Top & Best Refrigerator Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Refrigerator: How to choose the best refrigerator in 2022?

Here we will talk about one of the most essential appliances in the kitchens: the refrigerator. With a refrigerator, your food is kept for much longer.

However, with so many different models on the market, it is difficult to decide which model is best for you. Today, there are super modern refrigerators that offer functions such as frost free, ice maker, filters that end with bad odors, among others.

Don’t worry, we’ll help you decide which model is best for you and your family. We will show you here the best refrigerators on the market, their advantages and disadvantages and everything you need to know before purchasing yours. Come with us!

First, the most important

  • There are refrigerators of various types and models, from size and capacity to type of defrost. Let’s talk about all of them here so you can choose the best one for you!
  • Refrigerator models are usually a little expensive, even the simplest ones. However, it is worth investing in a great model that will last much longer and provide better value for money.
  • Nowadays there are refrigerators with different functions and technologies that will help a lot in your day to day. Choose a model that has the best advantages for your needs.

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The best refrigerators: Our favorites

It may be that you are buying your first or refrigerator, or you want to exchange your old companion for a more modern refrigerator. Whatever your reason, on this list you will find a perfect refrigerator for you. Check out:

  • The ideal model for smaller kitchens
  • The refrigerator for large families
  • The option with modern design
  • A very spacious option
  • The complete refrigerator model


Buying Guide

After seeing so many quality options in our ranking, you may still be in doubt about which refrigerator is right for you. And that is what we want to help you with, bringing important information so that you can, on its own, recognize the one that best meets your needs.

If you want to end this doubt and ask for your refrigerator today, follow with us until the end of this complete Buying Guide.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the refrigerator?

This is an appliance that has many advantages. Without a refrigerator, you would have to consume all your fruits and vegetables within a maximum of 3 days. In addition, it would not be possible to freeze drinks or store cold items without spoiling them quickly.


Refrigerators are increasingly modern and full of functions.

They are much more advantages than disadvantages! In addition, the models available on the market today are increasingly modern and full of functions that help a lot. Frost free models, for example, never allow ice to accumulate in the freezer.

And speaking of freezers, the vast majority of models on sale have two functions: refrigerating and freezing. In one appliance, you can take advantage of these two forms of cooling. Thus, it is possible to store frozen food or to store the leftover beans, for example, so that it can be used at another time without spoiling.

We are not always in the mood to cook every day. For this, the freezer attached to the refrigerator is very useful. If you cook in large quantities, it is possible to store in jars in the freezer to eat during the week. And the food is fresh!

Even breads, when stored in the refrigerator or freezer, last much longer. If you freeze a loaf, when you take it out of the freezer it will be as good as the day you put it in the freezer. Super practical, right?

Having a refrigerator ensures greater durability of food and cold drinks. As for the disadvantages, there are few, but there are: this appliance is very spacious, so it is necessary to reserve a good space in the kitchen for your refrigerator.

In addition, most models are quite expensive, and even the cheapest are not as affordable. Therefore, to buy your refrigerator, you will need to invest a good amount. However, remember that it is a product that lasts a long time, so it is worth the investment.

Which refrigerator model is right for me?

There are refrigerators of various types and models for sale in stores. Each of them has its advantages, disadvantages and characteristics. These are the main ones:

    • Refrigerator with a door : This model usually has a smaller storage capacity, so it is ideal for those who live in apartments or have a small kitchen. It is more suitable for 1 or 2 people.
    • Duplex refrigerator : The big advantage of the duplex refrigerator is that it has a freezer separate from the refrigerator. In addition, they usually have a larger freezer space, allowing more food to be stored. This model can also be ideal for those with small kitchens, as most refrigerators of this type are narrow and fit in smaller spaces.
    • Inverse refrigerator: The inverse refrigerator is similar to a duplex, with the difference that the freezer is below and the refrigerator above. This makes it much easier to pick up the foods you eat most often.
    • Side by Side Refrigerator : This type of refrigerator is ideal for those who have a large family or work with food, as it is quite large. Its storage capacity usually exceeds 500 liters and requires a large kitchen, as it has two doors that open to the sides.
    • French Door refrigerator: The French Door refrigerator is similar to the side by side, with the difference of having a special part for the freezer, which is on the bottom of the appliance. This model also has a large storage capacity, exceeding 500 liters, and requires more space in the kitchen.

Now, compare your advantages and disadvantages in the table below:

French Door refrigerator; It has great storage capacity and freezer. Offers more practicality and several functions that facilitate in the kitchen; It takes up a lot of space and costs more


What care should I take to make my refrigerator last for years?

A refrigerator can last up to 10 years! That’s right, this appliance is very durable, so it is worth the investment. However, to ensure that your refrigerator has a long service life, it is necessary to take some precautions.

The first step in ensuring a lasting refrigerator is to choose a quality model. A simple model from a little-known brand may even be cheaper, but in the future, this can be a bad investment.

Always choose well-known and trusted brands. In addition, choose good and more current models, as they can offer more advantages. However, always remember that some features, such as the front panel of the refrigerator, can generate more expenses if they break.

In addition to ensuring that your refrigerator has excellent quality, some daily care will help to prolong its useful life. These are some actions you can take to make your refrigerator last much longer:

Pay attention to temperature

Ideally, the temperature of the refrigerator should be between 4 ° C and 5 ° C. Avoid changing your temperature many times.

Also, avoid storing hot foods, as they decrease the amount of cold air. Also, do not touch food on the inner walls, as this will impair air circulation.

Keep the doors closed

When you need to open your fridge to get something, leave the doors open as little as possible. This wastes energy and causes cold air to escape from the appliance, impairing its operation.

Store in the correct location

There is a right place to put your refrigerator. It should always be at least 15 centimeters from the walls and in a place that does not receive sun. This prevents the engine from overheating. It also ensures that the surface where you are going to place your refrigerator is level.

Activate air circulation

If your refrigerator is not usually full, place a water jar (open) inside it. This will maintain air circulation and heat exchange within the appliance.

How much does a refrigerator cost?

A new refrigerator does not cost very cheap. Even the simplest models require a high investment. So, set aside a reasonable amount of money to purchase your model.

The simplest refrigerator models, with a capacity of about 250 liters, usually start at R $ 1,100.

There are also mini refrigerators, which have a capacity of about 4 liters. This model can be found from R $ 300. However, as they have little capacity, they are more used to freeze drinks.

There are also models that offer high technologies such as Triple Cooling or Soft Freeze. It is possible to find refrigerators up to R $ 16,000. However, do not be alarmed, it is possible to find a great quality refrigerator for about R $ 2,500.

Where to buy a refrigerator?

As it is one of the most purchased kitchen appliances, it is very easy to find the right refrigerator for you. They are available in all major stores that sell home appliances.

If you want to buy physically to be able to analyze the product, you can find several models at Extra, For those who prefer the convenience of online shopping, it is even easier to find a greater variety of models. You can find your refrigerator on sites like Amazon.

Purchase criteria: Factors to evaluate a refrigerator

With such a wide variety of refrigerators, it is difficult to choose one to buy. However, do not worry, we will tell you what are the main points that must be taken into account before you choose your model:

  • Size
  • Defrost type
  • Capacity
  • Compartments
  • Other functions

Let’s explain why these features are so important for you to decide which refrigerator is right for your needs


Before purchasing your refrigerator, it is very important to measure the space where you intend to leave it. Always remember that the appliance must be at least 15 cm away from all walls. In addition, the floor must be level.

There are refrigerators of different sizes. The smaller models, most ideal for small apartments and narrow kitchens, are the duplex refrigerator and the one-door refrigerator. The other models are more suitable for those who have more space.

Defrost type

There are refrigerator models with various types of defrost. They serve to eliminate the ice that accumulates on the walls of the freezer, which can cause problems with the appliance.


The choice of the type of defrost will tell you if you will have a lot of work to do this defrost or if the refrigerator will do everything by itself.


These are the main types of defrost:

Frost Free

Most refrigerators have this type of defrost, which offers greater time savings. Frost Free refrigerators have a cold air circulation system that prevents the inner walls from forming layers of ice.

This means that you don’t have to worry about cleaning anything. The refrigerator itself takes care of everything. This model is worthwhile for those seeking more practicality.

Manual defrost

Refrigerators of simpler and older models usually have this type of defrost. They are cheaper, but they take a lot more work to clean.

It is necessary to unplug the appliance and remove all food from the refrigerator. After a few hours, the ice will melt completely.

Cycle Defrost

The type of defrost cycle defrost is similar to frost free, however, it is still necessary to manually defrost the refrigerator 2 times a year. It requires a little work, but offers greater savings and less energy expenditure.

Semi-automatic defrost

The operation of the semi-automatic defrost is very similar to the manual, with the difference that it is not necessary to unplug the refrigerator. The refrigerator continues to function normally while the freezer defrosts.

Dry Defrost

These refrigerators have a semi-automatic defrosting system that allows the water to be evaporated. That is, the process is very simple and does not wet your kitchen.


There are mini refrigerators with a capacity of 4 liters up to super spacious refrigerators that have more than 500 liters of capacity. Each model is ideal for a type of need.

If you live alone in a kitnet and don’t cook much, for example, a mini-fridge may have enough space for your needs. For those who live as a couple, the ideal is to purchase models of 120 to 250 liters.

For those who have a larger family (of about 4 people), the recommended model is a model with an internal space of around 400 liters.

The models with more than 500 liters are more suitable for those who live with many people or work with food. Choose the right capacity to meet your needs!


Choosing a refrigerator model that already comes with several compartments can be very useful for storing all your food and optimizing space in the refrigerator.

Prefer models that have removable shelves, which you can remove or adjust the height. In addition, you can also purchase a model that already comes with a vegetable drawer.

Other very useful compartments are egg holders and can holders, as well as other drawers that help organize food inside the refrigerator.

Other functions

The models on sale on the market today have more and more advanced technologies to make your life easier and preserve your food for longer. There are models, for example, that have twice as much cooling in the vegetable drawer.

For those who drink a lot of water at home, a refrigerator model with ice and water dispenser can be very useful. A single refrigerator model also serves as a water filter!

Refrigerators with a digital display can make your life a lot easier, since you can control everything externally, from internal temperature to low power consumption and timer.

Always choose the model that offers the most useful functions for you and your family. Always remember that investing in a good refrigerator can provide better value for you and your family.


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