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Top & Best Small cooler Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Small cooler: How to find the best cooler of 2022

In today’s text, we are going to unravel the small thermal box, the product that makes the joy of beachgoers, adventurers and anyone else who wants to relax and enjoy wherever they go, but with a cold drink at their fingertips.

With a small cooler, you freeze drinks just right, and transport them much more easily. In the following Guide, you have all the information about the product, from the main brands to the most innovative designs, to make the choice of the ideal model to relax, enjoy and refresh.

First, the most important

  • Small thermal boxes have between five and fifteen liters of capacity.
  • Most models have insulation made from synthetic materials such as styrofoam and polyurethane.
  • You can find small thermal boxes starting at R $ 30, and for up to R $ 150, depending on their design and volume.

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Best small coolers: Ideal for every situation

Between brands, models and prices, there is a lot to notice when choosing your small thermal box. Lucky for you, in the list below, we save all your work, and select only the best models on the market.

  • The cooler for the crowd drink
  • The most efficient small thermal box model


Shopping Guide

Anyone who has taken drinks to the beach, to the block or anywhere, knows well: either the cooler is too full and heavy, or it is not full enough and it shakes all its beers and refreshments, apart from inconvenient transportation, very forced handles, among other situations. This simply does not happen with a small thermal box.

With the same or even greater efficiency than the big ones, the small cooler is compact and easy to transport, so you can take your drink wherever you want, in the right measure. But, as there is a right measure for each one, and several places to take a cold drink, it is necessary to choose the appropriate model. With our Purchasing Guide, you can do this without any problems, and with lots of information.

How is a cooler with wheels?

One of the adventures that brought greater practicality to the thermal box segment was the addition of wheels to the models. Whoever left that cooler in the way, full of ice, bottles and cans, and then had to take it by hand to the beach, knows the difficulty that this transport can be.

That is why models with wheels are becoming more and more popular.

Whether the boxes are small or large, the basic design is the same: they are narrower boxes, more or less tall depending on their volume, and with two wheels at the rear of the model, indicated by the direction that the lid is open.

This type of cooler has more fixed and longer handles, similar to shopping carts at fairs and other popular shopping centers.

In the location of the wheels, many models have recesses on the surface, to avoid friction with the wheel, and mainly to prevent the box, usually full of carbonated drinks, from swaying with possible shocks.


Why buy a small thermal box with a handle?

No matter how small a thermal box, it will always be better with a handle. Its benefits, even more so in quality models, far outweigh its drawbacks.

For a start, a thermal box with a handle has a much more practical transport. If you have already made a move or received a large package by post, you know that carrying a box is quite uncomfortable.

More important than practicality, however, is the safety of your spine, which does not have to be forced to pick up a box full of ice and drink straight from the floor. Just grab the handle and follow your course.

There are also models that integrate the lid closing system with the handle. In these coolers, when the handle is deposited on one side, it locks the lid; to release, just move it across the top.

But don’t think that these coolers are perfect. Many models swing excessively when carried by the handle, which can damage the integrity of cans, bottles and the drinks stored in them. The integrated system can also be a little inconvenient, especially at parties and other meetings, with the handle coming and going without stopping.



  • More practical transport
  • Lower spine risk
  • Integrated handle systems with lid


  • Box balance
  • Integrated system can be inconvenient

Small thermal box: Soprano or Coleman?

Soprano and Coleman are two of the most popular small thermal box brands. They are the ones that best combine quality materials, design and innovation in their models.

Soprano is a national brand, from the state of Rio Grande do Sul, including the Tropical line, with 5L capacity models and a very practical design, mainly for the cup holders on the lid surface, present in the 12L models.

Coleman, in turn, is a foreign brand, specializing in camping equipment. Its thermal boxes are more resistant and technological. Its 8.5L model, for example, has a digital thermometer.


Small thermal box or thermal bag?

It is quite possible that during your search you may come across the possibility of buying a thermal bag instead of a thermal box. Although they have the same basic function, they differ on some specific issues, which make all the difference in their use.

The thermal box, for example, has its strong point based on its structure, with efficient insulation of styrofoam or polyurethane. It is also very resistant, durable, with drainage systems for defrost water, among other design innovations.


The fact that it is small makes it very practical for trips in small groups, as more classes would suffer from their limited internal capacity.

The thermal bag is also very practical, but mobility is where its strength lies, with handles and pockets to make your life easier on picnics, street blocks or that quick walk on the beach.

Most models have insulation from a sum of plastic and aluminum, the latter used mainly to reflect light and heat, like the reflective side of kitchen foil.

Where to buy a small thermal box?

Small thermal boxes can be found in large retailers of home items, and in stores specializing in camping and outdoor leisure.

Now, to find them in a greater offer of models, types and prices, the best place is the internet, in specialized stores such as Amazon.


What is the value of a small thermal box?

However innovative and technological the thermal boxes may be, their smaller volume contributes to a lower price. You can find simpler boxes from R $ 30, and more advanced models, with more efficient insulation and innovative design, for up to R $ 150.


Purchasing Criteria: Choosing your small thermal box

For you to arrive at the store or access your favorite shopping site knowing what you have in a quality thermal box, just follow the list below. Its items are the most important elements of this product, and, if noticed carefully, serve as excellent criteria for choice.

  • Volume
  • Design
  • Thermal insulation
  • Color


It is somewhat obvious, but it is always good to remember. Volume is one of the essential points in determining whether a thermal box is right for you, even small ones, which are, after all, the focus of this text.

The volume is the easiest information to find, whether in physical stores or on websites. It is worth paying attention to the conversion of the capacity of a model in the number of cans, bottles, etc., and also in the conversion “QT”, American measure common in virtual stores, in liters.


The design is another very important point for choosing your small thermal box. It will mainly dictate your experience with the product, such as transportation, ease of use, even storage.

Note the details of your favorite models.

Note, therefore, the details of your favorite models, such as the open / close system, the transport, the handle mechanism, if any, even the footprint of the box without it, as well as possible defrosting and water drainage systems.

Thermal insulation

The thermal insulation of a small box will dictate the efficiency of a model. Translating to a common use, how long it holds the ice and the internal temperature. The more efficient, the better.

The most practical is to look for this information. In their absence, note the insulation material, and give preference to styrofoam and polyurethane insulation, of very satisfactory efficiency.


When in doubt between models of volumes, designs and similar insulation, it is worth, now, notice their colors.

For this criterion to go beyond taste, think about where you will use the model of your choice, whether on beaches, sites, and choose the color that is most easily found in these environments. In case of greater exposure to the sun, avoid darker models.


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