Top & Best Thermal paste Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & best Thermal paste: How to choose the best one in 2022?

Welcome to Today, you will learn how to choose the ideal thermal paste for your work computer or PC gamer. We will give you indispensable data for you to make the best decisions when buying this product.

The market offers several thermal pastes to meet the most different uses. There are brands designed for ordinary computers, perfect versions for those who want to make the most of powerful processors safely.

By going ahead with this reading, you will learn what are the main thermal greases, the pros and cons of using the product, the average price and other subjects that guide buyers in the search to find the best offer.

First, the most important

  • The thermal silicone paste is cheaper. It is indicated for use in low or medium power processors.
  • Silver thermal pastes are more expensive and can be used in processors with a lot of power. If you have a gamer PC your way is to use silver thermal grease.

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Best thermal pastes: Our recommendations

A great way to learn a little about the differentiators of each version is to know what is behind the most popular brands. We have gathered below what for many experts are the best versions of thermal grease these days:

  • Cooler Master thermal paste
  • Arctic Silver thermal paste
  • TG3 Thermal Grease thermal paste

Buying Guide

Many people buy thermal paste to improve the cooling power of the processor in the gaming PC. Other audiences, on the other hand, just want to do a routine maintenance on a notebook that serves simple tasks.

Perhaps you will fit into one or both of the cases mentioned above. What is certain is that regardless of your search it is worth knowing how to buy thermal paste, for the life of your machine’s processor. The secrets to making the best thermal grease purchase are now revealed.

What is thermal paste?

The thermal paste is a substance to help cool the processor, which consequently helps to keep the computer’s temperatures at the ideal levels to work without a short circuit.

Anyone who owns a PC Gamer or intends to reach high limits on data processing on the machine needs to take care of the processor. And one of the precautions is to use the thermal paste.

How to apply the thermal paste?

When performing computer maintenance, you must place the thermal paste between the processor surface and the cooler heatsink. To replace it, it is necessary to carefully remove the old base and then apply new layers of paste. When changing the thermal paste, the computer is faster and with less noise.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of thermal paste?

You should not buy this product to apply it on your computer without knowing the advantages and disadvantages. So it is possible to know better which paths to follow to make a good purchase.

Those who do a little research on the market can find very cheap thermal paste versions.

This cheapness can make people buy products without much effectiveness in cooling the processor, since the best versions cost higher prices.

There are good models at intermediate prices, but few very cheap options have a high performance, mainly because they have a different composition, with less noble materials.

A positive point is that in the market there are offers with quantities for different audiences. In a package there can be from 4 grams to 1 kg or more of thermal paste.

Smaller amounts are for those who want to apply once or twice at most. Larger pots, on the other hand, are useful for technicians who need to perform maintenance on several computers in their daily work.

If you don’t know much about computers, you may have problems applying the thermal paste. You can even do it yourself by following videos from the internet. Only for security reasons it is better to request the services of specialists.

In the table below, you can see the main advantages and disadvantages of thermal paste:

Thermal silicone or silver paste?

For you to buy thermal paste correctly, it is essential to know the difference between the products. In national retail you can find two types of thermal grease:

    • Thermal paste of silicone or zinc oxide
    • Silver or ceramic thermal paste


Silicone thermal paste

The thermal silicone paste is popular for having low prices, as well as in the case of zinc oxide versions. It is not recommended to use any of these productions for computers with powerful processors.

Experts indicate that this thermal paste made of silicone or zinc works in an acceptable way on normal computers, the kind used to write texts or access the internet.

However, using a cheap thermal paste is even better than having nothing to protect the processor from the heat conduction generated by the air. These versions are available in a tube-shaped package.

Silver thermal paste

On the other hand, there is all the potential that only the silver thermal paste can offer. This product has more noble materials that respond better in thermal conductivity.

Silver paste packs are syringe-shaped, for one or two applications, usually. These products are known in the market for being very effective in using computers with powerful processors.

Prices of thermal paste with silver or ceramic can range from medium to high. See the differences between these two common versions in Brazilian retail offerings:

How much?

The brand and type of thermal paste are two things that most affect prices. There are some manufacturers that charge abusive values ​​in thermal silver paste with just one application, costing R $ 100 or more, for example.

An acceptable price for the purchase of silver thermal paste is R $ 50 reais per 7 grams, which is equivalent to two applications. Already the versions of silicone thermal paste can cost R $ 8 for the 10-gram tube. The price of a thermal paste can range from R $ 5 to up to R $ 200.

Where to buy?

You can buy silicone or silver thermal pastes at popular department stores.

Amazon is an online store where you find promotions with different brand options. When buying online it is also easier to find thermal pastes in packages of 5 grams, 10 grams or higher.

Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing thermal paste models

When we don’t have a lot of time to end up doing quick research and buying the cheapest product. But in most cases this ends up generating a huge headache.

You can even compare offers of thermal grease within your time limit, as long as the comparisons also consider the following purchase criteria:

  • Conductivity
  • Manufacturing
  • Shelf life
  • Amount
  • Opening

Understand below the meaning of these thermal paste offer comparison criteria.


When analyzing the offers of thermal paste, keep an eye on a detail called “thermal conductivity”, a value that demonstrates how efficient the product can be. The more conductivity, the more productivity.

In some Premium versions of thermal paste there is a conductivity limit equivalent to 350,000 w / m2. Products that range from 2 w / mk to up to 7 w / mk are used in computers that have a processor with power that can range from medium to high.

The temperature limits are directly related to the conductivity values ​​of the thermal paste. Here are some examples:

  • 2 w / mk : Work in environments with a temperature that can go from 40 degrees Celsius to up to 200 degrees Celsius;
  • 1.46 w / mk : Work in environments with temperatures that can range from 50 degrees Celsius to up to 300 degrees Celsius;
  • 4.1w / mk : Work in environments with temperatures ranging from 40 degrees Celsius to 150 degrees Celsius.


Never forget to observe the manufacturing date of the thermal paste before purchasing. Many shopkeepers sell cheap because the products are out of or close to expiring.

On average, the thermal paste is generally valid for 5 years. It is not recommended to use the product after this period.

Shelf life

For many experts, there is an expiration date in which the thermal paste can stay on the computer. This in practice depends on the composition of the pastes, the conductivity values ​​and the characteristics of the processor.

Generally speaking, a base made with thermal silicone paste lasts 3 years. The structures composed of silver and metallic base have a duration of 5 years. There are some Premium versions with durability of up to 10 years. After expiration, it is recommended to change the folder.


When purchasing a thermal paste with 5 grams, it is possible to use the product once or at most twice.

The 10 gram versions can be used up to three times.

On the market there are also offers of pots that have 1 kilo or a little more in just one package of thermal paste. In these cases, however, most of the offers are from Chinese manufacturers.


For security reasons it is worth buying the thermal paste with syringe packaging. Syringe versions have a small opening tip. This makes it easier to control the amount of paste that comes out of the package.

It is important not to overdo the application of the thermal paste, taking the utmost care so that no amount spreads and reaches the motherboard or other parts of the computer.

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