Goose feather pillow

Top & Best Goose feather pillow Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Goose feather pillow: How to choose the best of 2022?

Today we are going to talk about a subject that will help you improve the quality of your sleep: the goose feather pillow. Extremely soft and highly durable, it is very cost-effective.

If you have any doubts, follow with us that we will clarify throughout this complete Buying Guide.

First, the most important

  • A goose feather pillow is indicated for those who like softness and refinement. It does not deform easily, being quite durable.
  • There is the goose feather, feather or mixed pillow. Here you will learn the differences between them.
  • A goose feather pillow will cost between R $ 50 and R $ 150. It is not only the filling that dictates its price, the external fabric and the size of it also changes these values.

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The best goose feather pillows: Our recommendations

Made of noble material, the goose feather pillow is soft and brings a touch of refinement to your sleep. We have selected different composition options for you to choose from:

  • 100% goose feather pillow
  • Mixed feather and goose down pillow
  • 90% goose feather pillow
  • 100% goose feather pillow

Buying Guide

The goose feather pillow can be your dream pillow. It is super soft, does not deform and has great durability. In this Buying Guide we will address the main doubts regarding this type of pillow.

To buy the right pillow, follow us to the end. Here you will learn its advantages and understand the difference between the feather or goose feather models.

What are the differentials of the goose feather pillow?

The goose feather pillow is a type of noble material, with an extremely soft touch that molds to the body. It is super light and is not deformed, as it returns to its original shape. It is a true symbol of refinement, and of course, well-being.

Highly durable, this is one of the great differentials of this type of pillow, which although it is more expensive, it is worth the investment. If you take proper care, such as wearing a protective cover and pillowcase, you will have this sleeping companion for about 10 years.

Not to mention that it is moldable while you move, bringing comfort in any position. Another differential is that due to its thermoregulating capacity of temperature this pillow is very breathable, preventing the accumulation of sweat.

This all ensures a more peaceful sleep and consequently a better quality of life, since you wake up refreshed each night.

However, unfortunately it is a product that uses raw material from animals. The feathers are removed from the geese, which can mean cruelty to these animals. And their prices are high, since it is a noble material.

Who is the goose feather pillow for?

Reflecting on its differentials and advantages, it is possible to conclude that this is the ideal pillow for those seeking the best for their sleep. In homes where the quality of materials matters, the goose feather pillow stands out for being noble and bringing refinement.


Even allergic people can use a goose feather pillow.

Those who manufacture pillows of this type also invest in excellent treatments and fabrics for covering. Therefore, even if you are allergic, you will hardly have a problem with a goose feather pillow.

Feathers are usually washed and treated to ensure that the pillow is hypo-allergenic and anti-mite. Just make sure of this before purchasing.

When lying down, he is shorter, being the perfect option for those who like to sleep on their backs, since that way their neck is perfectly aligned. But it is also a pillow that adapts to other positions during sleep.

What is the difference between a feather pillow and a goose feather?

In our selection it was clear that there are goose feather, feather or mixed pillows. So it is important to know your differences before choosing one of them.

The plumes look like those famous cotton balls, however, natural and from the goose. They are concentrated in the belly, chest and under the wings of the bird, therefore, it is a material in less quantity. And that results in a high price.

Feathers, as the name implies, are literally the feather of the animal. They work as propeller springs, providing excellent support for your head. Unlike the plume, it has a stem and is found in greater quantities in the goose, covering its entire body. They are slightly heavier than plumes and also less soft.

For these reasons, it is common to find pillows mixed with feathers and feathers. It is a way to make the product cheaper and still achieve unquestionable quality.

How to wash a goose feather pillow?

It may seem that this pillow is hard work to sanitize, but the truth is that it can be washed at home, in your machine.

Preferably, wash these pillows in pairs and place them upright, this ensures that they balance and become firmer inside the machine, leaving less space to hit.

Never wash them if you notice any holes or tears in the seam, if that happens the feathers and feathers can come out of the coating. In this case it is indicated to reinforce the seam.

Use little soap and if possible neutral, avoiding other products. Turn your machine on in a gentle cycle and rinse twice to remove excess soap.

To dry, you can use a dryer or put on the clothesline changing its position every hour.

Tip: Washing and drying will be even more efficient on a beautiful sunny day.


How much does it cost and where to buy a goose feather pillow?

The price will depend on whether the pillow is feather or goose down. As we have seen, the higher the concentration of feathers, the more expensive it will be.

A 100% feather pillow will cost from R $ 50. Mixed models are between R $ 50 and R $ 150. Now if you want a 100% feather model, get ready to pay more than R $ 200.

You can find them in bed, bath and table stores. But the most suitable is that you buy over the internet, so you will have more options to choose from. Amazon is a good option.

Purchase Criteria: Factors for choosing a goose feather pillow

Before finalizing your choice, we selected some criteria for you to make a successful purchase and be 100% satisfied with your purchase. To do this, reflect on:

  • Size
  • Feather or feather
  • Wires
  • Antiallergic

For your nights sleep to be a real success, carefully read each criterion below.


The pillows can have different measurements, so it is worth checking these dimensions in centimeters. As a reference, the most common standard measurement is 50 by 70 centimeters.

There are narrower and longer goose feather pillows, even for other parts of the body.

Feather or feather

Do you want a feather, feather or mixed pillow? Remembering that the feather ones are the most expensive. For this reason, mixed are great options.

But you still need to decide the percentage of feathers and feathers you want on your pillow. If you can afford a model that is 50% feather and 50% feather it will be a good balance between quality and average price.


It’s not just the filling that matters, the lining also says a lot about the quality of the pillow. In that case, analyze the fabric used.

Invest in 100% cotton models. They can still be manufactured with different amounts of yarn. The rule is that the greater the number of threads, the better and more expensive the fabric of the covering.


It is essential that the goose feather pillow has received antiallergic treatment. This is what will guarantee your health during your sleep, especially for those who are more sensitive.

Opt for models that have their feathers previously washed, sterilized and treated.

They may also have other important identifications such as anti-mites, fungi and bacteria.


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