Top & Best Balm Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Balm: What is best for you in 2022?

Today we are going to talk about one of the most versatile and essential cosmetics for shaving: the balm. If you grow your facial hair, you will need to have this product on your bathroom shelves!

The use of balm is complementary to that of other products such as shampoo for shaving and lotions. For its anti-inflammatory, stimulating and relaxing properties, it can be considered even the most important part of hair care.

But do you know how and when to use balm? And what are the most important features that the product must have to suit what you need? Do not worry! It’s time to take all your doubts and get closer to the ideal beard!

First, the most important

  • The balm is an essential cosmetic for those who grow facial hair and even for those who keep their skin smooth. It can be used on long, short and shaved beards, in this case, as aftershave.
  • What sets this cosmetic apart from the rest is that it has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. It also serves to hydrate or control the oiliness of hair and skin.
  • It is not very expensive to have a quality balm. It also helps that it is a product that lasts a long time, since only a small amount per day should be applied.

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Buying Guide

Since balm is so important to the health of your facial hair, it’s time to learn more about it! Why use it? How to choose the best? All questions will be answered in the buying guide!



What is balm and what is it for?

The balm, also less known for its translation into Portuguese (balm), is a cosmetic for beard. It usually has a cream texture and a composition that brings anti-inflammatories, oils and healing.

It is a product that can be used both on the grown beard, to model, moisturize and give life to the hair, as well as on the aftershave, due to these properties mentioned above that greatly smooth the skin healing process.

If your beard is already grown, balm application will make you less rebellious. The threads will gain more shine and a more defined shape, they will also be softer to the touch. The general appearance of both the hair and the face will be much better.

If you are at the beginning of the cultivation, the balm will allow the hair to grow healthier and the eventual irritation and itching of the skin to be smoothed. Some also have properties that stimulate growth. This is the case where usage is most important!

Finally, even those who don’t grow a beard can make good use of balm: the healing properties help a lot to improve the sensation after shaving.

In the table below, we demonstrate the best use you can make of balm:



Balm, shaving oil or aftershave?

In the table above, we show that there are alternatives to balm: shaving oil, in the case of longer beards, and aftershave lotion, for those who do not let facial hair grow.






For long beards, the question is: is your skin more oily or dry? The balm regulates oiliness, while oil expands it.

People with excessive oiliness on their skin may suffer from irritation, allergies or even an unpleasant odor if they also use a beard oil. In this situation, the balm is more suitable.

On the contrary, the oil will help with hydration, making both hair and skin look better and healthier. The balm, despite having a little oil in the composition, does not achieve the same effect.

When it comes to aftershave for people with smooth skin, the key factor is the amount of allergies and irritations you experience after shaving. The more this happens, the better it is to opt for balm instead of conventional lotions.

Below, we demonstrate with a table when to choose each product:


Is the long beard and aftershave balm the same?

Note that in the packaging of the balm there is often a specification of use. Some mention “aftershave balm”, others, “balm for beard”. There is even a “pre-shave balm”, although it is much rarer.

Therefore, you need to choose the ideal model. If you have a long or small and drawn beard, choose those with a moisturizing function and that should be applied directly to the hair. If you are going to use after shaving, prefer an “aftershave balm”.

In the following video from the Barbeiros de Sucesso channel, there is both an explanation of when to use the balm and a practical demonstration of how it should be used. Although aimed at barbers, it is very useful for the general public:




How much does it cost and where to buy a quality balm?

A beard balm in standard 140 g packaging can cost between R $ 15 and R $ 100. Everything will depend on the brand and composition. There are quality models in all price ranges, even the initial ones.

Some brands specializing only in beard products have developed more complex balms. The highest prices will come from them, but if you are a beard fanatic, the investment may be worth it.



If you plan to talk to a specialist before buying your balm, there is nothing like going to a barber shop. In addition to selling various products, there will also be a satisfactory orientation. Cosmetic stores and pharmacies are also options.

To buy online, the best idea is the Amazon. There are a wide variety of brands and types of balms there. We also recommend that you search international Amazon.


Purchasing criteria: what to consider when choosing your balm

Now that you know what a balm is and the benefits it will bring to your beard, it’s time to discuss some more questions that can help you when buying.

We have selected four items that may be important:

  • Fragrance
  • Composition
  • Absence of animal testing
  • Cost benefit

We will explain below the importance of each one of them!


Fragrance is not the flagship of a balm, however, it has its importance. That is why in the description of most models it is possible to find a mention of what the smell refers to – most of the time, woody tones.

It is normal to understand this predilection for woody tones, since they are usually seen as more masculine. If you are not attracted, there are other options on the market.

Just do a search and find a quality balm with a fragrance more compatible with what you expect.


Among oils and extracts, some components appear repeatedly in the formulas of the balms. If you have a predilection, you can look for specific items that interest you.

But that is not why we created this sector, but to talk about what your balm should not have. Choose models that have already abolished the use of sulphates, petrolatums and parabens. These compounds are bad for both you and the environment!

Absence of animal testing

We know that the number of people who care for the well-being of all the creatures of this world grows more and more. Activism against animal testing has made a lot of noise and made companies rethink their conduct.

If this is an important issue for you, know that there are some balm manufacturers who pride themselves on not testing animals or using anything of animal origin in their formulas.

You can continue to take good care of your beard and be clear conscience by using products that are in line with your animal protection!



Cost benefit

There is a standard in the size of the balm bottles: the overwhelming majority is 140 ml. The comparison of prices and cost benefit is easy between packages of the same size, since you only have to look at the final value.

But pay attention: some companies sell balms in larger or smaller bottles. In such cases, the ideal is to divide the price by the content to know when exactly you pay for ml and then compare. This tip can help you save a lot!




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