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Top & Best Blackout curtain Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Blackout curtain: How to choose the best for your home in 2022?

If you are the type of person who needs a totally dark environment to sleep or have a house where the sun is very strong, you have just arrived at the right place. Today we will present you a solution to your problems: the blackout curtain.

This relatively new product with regard to decoration was created just for those who suffer from brightness or sunlight and need a practical option.

In this article you will know all the features of this product, its advantages and mainly learn how to choose the best curtain model for you, for that, just continue with us!

First, the most important

  • Blackout curtains act in multiple functions, they reduce the brightness of the environment, prevent sunlight from destroying furniture and retain some of the heat and external noise.
  • They exist in different sizes and can be used in different spaces. In addition, it is possible to purchase the blackout fabric in case you do not find the ideal fabric for the location you want.
  • It is possible to find models with prices starting at R $ 20, thus being a very affordable product.

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The best blackout curtains: Our favorites

Looking forward to knowing more about the best blackout curtain models? We have selected some curtains below so that you are already thinking about which one to buy for your home environments.

Buying Guide

Do you want to eliminate once and for all the heat that is in your house every day in the afternoon when the sun hits the window in midsummer? Then the time has come to become more familiar with the blackout curtain, the perfect product to help you with this problem.

In this Buying Guide you will understand once and for all how this type of curtain works, what are the options available on the market and even how much they cost on average and where you can buy yours.

What is a blackout curtain?

Widely used by hotels, blackout curtains are products that have emerged to block glare and sunlight.

They have the design of a common curtain, however they receive a lining or are made entirely of a thicker material that can be PVC or polyester that will retain the light that comes from outside.

This product has several functions. As we already said, it prevents the light from entering a certain space, thereby retaining the heat, preventing the sun’s rays from damaging furniture, allowing a more comfortable rest for those who do not like the light, in addition to the fact that they also decrease a little external noise.

The most interesting thing is that they can be used in absolutely all places that receive curtains. Bedrooms and living rooms are the rooms that most rely on this product, but they can also be useful in offices, kitchens and laundries.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the blackout curtain?

In addition to the advantages already mentioned in the previous section, it is worth mentioning that the blackout curtain is available in different colors, models and patterns to decorate the environment, whatever it may be.

They are curtains that can be used both on rods and rails, just choose the model that you like best.

Although the curtain is perfect for home environments, especially the bedroom, many people also use it in the office to block out light and decrease heat.

But the product also has disadvantages, and the biggest one is that it cannot be machine washed. Another point is that some people complain about the strong smell that certain models can have because of PVC..3

What types of blackout curtains?

The coolest thing about blackout curtains is that they exist in different models, sizes, colors, prints and fabrics. So, do not think that to have this product in your home you will need to give up purchasing a beautiful product and your taste.

When blackout curtains were launched they were basically made of PVC and functioned as a lining for other curtains. These still exist and are good in case you already like a model you own and don’t want to change it.

As this product began to fall in the people’s taste, other options emerged that act as common curtains.

There are the simplest models that are made of PVC but have different patterns and colors. There are also others made entirely of polyester and even some with voil, which is that kind of veil that covers the curtains.

For environments such as offices, blackout blinds have been created which are an excellent option for corporate environments with many windows in which the sun hits directly.

It is worth mentioning here so that you do not be alarmed that the blackout background is sometimes gray, this does not interfere with anything in the design of your curtain, but if your window faces the street and you do not like this detail it is important to pay attention attention.

With regard to measurements, you also don’t have to worry because there are from the smallest of 1.20 meters to the largest ones exceeding 6 meters.

And for those who like to sew or want something more personalized, only blackout curtain fabrics are sold in some stores so that the person can create their own model.

How to wash and care for the blackout curtain?

You may be wondering at this point how to wash this curtain since some models are made of PVC, which is basically plastic.

Well, as we showed you up there, this is a disadvantage of this product. Precisely because of this raw material, blackout curtains cannot be machine washed or come in contact with dryers and irons.

The manufacturers of this product recommend that it be washed by hand and without the use of chlorine-based products. In addition, it must dry in the shade.

If you buy a blackout curtain and it arrives at your home crumpled, just take it out of the packaging and leave it well stretched for about a day that the product will be tidy.

On the positive side, there are models with voil in which the voil itself is attached to the blackout lining by velcro, which makes it easier to wash.

How much?

With so many advantages, it is possible to think that this product is much more expensive, but the good news is that the blackout curtain can be very affordable. It is possible to buy a simple model produced in PVC of 1.40 meters wide for about R $ 20.

Models made of polyester fabric about 3 meters wide can be purchased for around R $ 140 and those with voile can be purchased for an initial price of R $ 54 on average.

However, it is worth mentioning that the bigger the curtain you intend to purchase, the higher the price will be, in the same way that this happens with ordinary curtains.

Where to buy?

Physical department stores that have a dedicated area for home products.

In addition, decoration stores have this product for sale, not to mention the specific establishments selling curtains and blinds.

Online it is very easy to buy this product and the stores below are the ones that have a wide range of options, such as Amazon.

However, if you liked any model that we list in the Ranking, just click on the link that will take you to the website where the product is for sale.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for choosing the best blackout curtain

A product with several functions, like this is the blackout curtain. And if you are convinced to buy one, we have separated the main points that must be taken into account before choosing yours, they are:

  • Material
  • Location for use
  • How to hang
  • Curtain type

We will now explain each one in detail:


We told you above that there are some materials in which blackout curtains are made.

PVC, which is one of the most common raw materials, even though it is not as delicate and looks like plastic, is an excellent material because it does not dirty easily, does not accumulate dust and is very simple to clean. In addition, this option is the cheapest.

However, if you are looking for something more delicate and beautiful then you can invest in those that have voil and polyester ones. These options accumulate a little more dirt and may need to be washed more often, but are more delicate.

But regardless of your choice, it is always important to read the manufacturer’s recommendations on how to wash the product so as not to damage the product.

Location for use

Where should I put the blackout curtain? The answer to that question depends a lot on your need.

If you are bothered by any light to sleep, then the bedroom is a good choice. In this case, besides solving this problem, it will also make you more comfortable if you live on the ground floor or have a house with a window to the street.

In the living room they are also a good option especially if the afternoon sun hits this space a lot. The same happens with the kitchen and the pantry.

However it is important to know that even when the blackout curtains are open, they tend to darken the environment a little, if this is a problem for you it is important to rethink the use of blackout.

For corporate environments the models of blackout blinds are more suitable, as this type of curtain matches for this type of use.


Did you know that to know the ideal curtain size for a given environment you must measure the width of the window and multiply by two? If you have 2 meters of window the correct measurement for your curtain will be 4 meters wide.


How to hang

There are basically two ways to hang your blackout curtain: with a rail or with a rail. There are these two options for sale, so if you want to take advantage of the structure you already have at home this will not be a problem.

The rail ones are a little more difficult to find for purchase, however the rod ones are very common and you will not have any difficulty.

Curtain type

Although the traditional curtain is the most common on the market, you can find the blackout curtain in blinds and also in the roller model.

The traditional curtain – made of rod or rail – is easier to clean, and you can take it off and put it on whenever you want, without difficulties.

The blind and roller often require specialized washing, which can become an extra expense. However, they have a very clean design, if that is your main goal.


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