Top & Best Puff Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Puff: Know how to choose the best model in 2022

Your internet review site. If you are looking to give a more relaxed touch to your home or workplace without giving up comfort, a puff may be the ideal choice.

More stripped than conventional chairs and sofas, puffs are a great option to decorate your room, in addition to bringing much more comfort for you to sit with friends and family to watch a good movie.

So, if you need to decorate your home or are thinking of adding more comfort and practicality to an environment, follow our review to better understand about the puffs and what is the best option for you.

First, the most important

  • There are puffs in a multitude of shapes and sizes, so it is important to choose one that fits well with the environment where you intend to place them.
  • Many puffs have no legs, staying directly on the floor. These models may require more maintenance when it comes to cleaning.
  • On models with legs, check that they have shoes, or they may scratch your floor.

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Ranking: The 7 best puffs on the market

If you are looking for a puff and do not know where to start, see our ranking with some of the best models on the market that we have separated especially for you.

Buying Guide

More than offering comfort, puffs are also great options when it comes to decorating spaces, be it your bedroom, a living room or an outdoor area. Check out our buying guide to choose the best model for you.

What is a puff?

Puff is a type of seat, it may or may not have legs, but it usually does not have arms or a backrest. Today it is possible to find a variety of models on the market, with different formats, types of upholstery and covering.

They stand out for being lighter and more practical than traditional sofas, allowing you to give a more stripped and relaxed look to your environments.

Like most furniture, in addition to practicality, they are a good option for decorating environments.

One of their characteristics is that they are lower, which also allows them to be commonly used as a footrest when used in conjunction with other types of stools or chairs.

What are the different types of puff?

With the popularization of puffs in the national market, it is already possible to find a variety of models in the most different sizes and formats. There are wooden ones, with trunks, with children’s themes, folding ones, in a cushion style, among many others.

Each has a different purpose. And this choice will also depend on the style of the environment, in addition to your taste, of course. Let’s compare 3 models so that you can know in more detail. See our table below.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a puff?

Puffs are excellent decoration options, they take up less space than other conventional furniture such as sofas and some models can be used as improvised tables or as a footrest.

In addition, you can find a puff for a very affordable price. However, there are also some disadvantages that you must consider before purchasing. Check the main advantages and disadvantages of the product in our table below.

Can I transport my puff?

Yes, most puffs are much lighter than sofas, for example, allowing you to easily transport them from one room to another in your home without needing help.

If you like to travel, you can also find folding models that are ideal to accommodate in the car seat or in the trunk. For traditional models, just be careful not to damage the product.

How much?

The price will vary according to the model and the materials used in its manufacture. Models with wooden legs can be found in a price range between R $ 50.00 and R $ 600.00, depending on the quality of the product.

Legless models can be found in a price range of R $ 40.00 to R $ 400.00. Children’s puffs range from R $ 30.00 to R $ 1500.00 and models with trunks can be found from R $ 40.00 to R $ 700.00. The puffs shown in this review can be found in a range of R $ 60.00 to R $ 600.00.

Where to buy?

You can find puffs in stores specializing in furniture and home furnishings, or in large department stores with sections of home furniture.

On the internet, you can find them directly in the manufacturers’ e-commerce stores, or on sites. All models shown in this review can be found on Amazon.com.

On the internet you have more options and you can also find the best prices. Just pay attention because some models, the cushioned ones, may come without filling.

Purchasing criteria: Factors to consider before buying a puff

Before choosing a puff, either for your comfort or to help compose your home decor, it is important to note some factors to make the right decision.

To help you make that choice, we have separated some important criteria that you must consider to buy the best puff model for you.

  • Structure material
  • Type of upholstery
  • Lining material
  • Format
  • Colors and prints
  • Additional features
  • Supported weight
  • Sanitation

After carefully checking each of these points in detail, you will know everything you need to make an excellent purchase.

Structure material

The rigid puff models have a structure, usually in wood, such as eucalyptus or pine. In such cases, it is important to consider whether the wood comes from reforestation, which makes them environmentally friendly.

It is also possible to find puffs with metal structures, they are more resistant and durable. In the case of models that do not have a rigid structure, it is important to consider the type of seam of the material to ensure that its integrity will be maintained with use.

In puff models that have legs, it is important to check if they have plastic shoes, otherwise there is more risk that they will scratch your floor.

Type of upholstery

The puffs were developed to offer comfort, so the type of upholstery is essential for you to be able to sit for long periods of time without suffering from annoyances.

Currently, most rigid puffs offer foam-padded seats. It is important to check the product specifications to know the density and material of the upholstery. It is also recommended to choose breathable materials, to facilitate the cleaning of the product.

In the case of puffs that are molded according to their needs, the upholstery is usually made of Styrofoam or foam flakes. Make sure these materials are non-toxic to make sure you don’t have allergies.

Lining material

When it comes to comfort, it is ideal to choose a puff with a good lining. Today it is possible to find models coated with leather or synthetic leather, which facilitate cleaning.

Another very common type of covering is suede, a type of velvety and soft fabric that offers more comfort. Or leather, resistant and easy to clean. Before choosing the ideal puff model for you, it is important to consider how you plan to use it to choose the best flooring.

Synthetic leather, for example, is not recommended for warmer climates, as you may have that feeling of sticking to the fabric. As for suede, special care is needed in cleaning so as not to wear the fabric.

Some are even more handcrafted, like the one with crochet lining.


Puffs can be found in a wide variety of formats. You can find square, round, rectangular, cylindrical models and those that can be shaped to offer greater comfort.

When it comes to children’s models, the variety is even greater, as they incorporate, for example, characters or formats that resemble cars, trucks, teddy bears, etc.

In addition to comfort and convenience, the ideal format will depend on how you intend to use it and how it will best match your decor and other furniture in the room where you intend to place it.

And this is a very personal choice, just reflect which one will best match your style, need and environment.

Colors and prints

You already know that more than offering comfort and convenience, the puffs help to compose your decor. For this, it is possible to find a huge variety of colors and prints to please all types of tastes.

The more vibrant colors are more suitable for children’s models, because together with the format, they stimulate children’s senses. In the case of prints, you can find models with superheroes, princesses or characters that catch the children’s attention.

For more sober environments, the ideal is to choose shades that match the painting of the room and the general color of the other furniture, either to match or to give a special highlight.

When it comes to style, colors and prints, there is no right and wrong. There is only personal preference and cleaning considerations since in the lighter models any stain becomes more apparent.

Additional features

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a puff? Comfort? Practicality? Give a special touch to your living room with different furniture?

What if you can have it all and get something more than just sit back and relax? Some puffs offer the option of a chest, combining all the amenities of the furniture with a space where you can store other items.

This can be especially useful in your room, for example, as it allows you to store bedding and other items that will be perfectly packaged.

Or even for those with children, putting one of these in the room to store the toys can be a great alternative.

Puffs also differ by their height: they are usually shorter than a conventional sofa or chair. This makes some models ideal for you to use as a makeshift coffee table or just to support your feet while you sit back to watch a movie or read a good book.

Supported weight

Another important specification that you must take into account when choosing your puff is the weight supported, thus preventing damage to the product and possible accidents.

If you are shopping at a physical store, consult the seller about this issue. If you are buying online, check if the specification is present in the product description.

Today most puff models, especially models with legs, offer support ranging from 80 to 120kg.


Inevitably, the puffs will collect dust. In addition, we all know: accidents happen, especially when you have children at home, animals or clumsy guests.

Some puffs have no legs and are placed directly on the floor. For these cases, it is good that you know the lining fabric and how to perform the cleaning without damaging the product. The most recommended is the use of a soft, damp cloth.

In the case of dust accumulation, you can use a vacuum cleaner in most products. But when it comes to cleaning, check the product specifications and refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations to avoid damage.


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