Top & Best Thermal sheet Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Thermal sheet: Learn how to choose the best in 2022

Today we are going to talk about a relatively new technology, but one that can be a great ally on cold days: the thermal sheet.

With a structure similar to a regular sheet, the thermal model has a great differential: it is able to heat the bed through an energy system.

When used with due care, the thermal sheet is, in fact, an excellent idea! It solves the problem of cold in a few minutes, making your bed comfortable for a long night’s sleep.

If you still have any questions about the operation of this product, follow our guide to stay on top of all its details.

First, the most important

  • The thermal sheet is a sheet that is heated electrically, through a network of conductors embedded between the layers of fabric.
  • It is a product that requires some special care, such as: never sleeping with it on, folding it, wetting it excessively.
  • The maximum temperature reached by a thermal sheet usually varies between 36oC and 38oC, and the new Mayan models come with heat regulating control.

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Shopping Guide

The thermal sheet is the type of product that tends to generate several doubts in the buyer, and, if you are in this situation, we recommend following the reading of our shopping guide.

Below, we will explain how it works, in addition to pointing out values ​​and what is the best way to ensure safety when using the thermal sheet.

What is the thermal sheet?

The thermal sheet is a sheet that is heated electrically, through a network of conductors embedded between the layers of fabric. They are metal fillets that conduct the electric current to heat the bed linen.

It is usually attached to the mattress through elastic bands, as if it were a lining, and comes with temperature control.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the thermal sheet?

When winter comes, it is difficult to resist the comfort of the thermal sheet. He is able to warm your bed in a few minutes, ensuring a warm and peaceful night’s sleep.

The main advantage of this product is clear: it is comfortable and very efficient in what it sets out to do. It is a practical product that, if handled in the correct way, only has to add.

The newer models have temperature regulation controls and automatic shutdown, which contributes to the safe use of the device.

However, it is important to mention that, because it is a product that works through electrical resistance, there is little care. Never sleep with the thermal sheet on, as the risk of overheating and short circuit is greater.

The ideal is that you use it until the moment your bed reaches the ideal temperature, turning it off in sequence.

In addition, special care is needed when storing it, as the wires can break easily if folded.

Avoid strong impacts while he is in bed, and also excess blankets when he is on, as this also contributes to overheating.

If a wire is broken while the appliance is plugged in, there is a risk of shock or short circuit, causing it to stop working.

In summary, it is an interesting and capable technological advent and it accomplishes great things mainly in cold cities, however, its handling must be very careful.

How to use the thermal sheet safely?

If you are still a little unsure about using the thermal sheet, we will point you to some topics that, if respected, will guarantee a safe and warm experience when using the product:

    • Safety. Always buy a model that has an Inmetro seal, this is a way to ensure that the sheet was manufactured to the proper standards.
    • Disconnect. Never sleep with it on.
    • Do not bend. Do not fold your thermal sheet when storing, wrap it loosely. When folding, you may end up breaking one of the wires.
    • Do not jump. Do not jump or force any impact on the bed when it is on.
      Do not wet it.
    • Amendments. Do not try to make splices in case of wire breakage. Contact the manufacturer to arrange the repair.


If all these rules are followed, there is no reason to worry about the use of your thermal sheet, remembering that it is also always important to read the manufacturer’s instructions on the product packaging.

Can children use the thermal sheet?

If you have small children at home and wonder if they can enjoy the benefits of the thermal sheet the answer is: yes, but with restrictions.

First of all, if your child still wears a diaper or pees on the bed, it is important that you choose a waterproof model.

This is because the direct contact of water on the wires can cause a short circuit and, in addition to damaging the product, it can also shock.

However, the good news is that most sheets with the Inmetro seal are made with waterproof material, eliminating this risk. When in doubt, it is always good to read the packaging carefully.

In addition, it is important that you talk to your little one about jumping or shaking the bed too much with the product on it, as, as we said, the wires can break.

How to sanitize the thermal sheet?

Regarding the cleaning of your thermal sheet, it is recommended to use a damp cloth with water and soap, or alcohol. Just open the sheet and wipe the entire surface, and then let it dry.

A tip to avoid dirt is to use a thin sheet over the thermal when putting it on the bed. This way you avoid direct contact with the body and keep it clean for longer.

How much does a thermal sheet cost?

The thermal sheet is not a very cheap product, however, it has very useful features and is worth the investment.

The value varies according to the size of the bed, for example, sheets for single beds cost between R $ 150 and R $ 250, while models for a double bed are in the range of R $ 250 and R $ 500.

Where to buy a thermal sheet?

Not all stores sell this product, however, in stores is possible that you will find at least one unit of the product.

On the internet, you will find great variety, and for that reason, we recommend you Amazon.

Purchase criteria: how to compare thermal sheet models

As you may have noticed, the thermal sheet is a product that requires special care, so we selected some points that can make all the difference at the time of your choice:

  • Bed size
  • Temperature
  • Shutdown
  • Voltage

Next, we’ll talk about each of these factors.

Bed size

Buying the thermal sheet of the correct size for your bed is essential, not least because it is attached by elastics and needs to reach the ends of the mattress.

There are specific models for single and double beds, and in the second case they can be of the common size, or for a king or queen bed.


As you may have noticed, temperature is the most important factor in a thermal sheet. Normally, they reach a maximum of between 36oC and 38oC, as a way to guarantee safety.

The best mattresses are those that have temperature control. Some have three or four levels of heat, and others have a gradual regulator.

Ideally, you should choose one of these models to not only have more control of the device, but also for the sake of comfort.


Thermal sheets from newer models tend to have an automatic shutdown system, and these are the ones you should choose.

This system guarantees total security in case you end up falling asleep and forgetting to turn off your device manually.

Sheets that switch off only manually are much more likely to overheat and, consequently, to short-circuit.


Before buying your thermal sheet, note its voltage. There is no rule, some are 120V, others 220V and there are also those that are bivolt.

If possible, choose the bivolt option, if not, make sure you are opting for the voltage compatible with the outlets in your home.

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