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Top & Best Induction cooker Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Induction cooker: How to choose the best in 2022?

Today we are going to talk about the electromagnetic induction cooker, the most modern model of cooktop that exists. Talking about this product is to enumerate a series of advantages: it cooks more quickly, uses 90% of the energy generated, is very safe, has a sophisticated design and can be portable or fixed.

Because it is an electromagnetic model, it only works with flat-bottomed pans that are made of raw materials with magnetic properties such as iron and stainless steel.

Throughout this Guide, we will bring you all the essential information so that you can make your purchase safely. We will explain its main characteristics, prices, places of sale, advantages, among other important points. Follow us

First, the most important

  • One of the biggest differentials of the induction cooker is that the heat is generated by an electromagnetic field formed between the pan and the cooker. The entire surface remains cold, only the pan heats up.
  • Once hot, the induction cooker can cook food more quickly, in addition to maintaining strict temperature control, that is, the heat does not fluctuate.
  • As this model uses electricity and magnetism to function, you will not need to use cylinders or gas pipes. Despite consuming a lot of light, the rate of use of the generated energy reaches 90%.

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Best induction cooker models: Our favorites

Now, let us introduce some of the best induction cooker models available on the market. We take into account the level of technology and the general acceptance of the product by consumers. Check the list below:

  • Induction cooktop Brastemp Gourmand
  • Electrolux IC80 Induction Cooktop
  • Gourmet Cadence induction cooktop


Buying Guide

Modern kitchens are full of novelties. An example is the stove, which is now divided into two parts: cooktop and oven. Stoves can be operated by electric energy, gas or electromagnetic induction.

The induction cooker, in addition to being the most modern model, is safe and full of high tech features. We will tell you everything you need to know about this model in the purchase guide.

What is an induction cooker and where to use it?

The induction cooker has as its heat source the waves generated in an electromagnetic field that uses magnets to connect the magnetic particles of the pan to the coils inside the cooktop.

When the magnetic pan is placed in the demarcation where the tension field is generated, its molecules react and start to move 20 to 50 thousand times per second, generating friction and exciting the coils. This combination results in electrical currents and heat.

For this reason, the induction cooker only heats up when the pan is placed in the cooking zone (the stovetop). And this heat generated by the reaction goes straight to the pan and does not change the surface temperature of the glass-ceramic table.

As the pans themselves cause the heat, they must be flat and made of raw materials with electromagnetic properties, such as cast iron and stainless steel pans.

This type of stove takes a while to warm up, but after reaching a certain temperature, it manages to keep it at a stable level. After switching off, cooking cools down almost instantly, minimizing the risk of burns.

In addition, you can place any type of material such as plastic, paper, wood, glass, whatever, the induction cooker only recognizes ferromagnetic objects.

See how this principle works in the video below published by the channel on YouTube:


The induction cooker has excellent benefits, but it has some disadvantages as well. An example of this is the high cost, this is the most expensive model on the market. Check a table of advantages and disadvantages of the product:

What precautions should I take with an induction cooker?

One of the great advantages of the induction cooker is the ease in cleaning them, as it is waterproof and its surface is flat (there are no cracks or holes), so any residue that splashes on it is not absorbed.

To clean the induction cooker just wipe with a damp cloth with a little neutral detergent and it will be shining again.

The only care that will need to be taken is with the conservation of the glass-ceramic table, as like any surface made of glass, the cooktop easily scratches.

To prevent this from happening, avoid dragging pots or utensils over the stove. Also, avoid using a sponge on the green side with abrasive products and never use steel wool.

What is the difference between the induction cooker and the electric one?

The model that gave rise to the induction cooker is the conventional cooktop, with the electrical operation, in which heat is generated by a resistance similar to that of showers.

The electricity is manually operated and heats up very quickly, reaching high temperatures. And to avoid overheating the appliance and risk of accidents, this cooktop has a safety system that turns off the mouth when reaching a certain temperature and turns on automatically after the heat has subsided.

As its operation is due to a resistance similar to that of electric showers, it consumes a lot of electrical energy, which generates a significant increase in the electricity bill. It’s like having an extra shower in the house.

The same does not happen with the induction model, which uses electrical energy only to activate the stove and operate the panel. It is the electromagnetic field created between the pan and the stove that makes the equipment work.

Although the induction model is a variation of the electric, it works more economically. This savings is just one of the characteristics that differentiate the two models. Below is a table comparing the main characteristics of the electromagnetic induction models and the electric stove:

How does the installation of the induction cooker work?

It is very simple to install an induction cooktop, you will only need a countertop, sink or heat resistant niche, with thickness between 30 and 60 mm and flat. The stove will be screwed to this surface.

Because it is a high power appliance, the induction cooker needs to be connected directly to the mains, that is, in the wiring and not through a plug in the outlet. The electrical network and wires must meet the power of the chosen device.

Check the measurements of the stove and countertop so that the fit is perfect.

Which pans can I use on the induction cooker?

As we already mentioned, the pan is the energy source of the induction cooker. Therefore, it must have a straight bottom and be made of materials with magnetic properties, such as cast iron and stainless steel pots .

The thicker and heavier the pan, the more it will heat up. But it is necessary to pay attention to see if the pan is well positioned in the cooking zone (mouth) of the stove, as only the demarcated area heats up.

Currently, some brands produce specific cookware for electromagnetic induction cooktops. It is only difficult to find pressure cookers for this type of stove, and besides being rare, they are very expensive.

Is the induction cooker safe?

In addition to being the safest model, as only the pan heats up while the surface remains cool, the cooktop beeps if it does not recognize the pan (because it is of an inappropriate type, or because it is poorly positioned), after a minute it turns off automatically.

This system prevents serious accidents, such as burns, especially for those with children at home.

Another safety factor is that since the surface is flat, there is no risk of the pan turning on the stove. Further reducing the risk of burns in the kitchen.

How much?

Because of the numerous benefits, the electromagnetic induction cooker is the most expensive model available for sale. Prices can vary widely, especially according to the number of mouths the model has.

The cheapest – with a mouth – cost about R $ 300. The larger models can reach R $ 5,000.

Where to buy?

You can buy an induction cooker at furniture and appliance stores, If you prefer, you can buy online, in stores like Amazon. At Amazon, for example, you can compare different models of different brands and prices. Buying over the internet you get the product at the door without leaving your home.


Purchase Criteria: Factors for comparing induction cooker models

Some characteristics must be observed when buying an electromagnetic induction cooker. Are they:

  • Types of induction cooker
  • Energy consumption
  • Number of mouths
  • Functions

Now, let’s explain each of the items, so you don’t have any doubts when choosing an electromagnetic induction cooker for your kitchen.

Types of induction cooker

There are two models of induction cooker: built-in and table.

  • Table model: Also called a floor, it does not need installation, as it will be supported on furniture and connected to an outlet. You can find models of one to three mouths in this version.
  • Built-in model: Must be installed on a bench, sink or flat unit, heat resistant and stable. It must also be installed with electrical wiring, and must never be plugged into an outlet. You can find models from one to six mouths in this version.

Energy consumption

An induction cooker consumes an average of 4 to 8 kw / h, very similar to the energy consumption of an electric shower. But, the induction cooker is the most economical in energy consumption and cooks food faster.

While a gas cooker uses 55% of the energy produced, and an electric model uses 65%, the electromagnetic induction cooker uses 90% of the energy it produces.

Number of mouths

How big is your family? The number of mouths is something to be considered considering the number of people who live in the house. If you have a large family and cook often, a 6-burner induction cooker would be interesting.

If you live alone, a small 2 or 3-burner stove may be sufficient. But, it’s still worth reflection! Because even if you live alone you often receive a lot of friends and family, you may still need a larger induction cooker.

Reflect on your routine in the kitchen, the demand and then choose the number of mouths that will meet this need on a daily basis.

ot all models are equipped with all functions. Check which ones are essential for you before making your investment.

Remembering that functions can make the product more expensive, so try to find a balance between what you need and what you can afford at the moment.

Some of the most interesting functions are:

  • Digital temperature control;
  • Timer for time programming;
  • Turbo to speed up the process;
  • Keep warm.

The functions can make your induction cooker even safer and more modern.


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