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Top & Best Bath Towel Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Bath Towel: How to choose the best in 2022

In this article we are going to talk about an item that is present in everyone’s daily routine: the bath towel. If you are in doubt about the best type and model of towel for your home and where to find it, follow us in this reading and we will help you!

The bath towel is an indispensable part in everyday life. Present in the vast majority of cultures around the world, the bath towel is available on the market in different materials, models and sizes.

In this Review, we will introduce you to the best options, in addition to the features that you should pay attention to in order to make the best choice of towel to use or give as a gift.

First, the most important

  • The market offers thousands of bath towel options. To choose the ideal, some factors must be considered before purchase. Set the location and user profile, to choose the most suitable color and size, for example.
  • Material, weight, model and details of the piece are some of the main characteristics to be evaluated when purchasing the bath towel.
  • Prices are quite varied. The fluctuations occur according to the material and the chosen brand, in addition to other factors such as embroidered details, lace, finishes and prints. It is possible to find simpler towels starting at R $ 15. The most luxurious and worked ones can cost more than R $ 1,000.

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Best bath towels: Our favorites

Nothing better than getting out of the bath and having a towel waiting for you that is not only capable of wiping, but also providing comfort, softness and a soft touch to our skin, right? A good bath towel can do all of this for you, and more!

In addition to these advantages, the bath towel can make up the decoration of your bathroom, making it much more complete and cozy without spending a lot. We have selected the coolest towel models available on the market to inspire you. Check the list:

  • Bath Towel 100% Egyptian Cotton
  • 100% Cotton Knut Bath Towel.
  • Imperiale Smeraldo bath towel.
  • Duomo Bath Towel.
  • Argos Vintage Towel.
  • Bath Towel Prisma.

Buying Guide

So, did you like our Ranking of the coolest bath towels on the market? Then it was time to take the next step and follow the Buying Guide.

In this session, you will have access to the most relevant information about bath towels, such as models and directions for use, advantages and disadvantages, values, where to buy, etc.

But remember: the best and most expensive product on the market is not always the most suitable for you and your needs. Therefore, we will introduce you to topics on the characteristics you should pay attention to in order to choose the towel that best meets your expectations.

What is a bath towel?

You certainly know how to answer that question, but to define the product, we can say that a bath towel is a cutout of fabric, usually cotton, which is used to dry the body after bathing.

Although its precise origin in civilization is imprecise, the piece was mentioned in the Bible, more specifically in the Book of John, chapter 13, which talks about the tradition of washing feet.

It is possible to find towels in different colors, patterns, and sizes. Analyzing roughly, the models available differ little from each other, leaving the differential factor in charge of the presence of details such as finishes such as lace, crochet, embroidery, applications, and others.


What are its advantages?

A quality towel has the advantage of providing comfort and absorption of post-bath water, in addition to being part of the decoration of the environment.

Because they are available in different colors and materials and are also sold in sets, bath towels can be combined with floor, hand, and face towels for a more harmonious and cozy environment.

Folded or rolled can also be stored and decorated at the same time when placed in baskets or shelves in bathrooms and toilets. Because they are manufactured in different weights and sizes, there are ideal bath towels for every type of public and occasion.

Towels of smaller weight, for example, are thinner and lighter, being ideal for carrying in bags and suitcases for trips, outings, in swimming pools, or the gym.

Those of heavier weight, in addition to being softer and fuller, have excellent durability but may have a higher price.

However, towels that are heavier because they are thicker and heavier are more difficult to dry. Especially in very humid regions, they need extra care to prevent them from spending too much time wetting, favoring the proliferation of microorganisms.

Is the material of the bath towel important?

The bath towel can be found in several natural, synthetic or mixed materials. It is necessary that you keep in mind what the frequency and main use of the towel will be in order to choose the most suitable type.

As it is an item that needs to be washed quite often, pay attention to the quality of the material and the product as a whole. Check the washing, storage and general care instructions for the part to make sure that the requirements fit your routine.

Some materials are more absorbent, others less. Short strand models are less soft and shed more hair. Longer strands are softer and shed less hair. Likewise, some breathe better, drying faster.

Check the manufacturer’s specifications to find the material that best suits your needs. If you live in very humid regions, for example, prefer thinner and lighter weight towels, which will dry out more quickly.

Also pay attention to the material, location and form of application of details such as embroidery and lace. Ensure that the material and form of application will not cause discomfort, irritation or allergies with use. This care is especially important in children’s models.

How many bath towels do I need?

Finishing the bath and using a dry, fragrant towel is not only a matter of comfort, but also of health. Always in contact with moisture, body secretions and dead cells, towels are the perfect medium for the proliferation of microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria and mites that can cause allergies, irritations and skin diseases.

That is why bath towels, as well as hand and face towels, need to be cleaned and changed frequently. There is no consensus among experts on the ideal frequency for this exchange, but it is believed that the limit of uses is around 3 to 15, before it is necessary to wash the piece.

To define the ideal amount of towels for your home, consider:

    • Number of children and adults inhabitants;
    • Frequency of visitors;
    • Frequency of washing clothes.


Of course, towels are for personal use and should not be shared when in use. With this account in mind, the ideal is that for each adult inhabitant there are at least 3 bath towels in the house. Thus, while one is in use, another will be in the laundry room and the third will be used as a backup in the closet.

The bill may be the same for visits, but the number may be reduced, considering whether they usually spend more or less time staying at your home.

For children, especially the youngest, this number may be higher due to the need for more frequent washing. If you take a little longer to wash the towels in the laundry basket, the overall number of spare parts will need to be higher.

How much?

The price of the bath towel varies a lot according to model, brand, material and product details. It is possible to find basic pieces from R $ 15.

More sophisticated models, with applications of lace, embroidery and noble fabrics may have much higher prices. After choosing the desired model, use price comparison sites to choose the best offer. Many online stores offer the same product at different prices.

It is also worth paying attention to the freight charges charged by online sales platforms. They can vary a lot according to the shipping region, size and weight of the product. That is why good research is essential.

Where to buy?

Because it is a very common everyday item, towels can be found on sale in the most varied models and sizes without much difficulty.

You can buy your bath towel at physical stores specializing in Bed, Table and Bath products. It is still possible to find the product in large department stores or hypermarkets.

You can also purchase online, taking advantage of the convenience of e-commerce sites like Amazon.

Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare bath towel models

We are all subject to making bad purchases from time to time. But of course, if you have followed this article so far, it is because you are interested in making the right purchase, and choosing your bath towel like a professional.

Below, we will present some features of which you should be aware when comparing models, types, and brands of this product. And never forget: the best product for you is not always the best on the market, but one that does what you need, the way you want it, efficiently and cost-effectively.

After defining your need, consider the following aspects to choose the towel that will best suit you:

  • Size
  • Material
  • Color
  • Wires
  • Grammage
  • Details


The size of the bath towels may vary according to the model and brand. Generally, manufacturers work with standard measures, however, each brand may have its own standards for the product. But basically, bath towels are classified into:

  • Conventional size: ranging between 60 or 80 by 130 or 150 cm;
  • Size that can measure up to 110 by 160 cm.

In addition to your personal preference, other factors can be evaluated to choose the ideal size. The user’s height is one of the determining points. People of average height will be well served by towels with standard measures, while taller people will find the banhão model more compatible.

Women, who usually wrap their entire torso in the towel, can also benefit from more comfort with larger models. Some men, who wrap themselves in the towel only from the waist down, may prefer smaller models that will not hamper movements.

The configuration of your bathroom and the towel rack is another factor to be taken into account. For small bathrooms, prefer standard size towels, which will be better accommodated in the towel rack, giving the effect of a wider and more organized space.

In larger bathrooms or large towel racks, the large size can give a touch more cozy and proportional to the environment.



There are bath towels manufactured in the most diverse types of material, among natural fabrics and synthetic fabrics. However, the most common material is cotton, which has a high absorption power, is soft and easy to maintain.

Towels made of mixed cotton and polyester fabric are also popular. These models are cheaper than pure cotton, but they are of inferior quality, and may be less soft, have low absorption and acquire roughness after a few washes.

Less well known, there are also bath towels made of modal fiber or microfiber, and with silk fiber in the weave. The material dictates the softness of the bath towel, as well as its price.


In addition to personal preferences, choose based on practicality and the characteristics of your home environments. Lighter neutral colors, in addition to being easier to combine, have easier maintenance and are less at risk of staining or fading over time.

In addition, the same type of towel can be softer in light colors than in strong colors, since the dyeing of the threads can end up hardening the material.


In addition to the material, the type of yarn or fiber used in the composition of your towel will also influence the quality and absorption power of the piece.

This equation also includes the weft, which is the way the thread was interwoven to form the fabric. The main types of yarns used in the manufacture of towels are:

  • Traditional cotton or cotton : of vegetable origin, is one of the most used yarns for making towels. It can come in different configurations. The purest and thickest fibers are the best quality. It has high absorption power and dries quickly.
  • Egyptian cotton : the longest fiber in the world, which generates fine threads with greater durability and smoothness and shine. Egyptian cotton fiber measures from 3.4 to 5 cm. The cultivated in Brazil has an average of 1.2 cm.
  • Combed yarn : it is the yarn that goes through a process where it is “combed” until the short fibers are eliminated, leaving only the longest ones, resulting in a softer and more resistant fabric, which does not shed and accumulates balls.
  • Nanocotton : is the cotton fiber with application of softener nano particles to increase softness and absorption power. This type of yarn has less need for fabric softener when washing.
  • Twisted yarn : it is made by twisting two cotton threads together, generating a more resistant one. High relief designs on towels are ideal, as they maintain definition and volume for longer.


Weight is a characteristic of towels unknown to many people. Measured in grams per square meter (g / m²), the characteristic basically indicates the number of grams of cotton fiber per square meter that exist in the material used.

The heavier the towel, the heavier and thicker the towel, and the softer and softer the touch.

The weight directly influences the quality of the product, as well as the price. Towels with heavy weights are usually more expensive, but they can also last for many years if they are properly cared for.

If you’re looking for quality, choose towels weighing between 400 g / m² and 600 g / m². Those with a lower weight will be less soft, but they will also be lighter and more compact, being ideal for taking on trips, trips or to the gym, for example.


Finishes in fine fabrics, embroidery, lace and applications are some details that can make your bath towel more charming, refined and unique.

Some brands and companies offer customization of the part with names and initials, for example. Although these details give a towel up, they can make the piece more expensive. Carefully evaluate the cost benefit of each option.

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