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Top & Best Shoe rack Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Shoe rack: What is the best choice in 2022?

Today we are going to talk about a household item that makes all the difference to the organization of your room: the shoe rack!

It is always the same problem, there is no space left in the wardrobes to store the shoes, and you are in doubt about what to do. The truth is that the solution is quite simple.

The shoe rack is a specific cabinet to store shoes in an organized way. It is practical and can be the size and style you want since there are many options for sale out there.

Below, we will offer you a complete Guide on this article, and explain what are its advantages, follow with us!

First, the most important

  • There is not only one type of shoe rack, nowadays, but the most common ones also are wooden ones, and those that are called foldable, which can be made of fabric or plastic.
  • A tasteful shoe rack becomes a decorative item within the home. Some models can even be used as a dresser to store other objects.
  • Shoe prices vary widely, and it is very difficult to set an average. Just as you will find options for R $ 80, you will also find options for more than R $ 1000.

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Ranking: The 7 best shoe racks

There are so many shoe rack options out there, that sometimes we are even confused without knowing which one to choose, right? So that you don’t experience this problem, we took a look at the current models on the market, and selected the seven best shoe racks! Come on?

Buying Guide

Having a shoe rack at home is an excellent form of organization. It is interesting to keep all the shoes together in a space where they are not huddled, even to preserve them.

To help you make that decision, after checking out the different models in our Ranking, we have prepared a complete guide for you.

What is a shoe rack?

Keeping our house organized, with everything in its proper place is a delight, right? But we are not always able to store all of our personal items in our closets and shoes end up being the biggest losers.

If your home is small, you may have already broken your head several times trying to find cool space for your shoes in your compact wardrobe.

And that’s where the shoe rack comes in, a piece of furniture totally designed for you to store these important items on a daily basis. They are practical, great for organization, and you can choose a model in the size that best suits you and meet your needs.

Keeping the shoes in a specific piece of furniture designed for this purpose, it preserves even the shoes, making them more durable.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a shoe rack?

The advantage of shoe racks is that they have very different models, and do not necessarily need to be housed in your room.

Some look a lot like a dresser, so you can put them in an office, in the service area, and even in the hallway! Cool huh?

In the end, you can use this object as a decoration item, and gaining not only the organization but also beauty!

In general, it is a piece of furniture that has a lot to add to your home, and some people even use it to store other things, like clothes and random objects.

It is only interesting that you pay attention to the type of shoe rack you are going to buy, as the less modern ones are not of better quality, and can be a bit ugly visually, as is the case with plastic ones.

Also, make sure there is a corner in your home to house your shoe rack, okay? Despite being great facilitators of life, they are ordinary furniture that needs space!

Folding or wooden shoe rack?

As we already said, there is a wide variety of shoe types on the market today, and if you don’t have a closet or large closet at home, you will probably need one.

The most common ones we find in stores have very different proposals: one is made of wood, and the other is made of plastic, or fabric, called folding.

Both have the same function, but most likely the wooden shoe rack will please you more! Not only is it more modern, but it is also more spacious, more beautiful, and versatile.

A wooden shoe rack is just like any other piece of furniture in the house. It must match the decor, and add style.

Usually, they fit many pairs of shoes, and some models can even be attached to the wall. It is definitely a very interesting object.

The only disadvantage is the price, which is much higher compared to the folding shoe rack. However, this type of product is an investment, so if you choose the wooden model, it is legal to choose one that lasts a long time, and that will not let you down when you need it most.

With the folding shoe rack, the layout is a little different. It is made of plastic or fabric, and may have aluminum bases for standing. In the past, these were the most used in most homes.

Some models resemble a suitcase, which opens with a zipper, and has no bases to lift it. In the case of these, you can place them in some space that is not visible in your room, such as inside a closet, or under the bed.

The flexible or folding shoe rack is much simpler, and therefore not so beautiful. You will hardly be able to use it as a decorative item.

Although not the best option, it has two advantages: ease of movement and the price, which is super affordable!

Before choosing your dream shoe rack, clearly know what your priorities are, as each of them is indicated to a different person profile.

How much?

It is very difficult to talk about values ​​when it comes to shoemaker, as there is no average price for this product.

A good quality, reinforced model will probably not cost less than R $ 300, some of which can go up to R $ 1,000.

If you choose a simpler, lower quality wood, you should find options in the range of R $ 200. If you have an even more limited budget, there is the possibility to buy folding shoe racks, which cost around R $ 80.

In addition, you can order your custom shoe rack, but it will certainly come at a very high price.

Where to buy?

You will not lack a place to buy shoe rack. Currently, many stores sell this product in different models. You can look for shoe racks in appliance stores, Some decoration stores also offer very cool and more modern options. If you are in the habit of going to department stores, you will like to know that you can also do your shopping there.

Finally, if you prefer the comfort of buying and receiving your shoe rack at home, we can refer you to the online version of the stores already mentioned, in addition to Amazon, which also leaves nothing to be desired.


Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare different shoe rack models

Like most midsize products, there are some factors that make all the difference when choosing your shoe rack, they are:

  • Material
  • Capacity
  • Size
  • Design
  • Open or closed?

As we do not like to leave any doubt, we will give you all the details about each of these points.


The material of a shoe rack is the main criterion to be taken into account, as not all are made of durable materials.

The most common is that you find dressing tables made of MDF, which is a derived and cheaper version of pure wood. It is a good option, and has the advantage that you can choose between different colors and styles.

Pure wood has unquestionable durability and is certainly the safest option. However, you will hardly find ready-made shoe racks made of this material, and you will have to order it from a carpentry shop, which is much more expensive.

However, if you choose the folding versions, know that they are much more fragile! Both fabric and plastic tear very easily, and they can also stain.

It is important that you pay attention to material issues, as it will dictate your product’s expiration date.


How many pairs of shoes do you need to keep in your shoe rack? 10? Or 30? This is very personal, isn’t it? So you should look carefully at the ability of your chosen one.

Different shoe racks meet different needs, so keep that in mind when purchasing, as the number of shelves makes all the difference.

A tip we can give you is to always buy the furniture with a little more capacity than you need, after all, you never know when you will buy or win new shoes.


The physical size of your shoe rack is very important! Obviously, it is tied to capacity, however, try to analyze the two things separately.

Before buying your furniture, think about where you will place it, whether it will be in your room, closet, hallway, or any other room in the house. Analyze how much space you have available, so you don’t end up buying something too big.

Shoe racks are not small objects, and consequently, they take up a lot of space, so make sure you have somewhere to allocate your chosen one.

If you live in a small house, consider the possibility of buying shoe racks that are attached to the wall, or those that are like a suitcase to be stored under the bed. Those are good space savings, right?


As we already said, shoe rack is also a decoration item! Nowadays there are really beautiful and elegant options, which fit very well inside a home.

If you like to decorate, it can be cool to try to match your shoe rack to the style of your home. Some have mirrors, different handles, and other details that make all the difference. The prettier your shoe rack, the tastier it will be to organize your things inside it.

Open or closed?

Many people wonder what is the best type of shoe rack: the one that leaves the shoes visible, or the one that covers them. In fact, it all depends on how organized you are.

If you are a bit of a messy person, it is recommended that you opt for the model that covers the shoes, because it is ugly to leave your items turned within the reach of other people’s eyes, right?

But if you like to keep everything in order, the bare shoe rack shouldn’t be a problem. Although closed shoe racks are the most expensive, this is a matter of taste and aesthetics.

Some people simply prefer to keep their shoes in a closed drawer, and others don’t mind showing them to everyone who passes by the room.


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