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Best Gamer keyboard Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Best Gamer keyboard: How to choose the best in 2022?

Today’s theme is the gamer keyboard. With several models and brands available on the market, this PC accessory is recommended to improve performance in computer games.

As there are several options, it is important to know them and choose the one that best fits your needs, taste, and pocket. If you are unsure which to purchase, this article can be of great help.

Here you will find information about the best mechanical gamer keyboards, the differences from the conventional, how much they cost, where to buy them, and how to use them.
We also put some tips, advantages and the main characteristics of this peripheral used more and more by PC players

First, the most important

  • Before purchasing your gaming keyboard, it is important to know what you intend to use it for and whether your computer or notebook has the minimum system required.
  • To choose the one that best fits your desire and need is aware of the type of keyboard switch. There are 6 types, one being the most used, one the softest, another the hardest, and two that are not sold by any brand.
  • Several websites sell the product, so it is necessary to research well before buying from a store you do not know. Check if the keyboard is original and if it comes with the advertised accessories, such as removable keycaps and tweezers removal tool.


Ranking: The 7 best gamer keyboards

If you’re looking to improve your gaming performance and still have a common keyboard, it’s time to invest in a gamer keyboard. With that in mind, we have selected the best models for you. Check out:

Buying Guide

With so many attractive options on the market, it is really very difficult to choose the best mechanical gaming keyboard. But don’t be attracted only by the design and colorful lights. There are some important factors and we want to open your eyes throughout this Buying Guide.

Continue with us, here you will find explanations about the gamer keyboard, what are the main advantages and disadvantages, how much does it cost and where to buy them.

What is a gamer keyboard and what are its advantages?

Computer games are not new – they have been around for years. However, more and more people are playing and, to keep up with the growing demand, accessories to help with the experience are emerging.

One is the gamer keyboard. With a USB cable, when plugging into the PC (or notebook), the player will have his performance in the game improved, in addition to gaining more agility and speed in his movements.

On a mechanical keyboard, unlike a membrane keyboard, each key has its own switch (a mechanical mechanism – hence the name – spring-based), which allows for a much faster and more autonomous response.

In this type of accessory, the click accuracy is greater. Games that require complex key combinations, for example, benefit greatly, since the feedback is accurate.

The peripheral can also operate under extreme conditions, with high click speeds or several keys pressed at the same time, thus allowing the ghosting effect not to occur.

This product also helps when making some settings during a game. With it you can easily adjust the brightness of the screen, in addition to increasing or decreasing the volume.

Another advantage is its ergonomic design, which prevents your arms and hands from getting tired or sore. This is especially important for long games, like strategy games.

It is also very long-lasting and can withstand at least 50 million clicks, while an ordinary one can handle an average of 5 million.

Finally, the mechanical keyboard also allows several keys to be pressed simultaneously, without losing any of them, which is not possible with a common one.

As a disadvantage, the price can be a factor. Because they have their own switches and are generally more expensive parts, the value of a mechanical gamer keyboard is higher than a membrane keyboard.

Unlike an ordinary keyboard, the mechanic has less resistance to contact with liquids, for example. So if something spills while playing, the damage can be greater.

The noise it makes can also be considered a disadvantage. When compared to the conventional accessory, the sound it makes when having its keys pressed is quite accentuated.

And yet, you normally only feel the benefits of a mechanical keyboard when it is used for a period of time, which is not always possible.

Here are the main advantages and disadvantages of the product:

Conventional keyboard or gamer keyboard?

A conventional computer keyboard everyone knows. Composed of 3 plastic membranes covering all the keys, it makes the response time for a function slower.

When typing or pressing, the pressure causes the silicone layers to touch each other, thus closing the circuit and sending the signal to the PC. As this plastic fabric goes underneath all the buttons, typing becomes more susceptible to errors.

That is why for those who want to play with more precision and agility a mechanical keyboard is much more interesting. Functioning by means of a mechanical mechanism based on springs, each key has its own switch.

Therefore, this accessory allows for better feedback and response time, is more durable than usual, less prone to command and typing errors, and allows multiple keys to be pressed at the same time without inhibiting functions.

Is every gamer keyboard mechanical?

No! The mechanical gamer keyboard to be used in games on the PC or notebook has numeric, alphabetic, and symbol keys like a conventional one.

Therefore, it is important to pay attention if the keyboard in question you are trying to acquire is really the mechanical one – which works by means of a mechanical mechanism based on springs – and not the membrane one (3 layers of plastic), which usually be cheaper and of inferior quality.

Just as it is essential to check video cards and processors on a computer, for those who want to play with high performance, it is essential to also be aware of accessories.

The mechanical keyboard can make a big difference when it comes to the quality of the movements in a game, user comfort, and speed in the responses of the keys.

Always read the product description to make sure the product is really mechanical.

How much?

The prices of gamer mechanical keyboards can vary widely according to brand, functionality, quality, and switch parts.

You can choose between the most expensive models, from the most famous brands, or choose a simpler one, with less lighting options and keys to change, for example.

The values ​​of the accessories in this guide are between R $ 40 and R $ 800. With very different prices, the goal is to offer options for all types of pockets.

Where to buy?

To acquire the mechanical keyboard it is not extremely necessary to go to a physical store. On the internet, it is possible to buy it on several sites, such as on Amazon.

However, the most important factor of the accessory is the feeling you will have when using it. Therefore, it is also interesting to test it in person, check if the ergonomics are comfortable if the material is of quality, and receive tips from experienced salespeople.

To do this, you can visit your own stores for computers, such as Dell’s, or PC products and accessories, such as the Rocketz Store.

But, a tip: if you decide to buy online and do not have the opportunity to handle the product, stay tuned to the comments and reviews of those who have already bought it.

Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare the different gamer keyboard models

There are some important criteria for evaluating the different mechanical keyboard models available for sale. To make the best choice, some features must be taken into account when researching each of the models you are interested in purchasing.

As there are several options, prices, and brands to consider, we raised the details below that are essential and that can help you in the ideal selection. Are they:

  • Switch type
  • Keycaps
  • Lighting
  • Compatibility
  • The sound emitted by the keys
  • Purpose of use
  • Price

Below, we explain exactly what must be observed in each of the factors to be considered when purchasing the mechanical gaming keyboard.

Switch type

The characteristic of the mechanical keyboard is its mechanism separated by each key, which has its own set of switch and spring to send the signal.

There are 6 types of keyboard, which vary according to the type of mechanism of each button. They are Cherry MX Black, Cherry MX Red, Cherry MX Brown, Cherry MX Blue, Cherry MX Green, and Cherry MX Clear.

Among them, blue is the most used, as it has the greatest balance between sound, touch response, and resistance.

The Black model is the softest and the Clear model is the hardest. The latter and green are not sold by any brand.


The keycaps, which are the plastic parts with the letters, numbers, and symbols, are fitted on top of the switch. Therefore, they can be exchanged for others compatible with the mechanism.

Some keyboard models come with more than one type of keycap for the main keys.
This makes it possible to customize the keyboard according to your taste, needs, and objective.


The keyboards have a backlight – usually LED – with different color options that are activated in certain commands.

Some accessories have more light effects, like 6 modes, or less, with 3 options. In addition, you can also adjust the brightness of the lighting.

For playing in the dark, more color programs are ideal. But, to play with more people around, basic lighting may be better. Ponder which situation your keyboard will be used most.


This criterion is very important when choosing your mechanical keyboard. Stay tuned for your PC or notebook system.

The peripheral is generally supported by the most common Windows (such as XP, Vista, 7, 8, 9, and 10), but there may be exceptions.

Before purchasing, check in detail if the keyboard in question is compatible with your computer being used and, of course, it has a USB cable slot.

The sound emitted by the keys

Just as each type of switch has a strong intensity, each type of mechanism also has a different sound when pressed.

If you want to use the mechanical keyboard in your own home, with no people around, the noise the keys make when pressed may not be as important.

But if you are going to use it in a place where more people are present, a keyboard that makes less sound when pressed can be more pleasant and less disturbing.

As the system is by a physical mechanism, the switch, together with the spring, will give the tone of the click when the key is pressed.

There are keyboards where the keys emit a higher and higher-pitched sound, such as the Cherry MX Brown type, or very quiet, with the Cherry MX Black.

Purpose of use

Whether you like it or not, the purpose of using the keyboard is a factor that can influence your choice.

If you want to play for fun, making the habit a hobby, simpler and cheaper keyboards can be perfectly suited for more casual use.

But, if you intend to compete, participate in e-Sports championships, for example, and make the taste for online games something more professional, investing in a keyboard with quality switches, from a reputable brand will make all the difference.


The price also ends up being a factor of comparison and qualification. In this shopping guide, we have products between R $ 40 and R $ 800.

The most expensive, obviously, has superior quality, a greater number of functions, and more sensitive responsive keys.

But that does not mean that a lower value has poor quality. You just need to know how much you are willing to invest, as the price variation is huge!



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