Top & Best microwave with a grill Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best How to choose the best microwave with a grill in 2022

Although practical, some recipes are not so tasty when prepared in a common microwave, especially gratin or grilled food. But if you use a microwave with grill, you can add color, flavor and texture to the dishes.

A microwave with grill can be used to prepare simple or sophisticated recipes. When choosing this appliance, it is important to analyze a set of factors that will be discussed throughout this article.

First, the most important

  • The microwave with grill defrosts, heats, cooks, gratin and grills the food. You can prepare a wide variety of recipes, from starter to dessert.
  • To grill and brown the food, the grill microwave uses an electrical resistance on the top located inside this appliance.
  • A microwave with grill combines two different cooking methods and can work in a chain or simultaneously.

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Best microwave with grill: Our buying recommendations

The microwave with grill will make your recipes even more tasty and juicy. But to facilitate the preparation of meals, you need to find an appliance compatible with your needs. For sure, one of the models below will be perfect for your kitchen:

  • The most complete microwave with grill
  • A customizable microwave
  • The most economical microwave with grill
  • The best microwave with built-in grill

Buying Guide

Most recipes that could only be prepared on a stove can now be made in a microwave with grill, saving time and increasing the variety of simple or elaborate dishes, including meat, poultry, fish and pasta.

The microwave with grill is ideal for those looking for an appliance that adds practicality to everyday life. To learn more about this super versatile device, continue reading this Buying Guide

Is it worth buying a microwave with a grill?

One of the best features offered in a microwave oven is the Grill function. While defrosting, heating or cooking food is carried out by electromagnetic heating, the grill serves to grill and brown the recipes.

Although the result is not the same as that provided by a conventional oven, the microwave with grill is an alternative for those looking to eat varied, tasty, fast, and practical dishes to prepare.

If you decide to buy a microwave with a grill, choose a model that has the function of carrying out each cooking process separately. In this way, you can customize the preparation time of each food.

Still in doubt whether it is worth buying a microwave with grill? Check the table of advantages and disadvantages of this product below:

What foods can I prepare in a microwave with a grill?

Is your intention to prepare neat food using the microwave? Then you need to buy a microwave with grill. With the device, it is possible to prepare vegetables, meats, pasta, pizza, and other grilled or au gratin recipes.

Meats – whether from cattle, poultry, pork or fish – are golden and juicy on the outside and soft on the inside, as the moisture in the food is preserved during preparation. It is also possible to prepare sweet recipes such as pot cake, sweet pie, cupcake, brigadeiro, among others.

How does a microwave with grill work?

Microwave with grill has an electrical resistance on the top of the oven that serves to make the surface of the food more golden and crunchy.

The most versatile models allow the simultaneous use of the microwave and grill functions, in different powers – 80% grill and 20% microwave or 50% each function.

You also find models that cook the food first and then brown or grill the dish. Although this process increases the preparation time of the recipe, the result is very satisfactory.

Usually, a grill microwave comes with an accessory of the same name, a support that must be inserted inside the microwave to raise the dish and bring the food closer to the electrical resistance.

What is the difference between a common microwave and a microwave with a grill?

In the traditional microwave, the food is heated by electromagnetic waves that locate the water molecules in the food and raise its temperature, cooking the food in steam.

The microwave with grill cooks the food more quickly because in addition to using the method described above, it complements the temperature with an additional heat source that serves to brown the food and make it crispy.

Why does the capacity influence the choice of a microwave with a grill?

If you decided to buy a microwave with a grill, we recommend that you buy a model with at least 35 liters of capacity, because, with a larger appliance, you can prepare all the meals of the day.


A 35L microwave accommodates dishes and pans.

After all, a microwave with a grill with 35 liters of capacity can accommodate the dishes and pots used to prepare the recipes without difficulty. A large microwave also allows the correct rotation of the dish, making it easier to prepare the recipe.

Best microwave with grill: Countertop or built-in?

Before choosing a grill microwave, you must decide whether you prefer a countertop or built-in model. For this you should analyze the space available and the style of decoration of the kitchen.

  • The built-in microwave is a more powerful model, with diverse functions and sophisticated design. However, this model is more expensive and consumes more electricity, as it requires greater ventilation and temperature control – since it is fitted to a planned piece of furniture.
  • Table microwave is a more common model, which can be placed on the table, bench or shelf. This device is easier to use, as it has numerous different features and power control. This model is also cheaper

Purchase criteria: How to find the best microwave with grill

Although all models of microwaves with grill look the same, numerous features differentiate one appliance from the other. In addition, it is important to determine what is most important to you.

Some people evaluate the variety of pre-programmed recipes, others the additional features of the microwave, some choose the appliance by price or brand. We suggest that you review the following purchase criteria:

  • Operating mode
  • Dimensions
  • Capacity
  • Wattage
  • Additional features
  • Energy rating
  • Design

We will detail each of the topics throughout this section. Any questions or suggestions, leave a comment.

Operating mode

You can buy a microwave with a grill that cooks food first and gratin or grill later, or that performs both processes simultaneously.

Appliances that perform both processes at the same time can split the power by 80% for the microwave and 20% for the grill – or vice versa – or 50% for each, an interesting feature, as it allows full control of the device.


At the time of purchase, evaluate the dimensions of the microwave with grill and find a model that is compatible with the space available in your kitchen. This concern is even more relevant if the kitchen is small.

Analyzing the dimensions of the microwave oven is also important if you have a planned kitchen. The dimensions of the appliance are available on the manufacturer’s website or can be consulted in the store.


The internal capacity of the microwave oven is directly related to the use of the appliance, that is, if you use the microwave only to heat the dishes or prepare the recipes.

It is also important to analyze the size of the dishes that will be placed on the turntable of the microwave and the number of people who will eat. Find out what our recommendations are below:


Power is a very important aspect when choosing a microwave with a grill. Basically, the higher the power, the stronger the appliance is, therefore, the greater the ability to defrost, heat or cook food.

If you just need to defrost raw foods, prepare frozen food, melt ingredients like butter and chocolate or cook hard meats in slow cooking, microwave with at least 700W of power is ideal.

However, if you use the microwave to reheat ready meals, bake cakes and pies, cook and grill meat, poultry and fish, prepare soups, pasta, or cook rice, opt for a model with about 1500W of power.

Additional features

It is not enough to just buy a microwave with grill and not analyze the other features that the device offers to choose a model that offers the features you need in everyday life:

  • Pre-programmed recipes;
  • Possibility to record recipes;
  • Different power levels;
  • Security lock on the panel and door;
  • Energy-saving mode;
  • Easy clean system;
  • Easy defrost;
  • Steam cooking;
  • Numeric panel;
  • Silent operation;
  • Postpone preparation function.

Energy rating

Also analyze the energy consumption of the microwave with a grill you want to buy, especially if you plan to use the appliance for daily cooking.

Inmetro classifies household appliances according to their energy efficiency, that is, the ability to achieve maximum performance while consuming the least amount of energy. The scale ranges from A (most efficient) to C (least efficient).

Some brands have already developed the microwave for greater energy savings. Some models use only 50% of the electrical energy consumed by a common microwave.


Another feature that deserves your attention at the time of purchase is the design of the microwave with grill. In addition to the traditional white microwave, there are other color options like black, stainless steel or mirrored.

  • The white microwave goes with a lighter kitchen. However, it requires more care with cleaning – it is valid to choose a model with technology that helps in this aspect. Another negative point is the tendency to turn yellow over time.
  • Stainless steel microwave is a very resistant and durable model, but it is important to note that most models only have the stainless steel door and the sides are painted gray. The stainless steel finish enhances the environment.
  • Mirrored microwave as well as stainless steel microwave, this model has a sophisticated design and adds a touch of modernity to the kitchen.
  • Very modern black microwave, this model goes with any kitchen. Another advantage is that it does not appear to be dirty quickly and there is no risk of yellowing over time, as with the white microwave.

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