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Top & Best Modern showers Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Modern showers: Find the best for your bathroom in 2022

Modern showers use technology to promote health and well-being while bathing. Some models offer therapeutic features such as sounds (music therapy) or colored lights (chromotherapy) and others have different types of jets, including massager.

You will also find modern showers that offer features aimed at saving water and electricity. There are countless models with different proposals. Stay with us and learn more about it.

First, the most important

  • Some modern showers bet on chromotherapy and color the bath water with LED lights in different shades. Others bet on music therapy and reproduce relaxing sounds during the shower.
  • A feature present in most modern showers is the digital panel that provides some information such as water temperature, bath duration, electricity consumption and amount of liters spent.
  • Major brands offer options for modern showers, such as Lorenzetti, Hydra Corona, Deca, among others. Naturally, this equipment is more expensive than ordinary showers.

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The best modern showers: Our recommendations

Are you renovating the bathroom and want to invest in a modern shower with interesting features? Meet the best models of the moment in the ranking below:

  • A musical shower
  • The interactive shower
  • Shower and shower in the same equipment
  • The most economical modern shower
  • The best shower for chromotherap

Buying Guide

There is nothing more invigorating than a good shower to start or end the day, right? To make this moment even more pleasurable, invest in a modern shower, which provides health, well-being and savings.

To facilitate the choice of a modern shower, we have prepared a Purchase Guide with some valuable tips on the subject. Stay with us and find out how the right information can help you make an assertive decision.

What are the differentials of modern showers?

Modern showers offer features that aid in health, well-being and economy. Some models provide the benefits of chromotherapy through LED lamps that propagate different shades in the water, according to the desired effects.

Others offer the therapeutic effects of music therapy, as they play music during the bath. There are also models that offer different water jets to provide a more relaxing bath. Examples: Central, lateral jet, nebulizer, massager, waterfall etc.

Regarding the consumption of water and electricity, some modern showers are limited to indicating the duration of the bath, the amount of liters spent and the volume of energy consumed.

Others have an LED ring that changes color according to the duration of the bath. There are also models that emit beeps depending on the time you are in the bath.

You also find the smart shower, which interrupts the flow of water when you walk away to lather your body or wash your hair, and it works again as soon as you approach again.

All of these features can be configured via the digital shower display, remote control or smartphone app. Discover all the advantages of modern showers in the table below:

What are the functionalities of the digital panel of modern showers?

Unlike an ordinary electric shower, the electronic shower with digital panel allows the gradual temperature control that can be performed during the bath, without having to turn off the shower, just select the temperature using the remote control or a manual rod.

Modern showers also bring interesting indicators such as bath duration, amount of liters of water used and the consumption of electricity in the period.


Did you know that one of the appliances that most consumes electricity is the shower? Buying a temperature-controlled shower significantly reduces your electricity bill.


Do modern showers offer water-saving features?

One of the great advantages of modern showers is the intense flow of water that provides an invigorating bath without increasing the water bill.

This occurs when the shower has a technology that mixes air with water. The intake of air promotes the sensation of greater volume of water and manages to reduce water consumption by up to 80%.

Another benefit of this technology is the self-cleaning system that prevents the shower holes from clogging. The water carries small particles that dirty the shower holes, but with air pressure, these residues are eliminated.

What are the therapeutic features of modern showers?

In addition to ensuring daily hygiene, the shower can provide well-being and reduce stress levels, but only if you invest in a modern shower with therapeutic features such as color therapy or music therapy.

Music therapy

The showers that bet on music therapy, reproduce tracks in MP3 format through pendrive or memory card. Some models also play music over the FM radio. You can change tracks, lower or increase the volume using a remote control or smartphone.


Some showers also offer chromotherapy, which consists of using colors to treat and cure diseases.

Modern chromotherapy showers “color” the water with their LED lamps that change color according to the temperature, green for cold water, blue for warm water and red for hot water.

Other models offer the possibility to change the shade according to the desired effect. These showers have a greater variety of shades. The meanings of the main colors are listed below:

  • Red activates blood circulation, stimulates thinking and increases courage
  • Yellow helps with bone regeneration, self-control and harmony.
  • Orange stimulates communication, creativity and enthusiasm.
  • Green soothes the heart and mind and is energizing.
  • Blue helps to bring tranquility and reduces stress.
  • Violet helps to cure infections and inflammations.
  • White helps to purify the mind and bring tranquility.

Purchasing criteria: How to compare the different models of modern showers

Modern showers are a bet of the main brands in the segment. To choose the best model, you need to go beyond analyzing basic factors such as power, electrical voltage and heating system and evaluate the following purchase criteria:

  • Digital display functions
  • Functionalities
  • Design
  • Brand

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Digital display functions

At the time of purchase, assess whether the modern shower you intend to buy has a digital display and what its respective functions are.

On the digital panel, you can consult information related to water consumption, electricity, bath time and water temperature.

Some models do not have a digital display, only an LED indicator for water temperature or bath time. Others can be connected to the smartphone so that the user can program his bath.

You can also find models with remote control. The accessory comes with a support that must be placed at hand. The gadget can be wet, but not immersed in water.


The differences between modern showers and ordinary showers are the features offered by the newer models.


Design is one of the strengths of modern showers. You can find options in different formats, sizes and styles. The shower can be square, round or rectangular in small, medium or large sizes – ranging from shoulder to shoulder.

A bet of modern showers is the chrome finish that matches the metals in your bathroom. You can find options in different shades such as silver, gold, rose gold, copper and black.

Among the advantages of the chrome shower, we can highlight the versatility – the chrome shower combines with different styles of decoration – ease of cleaning and durability of the product.

Tip: When buying a chrome shower, evaluate the quality of the coating to ensure no stains, deformations and peeling.



As mentioned earlier, several brands are betting on the manufacture of modern showers such as Deca, Lorenzetti and Hydra Corona. We have selected the best models from these brands below:

  • The Deca is a reference when it comes to shower. One of the best options is the Acqua Plus shower, which has a system that mixes water with air to increase water pressure and decrease flow, resulting in water savings of around 80%. The Deca Spa shower has two types of jets (central and side) and LED lights with seven color variations for those who practice chromotherapy. The Deca Spa Enjoy model offers three types of water jets (center, side and nebulizer) while the Deca Twin Spa model provides a central or waterfall jet.
  • The Lorenzetti also offers modern showers options. The models in the Acqua Ultra line are hybrid and work as a shower and shower. The Advanced line models have LEDs indicating temperature, water consumption and electricity. Finally, the Loren Color shower has integrated LEDs that change color, adding even more tranquility to the bath.
  • The Hydra Corona offers a wide range of modern showers are more than 30 models in five categories. The digital showers offer gradual temperature control, a digital display that indicates the consumption of electricity and water. Some of these models offer therapeutic features such as color therapy and music therapy.

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