Top & Best Bra Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Bra: How to choose the best in 2022?

Hello, welcome to your internet review portal! The bra is one of the most used pieces of women’s clothing and its creation dates back to 1914, and even today it is a piece that many women consider essential.

In its most varied versions, this product is used as a way to ensure that the breasts are firmer and exist in several models, colors, fabrics, sizes, and prices.

And if you still haven’t found your ideal bra, know that your problems can end today. In this review, we will talk about all aspects of this piece and help you choose the best one for you.

First, the most important

  • Bras exist in the most diverse sizes and models and adapt to all types of bodies.
  • There are options that are better for those with small breasts and others for those with larger breasts.
  • The price of this product varies a lot, there are simpler models and also those with thinner and more expensive fabrics. Fortunately, there is a bra for every pocket.

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The best bra models: Our recommendations

Option is not lacking and if you are looking for a new bra to call yours in this Ranking you can find it. Below we have separated the models best evaluated by those who use and approve, read the characteristics of each one and see which one you like best.

  • A comfortable and supportive bra
  • A bra model that enhances the neckline
  • A very delicate lace bra

Buying Guide

Whether you have big or small breasts, there is a bra model that will adapt to your body. This piece is extremely versatile and thanks to its great demand it exists in several variations.

If you have questions about which one is best for you, don’t worry. Just keep reading this shopping guide that you will discover.

How did the bra come about?

The history of the appearance of bras is still a little unknown, but it is known that the first models of what can be called a bra were corsets and corsets. But it was only around the twentieth century that this piece became more similar to what is used today.

The United States has its share in this story thanks to the socialite Mary Phelps Jacob who won the title of official inventor of the piece after parading with a model made of silk scarves in the salons of New York’s high wheel in 1914. After causing a lot buzz, in 1915 she patented the play.

It was only in 1950 that the bra became popular. This occurred when the American company Dupont created nylon, an elastic, resistant, comfortable fabric that promoted a drop in the price of the product.

Since then, this piece has undergone changes and managed to become consecrated in women’s clothing. Currently it exists in the most diverse materials, colors, models and sizes, precisely to adapt to all types of women.

Bras are also part of the history of feminism. In 1960 a group of American women burned several bras in a protest in the United States against a beauty contest.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of wearing a bra?

For some years now there has been a movement against bras, some point out that the ideal is to leave the breasts free. In France, there is also a doctor named Jean-Denis Rouillon who has been dedicated to studying the effects of bras on women for over 15 years.

Through this research the professional found that the nipple of women aged between 18 and 35 years went up again an average of 7 millimeters per year when they did not wear a bra.

According to Rouillon, this happened because the unsupported breasts become stronger over time and no longer become flabby as believed. But leaving this discovery aside, some people point out that bras can be uncomfortable, hot, impair circulation and upset those who wear them.

However, there are a number of women who do not give up the play. As advantages are pointed out the fact of giving more support to the breasts, making them more modeled in the clothes and being able to make them bigger or smaller according to the material produced.

In the case of breastfeeding, it is worth mentioning that they work as a form of protection for the clothes in case the milk leaks.

In addition, this is a piece that has many variations, including price and can be purchased by anyone. Not to mention that in moments for two, they tend to be a way to give the relationship an upgrade.

What are the different types of bra?

Just enter a store that sells bras and you will come across dozens of options. If in the past there were clothes that could not be used with this piece, it fell apart and today there is at least one type of bra for every person and occasion. Below we mention the main ones:

  • Triangle: The simplest bra model has a shape that resembles a triangle and may or may not have a bulge. It is very versatile and can be zipped in front of or behind.
  • Half cup: This is a model that has an anatomical shape designed to enhance the neckline. It covers only part of the breasts and projects them forward. It is a bra that usually has support with hoops and bulge.
  • Balconê: The balconê bra ​​resembles the half cup, but it is more dug and straight, with more distant straps and medium or wide sides. He usually raises his breasts.
  • Hopefully, it will fall: The bra hopefully fall will come to be used with clothes with that same characteristic. It has wide sides and is made with more structured fabrics, it has a bulge and can be applied with silicone to avoid slipping.
  • Push-up: This model is one of the most recent and has a design that is able to unite, increase the volume, and put the breasts up. For this, it has a shorter distance between the bowls, has a bowl and has a rim.
  • Swimmer: This is another option for specific types of clothing. The swim bra has straps that form a Y on the back and provide good support.
  • With waistband: The bra with waistband has an elongated fabric below the rim and gives greater support and firmness to those who wear it. It is good for large, flabby breasts or for those with side fats.
  • Top: The top is the model pointed out as the most comfortable. Usually, it is made of cotton, has no bulge, and covers most of the breast with two medium side straps.
  • Structured or full coverage: This is aimed at those who have large breasts. It has larger cups so that they can fully embrace the breasts, have thicker handles and sides and usually have a rim. They do not normally increase the size of the breasts, they only model them.
  • Invisible bra : It’s like a strapless top that is made entirely of silicone and has no back structure. Basically it covers only the breasts and is suitable for clothes with an open back. They are good for those who have small breasts.
  • Deep neckline : This model has a large opening in the middle of the bowls and is ideal for use with clothes with necklines. Normally it has no rim underneath, has a zipper on the back and has a bowl.
  • Surgical : They are ideal for women who have had silicone implant surgery. They are recommended because they give reinforced support to the breasts, preventing sagging and the stitches from opening and helping with muscle adaptation.

How much?

The price of bras is very variable and changes according to the type, size and brand of the product. A simple model can be purchased for an average starting price of R $ 7, with the most worked ones costing up to R $ 250.

Usually the reinforced models and famous brands usually cost more, but it is quite possible to find more affordable options. It is worth researching and, according to the purchase criteria that we will detail below, choose the one that best suits your need and your pocket.

Where to buy a bra?

It is possible to purchase bras at lingerie and department stores. On the internet there is a multitude of sites that sell this product, be they multi-brand or from the manufacturers themselves, some that we can mention are: Amazon.

In addition, the options we present in the Ranking are also for sale, and to buy them just click on the product and you will be directed to the store where it can be purchased.

Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare bra models

Fortunately, there is not only one type of bra in the world and this is what ensures that all women can find their ideal model. However, for this it is necessary to take into account a series of factors that aim to guarantee the comfort and the correct garment of the garment.

To assist you in this moment of decision we separate the points that you must take into consideration before making your purchase, they are:

  • Bra model
  • Size
  • Color
  • Material

Now, so that you really know how to choose the perfect model for you, let’s detail each of these topics.

Bra model

The type of bra you choose should be directly linked to the size of your breasts as there are options that are better suited to those who have more or less volume in that region.

The models in triangle, half cup, counter, strapless and invisible are more suitable for those who have small or medium breasts, since they do not usually have much support structure.

The structured options, with waistband and push-up are ideal for larger breasts, as they can keep everything in place, have thicker straps and sides and are unlikely to make you uncomfortable.

In the case of swimmer and top, know that they are perfect for all types of breasts, since they have a structure that provides support without hurting and exist in the most diverse sizes.

Still focusing on the model, it is worth pre-defining the occasions when you intend to use the garment, since for certain types of clothes there are types that can be better adapted such as strapless, the invisible and the like.

Another issue related to the bra model is whether it has a bulge or not. Fortunately, this option exists in the most diverse models and both forms have negative and positive points. To help you choose we made the table below:


It is not enough just to know if your breasts are large, medium or small. There are wide variations in the measurements of the bras and it is essential to choose the correct one for you.

The best way to do this is to try the product, as in a test of mistakes and successes. At this point, always check if the back band is comfortable, it cannot be too wide or tight. Ideally, there should be space to place one or two fingers under it.

Check that the sides of the breasts are covered. They should not be jumping out of the bowls. The middle of the bra should always be flat on your chest and in no way should it be stuck in the skin.

If you already know the brand and don’t give up on it, you don’t even need to try the pieces, thus facilitating online shopping.

Sometimes it is difficult to find the ideal bra, as there are people who have large breasts and narrow backs, or the other way around and so on. To solve this problem, some brands assemble bras according to the person’s measurements. If you do not find your ideal size, opt for this type.



When determining the color of the bra you will choose, think of the tone of most of your clothes. Neutrals are usually the most used as white, black and beige.

Nothing against the colors, but they are a better option for special occasions or if you don’t mind them appearing on clothes. Hardly a woman will have only one bra color, but neutral colors cannot be missing in any lingerie drawer.


There are bras made of the most different materials, the most common of which are cotton, lace and microfiber.

Cotton ones are usually very basic and comfortable, but they are simple and more suitable for everyday life.

Microfiber, on the other hand, is that very thin material that is very common in this piece. Its positive point is that it is used in practically all models and is usually comfortable, easy to wash and does not usually get hot.

Lace is the option for those looking for more sophisticated and delicate lingerie. Lace bras are very popular nowadays, especially in models without bulges and there are those who use them appearing on clothes to give an extra touch to the production.


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