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Top & Best soap for oily skin Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

What is the best soap for oily skin of 2022?

Controlling the oiliness of the skin is always a challenge. Therefore, it is necessary to choose well the cosmetics that you will use both on the body and on the face. Starting with those who work in cleaning. Therefore, today’s article will be dedicated to discovering the best soap for oily skin.

From here, you will discover the importance of choosing the right soap if you have oily skin and which is the best option for those who also have acne, blackheads and sensitivity.

First, the most important

  • Oily skin requires extra care, starting with the choice of the ideal soap.
  • The best soap for oily skin needs to be efficient in reducing greasiness and still be able to treat recurring problems of this type of skin.
  • As there are many varieties of soaps, we recommend that you compare the formulas and the form of application, two factors that can make a difference in the result.

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Buying Guide

Soap is a fundamental part of the skin care routine, especially that of the face. In the case of oily skin, attention should be paid to prevent problems from increasing.

In this Buying Guide, you will be able to take all your doubts about this special soap and discover how to choose the best one according to your need.

How do you know if your skin is oily?

When the sebaceous glands produce sebum beyond normal, the skin is considered oily.

According to the Society of Dermatology (SBD), the causes that lead to oily skin go beyond genetics. Some of the factors that contribute to face oiliness are:

    • Hormonal changes ;
    • Excessive sun ;
    • Stress ;
    • Diet rich in fatty foods .


The consequences of having an oily skin, however, bothers women and men. Yes, men can also have very oily skin. Here are the main characteristics of this type of skin:

  • Enlarged pores;
  • Acne and blackheads;
  • Intense shine ;
  • Sticky feeling .

Another type of skin that can be confused with oily skin is considered to be mixed. This is because mixed skin also has an oily appearance and enlarged pores. However, this occurs only in the “T zone” (forehead, nose and chin).

In oily skin, on the other hand, the shiny, moist and thick aspect dominates the entire length of the face and, often, of the neck and back.

Why do you need a specific soap for your skin type?

Among skin types, oily is the one that demands more care since there are many problems that can arise from this condition.

But, in common, all skin types need a routine that includes cleansing, hydration and protection, even with special cosmetics for each one.

Yes, you read that right: Even oily skin needs hydration. But we will talk about that later.


The fact is that the care routine starts with cleaning. And, to clean an oily skin, the soap needs, not only to remove impurities, but to combat oiliness and without leaving the skin dry.

That is, in general, the best soap for oils will be oil-free. And the fact is that not all soaps are oil free. In addition, only specific soaps for oily skin will be able to treat enlarged pores and pimples.

How to use soap on oily skin?

During the oily skin care routine a question always arises: How to prevent the oil from returning to the skin throughout the day?

For this, in addition to using the best soap for oily skin it is necessary to adopt a set of good habits.

Because oily skin produces more oil, it is natural that you want to wash your face several times throughout the day to eliminate the sticky feeling and remove the shine. But that is precisely where the danger lies.


Since oil is a skin protection system, the more you wash your face the more you eliminate that protection. With this, the body produces even more oil in order to restore natural hydration. This is the famous rebound effect.

Therefore, it is not recommended to wash oily skin more than twice a day, as recommended by the following specialists:

  1. Upon waking, wash your face with the soap for oily skin;
  2. Apply moisturizer to oily skin;
  3. Finish with the oil free sunscreen ;
  4. In the evening, repeat the ritual , excluding only sunscreen;

As we have seen, one should not remove all the oil from an oily skin at risk of causing the rebound effect. Therefore, it is important to invest in a specific moisturizer for this type of skin.

The moisturizer, contrary to popular belief, helps to balance oil production because it increases the skin’s resistance against the aggressions that trigger oiliness.

Why shouldn’t you use an ordinary soap on oily skin?

The soap cleanses the skin, eliminates impurities and, in the case of oily skin, controls oil and also helps fight blackheads and pimples.


An ordinary soap will not have the function of controlling the oiliness of the skin.

An ordinary soap will not have the function of controlling the oiliness of the skin and may, on the contrary, increase the amount of oil on the face.

The fact is that each soap is developed with specific substances and nutrients for each skin type.

While dry skin needs deeper hydration, oily skin needs less oil and moderate hydration.

As we will see further in the Purchase Criteria , the soap that fights oil and acne is free of greasy substances and has special moisturizing ingredients for this type of skin, in addition to healing and calming additives.


Did you know that you should not use the same soap on your face and body?

That’s because the needs of the skin change according to the region. In addition, it is common to have an oily face and dry skin.

Therefore, the ideal is to have a soap just for the face and another one to wash the rest of the body.

Best soap for oily skin: What is the price and where to buy?

The cost of a soap for oily skin will vary according to the brand, the formula and the form of application. Therefore, it will be possible to purchase this cosmetic with prices ranging between R $ 7 and R $ 200.

In addition, finding a specific soap for this type of skin is not difficult. Pharmacies, hypermarkets and department stores, for example, have a good variety of soaps.

But to combine good price, variety and comfort, it is best to buy oily skin soap online, without leaving your home, in stores like Amazon.


Purchase Criteria: How to analyze the best soap for oily skin

Now that you know why you should invest in the best soap for oily skin, you need to learn how to compare the criteria that differentiate one type from another. Are they:

  • Indication of use
  • Ingredients
  • Bar, liquid or gel
  • Durability

Below, we will explain how to take each of these topics into account.

Indication of use

The first step in choosing the best oily skin soap is to get to know your skin and carefully read the information on the packaging. Thus, you will find options with different indications of use, such as:

  • Deeply cleans and moisturizes the skin;
  • Decreases clogged pores and enlarged pores;
  • Reduces excessive glare ;
  • Fights blackheads and pimples .


The soap for oily skin can have several ingredients. Some of the best known are: Salicylic acid, LHA, Calendula glycolic extract, Zinc gluconate, Thermal water, among others.

Knowing the role of each person helps a lot when making the right choice. Look:

Bar, liquid or gel

Then, carefully observe the application of the soap for oily skin. Here, you will be able to choose liquid, gel or bar soap.

Although this is a very personal choice, it is worth mentioning that the bar soap is the most suitable for mixed and oily skin and tends to clean more deeply.

The liquid or gel version has a lighter consistency and is ideal for those with oily and sensitive skin at the same time.

Finally, be sure to take into account the durability of your soap. The market offers varied options, ranging from 30 grams, in the case of bar soaps, and can reach up to 200 ml, in liquid and gel versions.

Generally, with liquid soap it is easier to control the amount used and avoid waste. However, this is also the most expensive version.

The bar soap for oily skin can last longer if you, for example, divide it into three pieces and use each one at a time, little by little.


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