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Top & Best Sleeping mask Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Sleeping mask: How to choose the best beauty sleep in 2022?

let’s get to know everything about a sleep mask? In addition to making people rest in style, this product is essential for anyone to rest without waking up to sunlight or the environment.

Both in bed and in the passenger seat of the car, each day the tendency for people to wear a mask to sleep increases. With slight differences between the models, there are several versions available.

What are the variations of the sleeping mask? How to choose according to your needs? Want to know the necessary steps to buy the product? Then continue reading the shopping manually.

First, the most important

  • Sleeping mask in the traditional way serves to cover the eyes. But, there are other models with cover to the nose or mouth.
  • In addition to the quality of the fabric, you can choose a model from among the various artistic customization options.
  • There are sleeping masks that work with artificial intelligence.

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Best sleeping masks: Our favorites

There is a natural way to treat insomnia, it is called: Sleeping mask. Several experts recommend this accessory. See which models are preferred.

Buying Guide

What a delight to take a hot shower and then fall asleep in bed until you say enough! But, this can only be possible when wearing a sleep mask, capable of protecting your eyes from the light.

We will understand the following information so that you do not make mistakes when buying your mask:

What is a sleeping mask?

The sleeping mask is one of these products that we use to sleep better. Doctors from the most diverse areas also recommend this product to increase the quality of life or the skin.

You can use the mask in bed or in other places to sleep. For example: Under a tree or in the passenger seat of the car during a long journey. This product has varieties of fabrics, foams, colors, shapes, and customization.

How to use a sleep mask for your beauty sleep?

There are no secrets to using the most basic versions of a sleeping mask. You just need to be careful, eliminating the creams close to the eyes before using them.

Then, stretch the mask until you position it correctly, that is, comfortable and protecting your eyes against the lights. So you can lie down to have a beauty sleep that improves skin health.

The video expert explains the benefits of beauty sleep:

What are the advantages of sleeping masks?

A BIOMED Central study carried out in 2010 tested patients in the ICU with insomnia problems. The scientists delivered a sleep mask for each individual to use at bedtime.

As a result, experts realized that in addition to improving sleep by blocking light, the sleeping mask raises melatonin rates. They made patients sleep more deeply.

From the point that you have more quality of sleep through the use of the product, it is possible to obtain gains in the health of the skin on the face even without using beauty creams.

With the day’s sleep, the appearance of wrinkles, blackheads, pimples, and scaling is reduced. For this reason, a sleeping mask is one of the most popular Mother’s Day gifts.

By ensuring the tranquility of your dreams, sleeping masks make you a calmer person. Notice better the advantages and disadvantages when looking at the table:

What is the best type of sleep mask?

Sleep quality starts with choosing the best sleep mask. Did you know that some options can qualify or worsen your breathing? It is important to know below the differences of the 3 main types:

    • Pillow masks
    • Nasal masks
    • Oronasal mask


Read on to find out the definition of each sleep mask:

Pillow masks

These are the cheapest and simplest models to use on the market. They are composed of foam or textile materials. To use this option, just rest it on your nose.

This edition is worth using when you have no problem breathing through your nose or mouth. Children and teenagers appreciate the use of this model because of the many different choices of prints.

Nasal masks

In turn, the nasal mask serves to cover only the nose area. This means that this option is not useful in order to protect your sleep from sunlight that passes through the windows.

Such a choice is valid for those who have a tendency to have a congested nose that interferes with sleep quality. Composed of plastic, acrylic, or other solid materials, the edition has a tube that facilitates nasal breathing.

Oronasal mask

This option should be in use among users who have difficulty breathing and are frequently awakened due to the absence of air.

With this product that also has a tube, you can breathe more easily. It is worth noting that both nose and mouth are covered by the device.

In the table learn more about the differences in the versions of the sleeping mask:

How much does a sleeping mask cost?

Masks can cost from R $ 30 to R $ 40 when considering the most basic models. Models with advanced technology arrive at the price of R $ 200 or higher.

Custom models tend to cost more, as do models with extremely high-quality fabrics and foams.

Sleeping mask: Where to buy?

If you want comfort when shopping without leaving home and have many opportunities to choose a sleep mask, we recommend purchasing online via Amazon.

Do you know that it is not recommended to wash the sleeping mask in the machines? The indicated is washing with neutral soap and using the hands.


Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare sleep masks

For many people waking up ahead of time is a heavy burden. We already get up with high stress and are at risk of hitting the little finger on the furniture due to inattention in the steps.

If this happens to you because of the light it is time to learn how to compare the best options to buy the perfect sleep mask in protection. The 4 comparative ideas are:

  • AI
  • Size
  • Relaxation
  • Phone

Below you read about each criterion:


Artificial Intelligence has already arrived in some more expensive models. With applications and sensors, there are editions that perform brain activity monitoring.

Some devices are able to send sensors when they recognize snoring or noise, calming users. There are also versions that emit soft LED lights when waking up more serene.


To be of the correct size, the mask should not be too tight or too loose. There are some adjustable versions, but they can cause some inconvenience.

The masks have 3 different size options: Small, medium, or large.

Small editions are for children, but they can also work perfectly on certain women with smaller faces, as well as medium models. Large options are almost always suitable for men.


There are masks that cost higher prices and are able to make you have a unique experience while relaxing.

They are composed of gels. Such editions should be kept in the refrigerator for 50 minutes before use as a cold therapy to relieve headaches or migraines.

We cannot forget the sleeping masks that have a space attached to place tea bags. So you enjoy the aromas of herbs for natural relaxation.


Do you love to use headphones to listen to your music and relax while you sleep? Then invest in a sleep mask that has a headset.

Many people use this product to preserve the larger headphones that can break with turns on the pillow, unlike the model in the mask already adapted to enjoy without difficulties.



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