that have an easy fitting system on your clothes, so the production is not swaying in your pocket with the risk of falling and breaking while you exercise without worries.


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