Top & Best Pocket spring mattress Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Pocket spring mattress: How to find ideal in 2022?

Bedtime is one of the most important parts of our day, and of all our lives, by the way. Therefore, you must provide your sleep with the best that technology can offer, and that your money can buy. So, here we bring everything about the pocket spring mattress, the ideal solution for complete rest.

Changing your mattress to a pocket spring mattress can positively impact your quality of life, as long as you choose the right model. But do not fear, because in this Guide, we will provide all the information so that you can choose the best for you, your bed and your sleep.

First, the most important

  • The bagged spring mattress is also known commercially as “pocket” mattress. Stay tuned in your search!
  • One of the great advantages of the pocket spring mattress is the individual comfort it provides, even in double beds.
  • The price range of a pocket spring mattress is between R $ 500, in the most basic models, and R $ 5000, in the premium models.

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Best pocket spring mattresses: Sleepers’ favorites

In the list that we show below, we select the best pocket spring mattresses, evaluating from the comfort to the quality of your material, from the seams to the covering, everything, in short, that makes your bedtime better.

  • The best pocket spring mattress for your spine
  • The best king size model
  • The most versatile mattress model

Shopping Guide

The pocket spring mattress prepares the ideal environment for a quality sleep, and also for a comfortable time in your bed, whether reading, listening to music, watching a Netflix, or just relaxing.

To provide all of this, however, you must choose your mattress well. Lucky you, in our Shopping Guide, we will answer the most common questions, share tips and show you what else makes a pocket spring mattress the right model for you.

What are pocket springs?

You know what a spring mattress is, right? A mattress whose weight is supported by a layer of lined elastics …


Each spring is individually bagged.

Now imagine that, in this layer, each spring, literally each one, is bagged – hooded, covered by a fabric – individually. This isolates each spring, which respond in isolation to each pressure they receive. What this provides you will see further ahead.

How long does a pocket spring mattress last?

The useful life of a pocket spring mattress depends on each model, on its composition, such as the presence or absence of anti-dust mites and antifungals, but, mainly, of its use. Anyway, the average of the models is between five and ten years.

For your pocket spring mattress to last as long as possible, you need to be careful.

The first is to turn the mattress over. Some manufacturers indicate that you turn it inside out every month, others every fifteen days, while others ask that you only turn it between your feet and your head.

Also prevent children from jumping on the mattress, and if possible, use a waterproof cover under the sheets. A sunbath from time to time also works wonders for your model.

Why is the pocket spring mattress ideal for couples?

The pocket spring mattress is much sought after by couples, and not for nothing. The main feature of the product, the individual action of the springs, goes very well with the night’s sleep for two.

This is because when one person moves, the other does not feel. A huge advantage, isn’t it? Especially for those who move a lot during the night, and for couples who have different hours of sleep.


The individual action serves for large differences in weight.

The individualized action also serves for couples with significant weight differences. These situations can damage ordinary mattresses over time, and also make one feel the reflexes of the other’s movements, even more so than the couple in the top paragraph, with the person who moves a lot.

Finally, pocket spring mattresses have high resilience, which for couples who rotate and see their models for better preservation is great, as it prevents any side from being marked, and therefore less comfortable for the person who did not mark it.

Is the pocket spring mattress good for the spine?

Spring mattresses are generally good for the spine, but pocket spring mattresses are even more beneficial. Since its springs respond individually to each pressure, they involve the body of the person who lies down, which naturally promotes the alignment of the spine.

The best thing is that the body is contoured and the spine is aligned in any position, as long as, of course, you have an adequate pillow.

Spring mattress bagged or interlaced?

A major issue that may hover over your search for the ideal mattress is between the types of spring layers, more precisely between the layer of bagged and interlaced springs.

If you have read the article so far, you must already be cracked in the pocket springs. The interlaced ones, therefore, are the opposite, with the springs connected to each other, and acting almost uniformly.

This difference between dynamics causes a difference between some characteristics. The durability, for example, is greater in the interlaced models, which can reach up to fifteen years of useful life, since it has less space between the springs, and therefore less chance of accumulating mites, in addition to being more dense and more resistant .

Another difference is in prices, which are higher in pocket spring mattresses. After all, there is a higher material and manufacturing cost as well. If interlaced models cost between R $ 500 and R $ 2500, bagged models can reach up to R $ 5000.

Purchase Criteria: What is important in the pocket spring mattress

As nice as it is to throw on the beds of stores, you need to choose a pocket spring mattress based on some important criteria, thinking not only about your comfort, but also about the quality of your sleep, today and tomorrow. In the list below, we list some of these criteria.

  • Size
  • Brand
  • Foam
  • Antiallergic and anti-mite


It is always good to remember: pay attention to the size of the mattress! This serves both for those who are going to buy online, so that they do not take a mattress with a completely incompatible size, as well as for those who are in the store.

That’s because the reference of king size or queen size is not enough. Some models can vary by a few centimeters in width or length, which can destabilize all the comfort of a pocket spring mattress.

The idea is to have a mattress perfectly aligned with your bed, or at least be smaller, so that there is no space and alter the model’s weight balance.


The brand of your pocket spring mattress is also important. Especially because sleep is something very serious, with direct impacts on your health and well-being. Thus, give priority to companies with a tradition in the manufacture of mattresses.

So, research about the brand of the model you want to buy, or remember these:

  • Ortobom
  • Orthoflex
  • Orthocrin
  • Herval
  • Beaver
  • Gazin


Focusing only on the pocket springs on your mattress can be dangerous. Especially because what will define the rest of your comfort is, well, the rest of the mattress, especially its filling and the so-called pillow top (“pillow surface”, in free translation), the upper foam.

Look for models with high density foam, around 30, and compositions with viscoelastic foam, the famous foam “NASA”, or with natural latex, that contour the body and distribute your weight better.

Antiallergic and anti-mite

Regardless of whether or not you have allergies, try to give priority to models with antiallergic substances, such as antifungal and anti-mite, in addition to an antiallergic in general.

These components tend to be discreet or even indistinguishable, and only add to your comfort at night, your experience as a user, and, mainly, the durability of the model of your choice.


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