Top & Best Electric cooker Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Electric cooker: What is the best model of 2022?

Today we are going to talk about an electric stove, also known as a cooktop, the favorite appliance in modern kitchens. The electric stove is nothing more than the mouths (flames) of a conventional stove, which is now a piece that can be sold separately from the oven.

This model can be found in versions from one to six mouths and its operation is based on electrical energy. To install a cooktop in your kitchen, you will need to have a planned environment, as it needs to be on a heat resistant surface and within reach of an outlet.

If you are thinking of exchanging your conventional stove for an electric model, but you have several doubts as to which type and model to choose, if you can use the pots and utensils you already have, if there will be an increase in the consumption of electricity, among others, Then you have come to the right place. Today we will clarify these and many other doubts.

First, the most important

  • If you purchase an electric stove for your kitchen, know that you will also have to buy an electric oven, probably built-in, in addition to planning the space and furniture to receive these new equipment.
  • The electric stove is ideal for smaller kitchens, as they are small in size and different in design. To install such a model it is important to support it on a heat resistant base, which can be a countertop or sink made of natural stone or stainless steel.
  • There are several models of electric stoves of excellent quality. They differ in size, number of mouths, form of operation and material of manufacture. The cheapest model, with only one mouth, starts at R $ 100, conventional four-burner appliances cost at least R $ 270 and the most expensive stove reaches R $ 2,200.

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Best electric cooker models: Our recommendations

The electric stove (also known as Cooktop) is an equipment that brings efficiency, practicality and modernity to your kitchen. It can be a center island, countertop or sink. Check out the ranking of the best models below:

  • Electric Stove 5 burners – Safanelli
  • Vitroceramic Electric Cooktop – Tramontina
  • Electric table cooker – Agratto
  • Domino Vitroceramic Electric Cooktop – Tramontina
  • New Vitroceramic Electric Cooktop – Fischer

Buying Guide

The electric stove, also known as the cooktop, has been gaining more and more homes in Brazil. The kitchen appliance makes any kitchen more modern and sophisticated. But before buying one, we need to bring some concepts and also differences between different types.

To learn all the details and make your purchase safely, continue with us.

What is an electric stove and where to use it?

Electric stoves use electrical energy to operate and just press a button to turn the burner on and off (mouth). Speaking of the burners, the great difference of this model in relation to the conventional stove is that it only has burners, that is, the oven must be purchased separately.

Both cooktops and built-in electric ovens are part of a new line of modern appliances, designed to fit perfectly into planned kitchens and smaller apartments.

The cooktop is ideal for small places, as it takes up little space, there are models from 1 to 6 burners, usually flat. They are thinner, the surface is made of glass and must be installed on a bench or sink that is made of heat resistant material.

The electric stove is also suitable for larger kitchens of the American type, that is, those that have a counter, also called an island, in the center of the room. This type of cuisine can also be called a gourmet area, a space for cooking and socializing.

The cooktop is so modern that most models no longer have buttons, but a digital panel with touchscreen controls. These models also come with a timer function, which alerts you when cooking ends by emitting an audible signal. Some models even turn off automatically.

But of course, like any product, some disadvantages are noticed. Energy consumption can be one of them. In addition, it is not enough to buy and take home. A specific installation, as well as a suitable location, is required.

Below is a table with the main advantages and disadvantages of the electric stove:

What differentiates electric cooker models?

There are currently two models of electric cooktop available: the electric itself and the one powered by electromagnetic induction. We will explain how each model works and at the end you can see a comparative table with the main characteristics of these models.

Electric cooker by electromagnetic induction

The induction cooktop is also classified as an electric model, but in this case the heat source comes from waves formed in an electromagnetic field from coils. And it is the pans themselves that cause the heat, that is, this stove will only heat up when the pan comes in contact with it.

And it is not just any pan, for this type of cooktop the cookware used must have magnetic properties, especially on the bottom. Examples of electromagnetic cookware are stainless steel and cast iron. Glass, ceramic, aluminum and clay pots are useless because none of these materials are magnetic.

See an electric cooker model by electromagnetic induction:

The electromagnetic induction stove only gets hot when the pan comes into contact with the cooking zone, which is the mouth of this type of stove. The heat generated in these pans goes directly to the food, that is, it does not lose temperature in contact with the environment.

This model takes a while to warm up, but when it gets hot it can maintain a high temperature control.

When the pan is turned off, the mouth cools almost instantly and this is one of its greatest qualities, as this greatly minimizes the risk of burns.

This model has excellent benefits, but the cost is also high, this is the most expensive model on the market.

Electric stove

In the conventional cooktop, heat is generated by an electrical resistance similar to that of showers. This model has automatic ignition, just press a button to turn on and the same to turn off the mouth.

The electric stove heats up very quickly and reaches temperatures so high that it has a safety mechanism that turns off the mouth when reaching a certain temperature and automatically turns on again after the heat has subsided a little.

The electric stove can be found in models from 1 to 6 burners, which further increases the versatility of this appliance. Some are made of glass and must be installed on a fixed heat resistant bench and others are portable, that is, they can be transported to other environments and taken on trips.

The only disadvantage, if we can call it that, is that the electric stove consumes a lot of energy and will result in increased consumption in your electricity bill.

Check below a table comparing the main characteristics of the electric cooker models and the electromagnetic induction cooker:

How much?

There are several models of electric cookers, they differ in size, number of burners, material of manufacture and if they are conventional or electromagnetic induction.

The cheapest model, with a single mouth costs from R $ 100, conventional 4-burner appliances cost at least R $ 270 and the most expensive stove reaches R $ 2,200.

Where to buy?

Finding stores that sell electric cookers is an easy task. These appliances are sold in supermarkets.

But after reading, you won’t even need to leave the comfort of your home.

We suggest that you buy your electric cooker through the Amazon website, there you can find the best models from different brands, compare prices and read the reviews of other users. There are other reliable sites.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing electric cooker models

Although you have already learned a lot about the electric stove, before you make your decision we still need to clarify some details. The following factors will help you and make your choice according to your need, and thus be 100% satisfied with your purchase. Are they:

  • Energy
  • Efficiency
  • Installation
  • Utensils
  • Cleaning


The electric cooktop, as its name implies, works through electricity, which results in increased expenses with the electricity bill.

As we mentioned earlier, the conventional electric stove has a resistance similar to that of an electric shower, the expense is also similar. Some models even consume 7.4 Kw / h.

Comparing the conventional electric cooker and the electromagnetic induction model, the first is the one that consumes the most energy, but all, whether ordinary electric, glass ceramic or induction use electricity in their operation.


The electric stove heats up a lot and quickly, in addition to having excellent temperature control, as electricity provides a little more control.

This efficiency results in ready meals quickly and, consequently, the expenditure on electricity also decreases.

Try to check the power of each model. It determines the speed at which the device works. But it is worth remembering that it also indicates energy consumption. The higher the power, the faster the device and the higher the consumption.


To install an electric stove in the kitchen, you will need a well positioned countertop or sink, made of heat resistant materials and with a thickness between 30 and 60 millimeters. In some cases it may be necessary to make cuts on the countertop, as the glass table on the stove needs to be fixed correctly and have the right electrical connections.

The induction cooktop is a high power model, so in some cases, it needs to be connected directly to the mains and with a wiring capable of meeting the power specifications of the appliance.

In the case of models that can be connected by plugs, leave this socket only for use with the cooktop. The electric cooker also needs to be installed some distance from the wall and other small appliances, so refer to the instruction manual for the model you purchased.

Some brands make this information available on the internet and this is a way to find out if the appliance is compatible with your kitchen conditions before you buy it.


The surface of the electric cooker is flat and this requires the right type of cookware, which must also have a straight, reinforced bottom like glass, ceramic and steel cookware.

No other types should be used, especially rounded and enameled ones, as they can impair the cooktop’s operation.

With the electric induction cooker, the restrictions are even greater, as the appliance will only start to heat up when it comes into contact with a pan made especially for it. This pan needs to be magnetic, especially on the bottom, it can be stainless steel or cast iron.

Pay attention also if the electric cooker you intend to buy has different sizes of mouthpieces, as they require pans of different diameters.


Because the table is flat and made of tempered glass, it is very easy to clean this stove, since the spatter of food does not stick to the surface, so just use a damp cloth or sponge with neutral detergent and the stove will be clean quickly.

Just don’t forget to unplug the stove or turn off the electrical power at the time of cleaning, so as not to run the risk of getting a shock and getting hurt.

Because of the modern and sophisticated design, the shine of stainless steel and tempered glass, you will certainly want to keep this stove always clean, as this is a piece that will enhance your kitchen even more.



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