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Top & Best Air mattress Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Air mattress: Learn how to choose the best inflatable in 2022


Welcome to, your internet review portal. If you are a person who likes camping or just want more space to accommodate visitors, you have certainly thought about the possibility of having an air mattress in your home.

Practical and comfortable, air mattresses are ideal in these scenarios. Deflated, they are lightweight, easy to transport and store when not in use. Inflated, they can serve as comfortable beds.

If you are considering buying an inflatable mattress to welcome your guests or enjoy a night under the stars at a camping site, keep reading this complete guide that we have prepared for you.

First, the most important

  • Make sure that the size of the air mattress is suitable for your height and weight so that you can settle in without inconvenience.
  • Some models offer hand pumps, others come with electric pumps included. There are also options that do not have pumps. In that case, you will need an external pump.
  • If your inflatable mattress has an electric pump, it is important to consider that you will need access to an electrical network and check the voltage of the pump.

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The best air mattresses on the market: Our choices

To choose the best air mattress, you need to reflect on its usefulness in your day today. Many factors can be decisive for your purchase. Check out the best options for sale below and read on to learn how to buy the best mattress for you:

  • The most comfortable inflatable mattress
  • Sturdy option with a metering valve
  • A single mattress option

Buying Guide

The air mattress is a practical solution for those who like to comfortably accommodate visitors, since after they leave, just empty, fold, and store. It is also something important for those who like to camp. Whatever your need, there is the ideal mattress for you.

Throughout this Guide, we’ll show you all the details you need to consider in order to make your purchase. Come with us!

What is an air mattress?

Also known as an inflatable mattress, it is nothing more than a mattress that can be emptied according to your need, so they are great options to take on a trip and easy to store when not in use.

Practical and made of resistant material, they are perfect for accommodating visitors or for use in camps or other outdoor activities, since in a moment they assume a compact size.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having an inflatable mattress?

An inflatable mattress is ideal for receiving that unexpected visit or for people who love to explore nature and enjoy a good camping trip.

The air mattress is very practical and easy to store.

In addition to outdoor activities, they can also be used in the home environment, for children to play, for example.

They are practical and can be ready for use in a few minutes, as well as being easily emptied, allowing them to be stored without taking up so much space.

However, it is important to note that there may be some disadvantages, such as the possibility of drilling, depending on where it is used. So, check the table below before making your decision.

Which model to choose: Air mattress with or without a pump?

One of the biggest difficulties when it comes to air mattresses is the effort required to fill and empty, after all, not everyone has electric air pumps in their homes.

Therefore, today it is possible to find models that already have internal or electric pumps, making the filling process much easier and faster. With metering valves, it is also easy to adjust the amount of air you want or to assist in emptying.

However, not everything is an advantage. With an extra feature, mattresses that have an electric pump cost significantly more than the simplest models.

It is worth remembering that inflatable mattresses have valves, so consult the product specifications and their compatibility with external pumps.

So, even if the product comes without an inflator, you can still use, for example, a pump used to inflate bicycle tires.

To help you decide which type of air mattress is best for you, check out our comparison table below.

How much does an air mattress cost?

The price varies according to the model and features. Models for couples or with internal pumps can cost a little more, ranging from R $ 200 to R $ 700.

Single models can be found in a range of R $ 50 to R $ 300, depending on the model and whether or not it comes with a pump included.

The air mattresses featured in this review are in a price range of R $ 50 to R $ 700. It is worth researching a little and evaluating what is the best cost/benefit for you.

Where to buy an air mattress?

You can find inflatable mattresses in stores that specialize in camping, hunting, and fishing in major supermarket chains or department stores.

On the internet, it is possible to find air mattresses on the main e-commerce sites.

It is also possible to find excellent models of air mattresses in sales portals, such as Amazon. Buying online you find more variety and better offers.

Purchase Criteria: Factors to consider before purchasing an air mattress

Often we just want to leave the hectic city life and spend a few days in the countryside, camping outdoors. Or, when receiving visitors, you may want to accommodate your friends and family with more comfort than just offering a sofa.

However, choosing the perfect inflatable mattress for you can be somewhat complicated, after all with so many specifications, the process can be confusing if you do not count on help.

To assist you, carefully analyze the points we have selected below and chosen a model with a great cost-benefit ratio.

  • Material
  • Finishing
  • Dimensions and weight supported
  • Pump type
  • Hygiene and cleaning

Observing all these factors that will be described in detail below, you will be able to make the best decision when you need to choose the ideal model to receive your visits or enjoy the time under the stars.


Today most air mattresses are made of polyester or PVC, comfortable materials that offer great strength and durability.

In addition, due to their resistance, mattresses made of polyester or PVC can be stored and transported easily, since they will hardly suffer from the action of heat or be damaged without the action of a sharp object.


The type of covering is a fundamental factor for comfort at the time of your sleep, after all, if you want to take your mattress to a camping trip, you certainly won’t have resources like varied sheets and pillows at hand.

There are two basic types of air mattress finishes: rubberized and velvety.

  • Velvety: Ideal if you want more comfort and also avoid the risk of slipping or slipping while lying down. Models with velvety coating allow more grip and convenience.
  • Rubberized: in this type of coverage, the feeling at bedtime is of a firmer and hotter mattress, something that can be uncomfortable, especially on hot days. However, they are cheaper options.

In both cases, as in traditional mattresses, it is possible to use sheets and pillows to have a little more comfort at bedtime.

Dimensions and weight supported

Whether in single or double models, it is ideal to check the product dimensions. Check, for example, the depth of the product, so that it is suitable for those who use the mattress, after all, you would not want to keep your feet off the mattress.

As for the height, it is noticed that taller models tend to be more comfortable, so check the maximum height that your mattress has to avoid getting too close to the floor, which can cause discomfort.

See also the width. If you are in the habit of moving around a lot at night, it is advisable to have a slightly wider model. Also, check the maximum weight supported to avoid accidents.

Pump type

You can use different types of pumps to inflate your air mattress. The most common models do not have internal pumps. In that case, you can use a hand pump, such as those used to inflate a bicycle tire, or use an external electric pump.

Some models of air mattresses offer internal pumps. You can pump them using your hands or your feet, allowing you to fill your air mattress without extra help.

It is also possible to find models that have models of electric pumps. Although they need to be connected to a battery or mains, you will have no effort and they are able to inflate the mattress more quickly.

Hygiene and cleaning

To keep your inflatable mattress free from germs and bacteria it is important to take some precautions regarding hygiene and cleaning to avoid risks to your health.

Before and after use, use a soft, damp cloth to clean the mattress. Unless it is very dirty, it is not necessary to use detergents or disinfectants.

When you need to store it, remember to never fold it while it is wet, as this can lead to the proliferation of fungi and bacteria. The ideal is to keep it in a cool environment and away from light.

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