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Top & Best Duplex Refrigerator Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Duplex Refrigerator: How to choose the best appliance in2022

Today we are going to talk about the duplex refrigerator, the best selling refrigerator model in the market for its versatility, cost-benefit and affordable price. The duplex refrigerator has two doors, one for the refrigerator and one for the freezer.

Among the differentials of the duplex refrigerator, we can mention the large internal space, used to organize food and drinks, and the ability to preserve fresh food for longer. Want to know which duplex refrigerator is right for your kitchen? Then continue reading this article.


First, the most important

  • The duplex refrigerator received this name because it has two doors, with the freezer at the top and the refrigerator at the bottom or the other way around (reverse duplex refrigerator).
  • The capacity of a duplex refrigerator ranges from 300 to 500L. The choice is related to the number of people living in the house, the amount of meals that are prepared, space and budget available.
  • Excellent brands offer duplex refrigerator models. The most popular lines are Active from Brastemp, Wellness from Consul and Infinity from Electrolux. But you find models from Philco, Samsung and LG.

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The best duplex refrigerators: Our recommendations

Are you setting up your dream kitchen or need to buy a new refrigerator? Check out our list of the best duplex refrigerator models for those who live alone, with a partner or with the whole family. To build this list, we rely on technical specifications, recommendations from experts and reviews from people who bought these devices.

  • A full duplex refrigerator
  • A smart model
  • An Inverse Duplex Refrigerator Option
  • The inverse duplex refrigerator ideal for large families
  • A very versatile duplex refrigerator


Buying Guide

Based on the premise that you decided to buy a duplex refrigerator instead of one of the other models in the category, we have prepared this Buying Guide to answer the main questions about the appliance, list the advantages and disadvantages of the equipment and recommend the best models for sale. Enjoy reading!

Why choose a duplex refrigerator?

The duplex refrigerator combines the functions of a refrigerator and a freezer in one appliance. That way, you don’t have to choose just one of the equipment, it saves space in the kitchen and money by buying a equipment with dual function and very economical.

The appliance offers balanced internal distribution because of the shelves and compartments that make it possible to store food and drinks according to your refrigeration needs.

The extra cold compartment is ideal for dairy and the drawer for vegetables, legumes and fruits – some models offer an exclusive compartment for fruits.

You find the duplex refrigerator with different defrost systems: Cycle Defrost or Frost Free (we will talk more about these different technologies in the next section). Find out more advantages and disadvantages of the equipment in the table below:

Duplex refrigerator with Frost Free or Cycle Defrost technology ?

Did you know that the duplex refrigerator uses different technologies: Frost Free or Cycle Defrost . Technological, the Frost Free duplex refrigerator makes sure that ice does not accumulate on the walls of the freezer, so you do not have to manually defrost.

The Cycle Defrost duplex refrigerator offers cooling through constant ventilation. This causes a little ice to accumulate on the walls, so you need to defrost once or twice a year. Defrosting the freezer is a manual process, but in the refrigerator, just press a command on the refrigerator and the appliance does the job.

To understand what is the best technology for your duplex refrigerator, compare the positive and negative points of each of the options in the table below:

Duplex refrigerator with conventional or inverse design?

The inverse duplex refrigerator is nothing more than a refrigerator with two inverted doors, that is, the freezer is at the bottom, while the refrigerator is at the top of the refrigerator. That way, the most used foods are always at hand.

The traditional model, with freezer at the top, is not the most suitable for everyday life, as the most used foods are at the bottom of the appliance, so you must lower it whenever you pick up something, especially in the vegetable drawer .


The price difference between these models reaches R $ 500.

However, the traditional duplex refrigerator is found more easily and with lower prices – the price difference between a conventional duplex refrigerator and an inverse one reaches R $ 500, even with very similar specifications.

Another positive point for the conventional model is the low consumption of electricity. Even on models with very similar specifications, there is a considerable difference in electricity consumption.

Still unsure which model is right for your home? Review the comparative table below:

What are the best brands of Duplex refrigerator?

Knowing the manufacturer of the duplex refrigerator you intend to buy is the first step in finding the ideal model. You find more economical, technological or sophisticated options. Each manufacturer offers unique features, so it’s important to know your options.


The Electrolux offers a wide range of fridge-freezer models, but in general the models are simpler without many technological resources. The most basic model has Cycle Defrost technology , acrylic shelves and a capacity of 260L.

You also find options with greater capacity (up to 553L), Frost Free system and tempered glass shelves. The finish can be simple or with special coating. Prices range from R $ 1,350 to R $ 3,300.

Electrolux does not offer many exclusive features, just the basic ones. However, we can mention the retractable freezer shelf in three positions: Whole shelf, half shelf and fully retracted.

The Drink Express function freezes drinks in 20, 30 or 40 minutes. For ice production, use the Icemax drawer. And to preserve your fruits and vegetables for longer, use the Hortinatura drawer.


The Consul offers quite an assortment of fridge-freezer models with System Frost Free or Cycle Defrost , in white or silver and with minimum capacity of 239L and 450L maximum.

Among the differentials of the Consul duplex refrigerator we can mention the Bem Estar deodorizing filter, which eliminates possible odors from the refrigerator by increasing the air circulation and filtering it. This filter must be changed every six months, you can buy it at the Consul online store.

The Horta em Casa drawer serves to keep vegetables at the ideal temperature and humidity. The special Frutaria compartment allows the fruits to be stored in a drawer with greater visibility and no risk of kneading.

Another interesting feature is the flex can holder, which can be transported from the fridge to the freezer and then to the table. It also has a cans timer, which informs you when the drinks are cold. Another unique differential is the folding shelf.

The My Space special compartment is ideal for storing cosmetics that must be kept refrigerated. The brand offers 12 months warranty. Prices range from R $ 1400 to R $ 2,460 – the affordable price is one of the brand’s differentials.


The Brastemp stands out by offering refrigerators with excellent value for money as it gathers good build quality, interesting prices and features that fit in your pocket. The main difference is that all branded duplex refrigerator options have Frost Free technology . Another difference is the superior capacity (from 330 to 596L).

You will find models with traditional or inverse design, vertical or horizontal handles, in white or chrome colors and minimalist design (without much detail) but with many features.

Among the exclusive features of the Brastemp duplex refrigerator, we can mention the Adapt Space, which consists of pieces with multiple combinations to store items of different sizes on the refrigerator door.

The Freeze Control Advanced compartment has its own refrigeration system with three possibilities of use: Store meats for up to 10 days without freezing, cool the compartment to -4ºC to keep the beer in the ideal spot and keep cold and dairy products for longer.

Another interesting feature is the Smart Bar that provide drinks cooled at the ideal temperature and times with just one touch. The Turbo Ice function makes ice quickly.

The brand offers 12 to 18 months warranty (depends on the model). Prices are a little higher and range from R $ 1,800 to R $ 3,800.


Panasonic duplex refrigerator models are also excellent. One of the differentials of the brand is that its equipment has the lowest indications of electrical consumption.

Among the exclusive technologies we can mention the Easy Touch panel (lights up when touched) and Econavi technology, which guarantees up to 10% savings by monitoring usage and adapting to the needs of the home.

The Fresh Zone drawer with Vitamin Power enhances the nutrients of vegetables through the stimulus generated by special LED lights. The temperature and humidity control is performed by the Climate Control command.


Samsung duplex refrigerators are categorized as premium. These devices feature Twin Cooling Plus technology , which uses independent cooling systems in the refrigerator and freezer, preventing odor exchange.

When necessary, you can convert the freezer into a refrigerator to gain more space. There is also the possibility to deactivate the freezer when you need to save energy.

So much technology comes at a price, and Samsung’s duplex refrigerators are among the most expensive on the market. However, anyone looking for quality and durability will be happy with the equipment for long years.


The LG also stands out by offering models in the premium class, but you will find more affordable options. The appliances have good construction and features that simplify the use of the appliance.

Purchase criteria: How to analyze a duplex refrigerator

Choosing a duplex refrigerator is not a simple task, either due to the lack of knowledge about the features that the equipment can offer or the excess of models for sale.

With that in mind, we select the criteria that should be used in a complete product analysis and list them below:

  • Refrigerator capacity and organization
  • Functionalities
  • Energy consumption
  • Finishing

We will detail each topic throughout the section. If in doubt, leave a comment. Don’t forget to rate the text and share the content with your friends.

Refrigerator capacity and organization

One of the most important purchasing criteria is the capacity of the duplex refrigerator, which ranges from 300 to 500L. The choice is related to the number of people living in the house, the number of meals eaten and the space available in the kitchen.

  • Low capacity of up to 300L is recommended for those who live alone, couples without children or small families who have few meals at home.
  • Average capacity for up to 400L, it is ideal for small families, with up to four members.
  • High capacity of up to 500L is ideal for large families, with more than four members.

The compartmentation of the duplex refrigerator should be evaluated, as it influences the useful volume and internal organization of the appliance.

The different levels of height of the shelves can be used to reorganize the internal space of the refrigerator. All models offer this possibility, what changes is the amount of levels for the shelves.

Some models have a folding shelf, which can be used to make room for a food or bulky container without having to remove one of the shelves.

The extra cold compartment, located on the top of the refrigerator, serves to store food at a temperature close to 0ºC, without freezing it. This compartment is present in most models.


The duplex refrigerator is not only used to store food and drinks at a temperature suitable for the preservation of these foods. The appliance offers functionalities that must be analyzed at the time of purchase. We have listed the main features you can find on this device:

  • Digital panel on the refrigerator door that serves to adjust the temperature of the refrigerator and freezer, select pre-programmed functions and even check the amount of food present inside the refrigerator.
  • Temperature control on the refrigerator or freezer door may be an unimportant function for most people, but it is essential for others. The simplest models offer three temperature levels, the most sophisticated offer up to five options.
  • Special drawer for vegetables has temperature and humidity control and keeps these vegetables for longer. Some models offer a special fruit compartment.
  • Deodorizing air filter frees your refrigerator from bad odors, as all the air that circulates inside the refrigerator passes through the filter. Its service life is about six months, after which the part must be replaced.
  • Rapid cooling of drinks leaves any drink cold in less than 60 minutes. Some models also offer a turbo freezer that serves to quickly cool drinks in a freezer compartment.
  • Quick ice preparation for always cold drinks. Some models report on the digital panel the amount of ice available in the pan.
  • Water dispenser is an external compartment located on the refrigerator door. Some models provide water and others provide water and ice. This feature promotes energy savings as it prevents unnecessary opening of the door.
  • Open door alarm beeps when the door has been open for more than a minute. This function avoids wasting electrical energy. Ideal for those with children at home.
  • Special cooling modes present in some models, temporarily change the refrigerator’s operating mode. We list the main cooling modes in the table below:

Energy consumption

As the duplex refrigerator will be on 24 hours a day, assessing the energy consumption of the appliance is essential. For this, it is essential to understand the Procel label / seal.

The seal indicates the type of appliance, the name of the manufacturer, the trademark and model. Then points the electrical voltage. The letter indicates the energy efficiency of the device and varies from A to E, with A being more efficient and E less efficient.

Then you check the energy consumption in KWh / Month. Finally, it is possible to check the volume of the refrigerated compartment, the freezer and the temperature of the freezer.

Did you know that the duplex refrigerator models with inverter compressor technology offer energy savings?

The inverter technology causes the compressor speed to be adjusted according to the need for cooling. This type of compressor also has a reduced noise level.



Anyone who thinks that the finish of a duplex refrigerator is only related to the aesthetic aspect is wrong. You find models with a coating that offers protection from scratches and corrosion.

This coating can be galvanization, stainless steel or Evox – which offers even greater resistance against corrosion than stainless steel, as it is composed of steel, zinc and waterproofing film.

However, these models are finished in lead or silver (whoever prefers to buy a white refrigerator should give up the special coating). Be aware if this type of coating is applied only to the door or if it includes the sides.



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