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Top & Best Bathroom trash can Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Bathroom trash can: how to choose yours in 2022

Hello! Welcome to In today’s article we will help you choose the best trash bin option for your bathroom.

Fundamental to maintaining organization and hygiene in any bathroom, whether at home, in the office or in commercial establishments, the bathroom waste bin is available in a wide range of models, sizes and materials. The modern versions have innovative and colorful designs, being a Must Have item to compose the decor in any bathroom.

Follow us on this reading and check out the best product options, in addition to the features you should pay attention to in order to make the best choice of bathroom trash.

First, the most important

  • There is a wide variety of styles, models and sizes of bathroom waste bins, made of different materials. Choose according to the style of the bathroom where the product will be used and the number of people it will serve daily.
  • Capacity, material, size, type of lid, ease of cleaning and presence of internal bucket are some of the characteristics to be observed at the time of purchase.
  • The price of bathroom waste bins varies widely according to the size, material, brand and model of the product. It is possible to find simple plastic versions from R $ 10, the most sophisticated or automatic opening can cost over R $ 300.

Best bathroom bins: Our favorites

Many foreigners do not understand – and even consider it unhygienic – the Brazilian habit of discarding toilet paper in bathroom waste. But the reality is that far beyond a cultural habit, the use of bathroom trash in Brazil is a necessity, since most of our plumbing is not prepared to receive this type of waste.

If you also want a trash can to keep your bathroom free from clogging, we will present some of the most interesting models of the product for sale in Brazil.

Check out:

Buying Guide

Did you like the suggestions? Then we go to the Shopping Guide, section where we will give you tips so that you can choose the ideal bathroom trash bin for your needs. After all, the product’s main feature is functionality and practicality, so we will give you a helping hand to escape from bad choices that may make it difficult instead of making your life easier.

What is the bathroom waste bin?

The bathroom trash bin is a specific type of wastebasket for use in washbasins and bathrooms. Essential for maintaining hygiene and organizing the room, it is the ideal product for disposing of cotton, cotton buds, wet wipes, toilet paper and other materials and waste generated with personal hygiene.

Available in a wide variety of models and styles, these small products are also an important element in the decoration of the environment.

What are the advantages of a good bathroom trash can?

In addition to maintaining the organization and hygiene of the bathroom, the great advantage of the bathroom trash is that it facilitates the proper disposal of waste generated in the room, avoiding clogging and other inconveniences.

Easy to find and affordable, bathroom waste bins are available in different models and styles, with various price ranges.

What are the differences between the types of trash?

The ideal trash bin for the bathroom is one that besides being beautiful is functional and practical, easy to clean and hygienic. To avoid problems with bad odors and contamination, choose a toilet bin with a lid, so that the contents are not visible and possible odors are contained inside the product.

It is also important that the chosen trash can allow the deposit of waste in a simple way, without requiring contact of the user’s hands with any part of the trash at the time of disposal.

Considering these characteristics, the most suitable models for use in the bathroom are the bins with a pedal-operated lid, with a tilting lid or with an automatic lid, activated by a proximity sensor. Check out the comparative chart of trash can models for bathroom:

How to care for the bathroom trash?

Although the use of the bathroom trash can is very intuitive, some maintenance precautions are necessary to avoid unpleasant odors, proliferation of bacteria and microorganisms. The first point is the preparation for use: never put garbage in your trash without first equipping it with a disposable bag.

This way, you can prevent the residues from coming into direct contact with the inside of your trash, which can get dirty and leave residues that will be the perfect medium for the accumulation of bacteria. Worth those in the supermarket, or the ones for this purpose.

A good tip is to put 7 bags, one inside the other, in your trash. So you can remove one every day and the next one will be in place, ready to use. Change the bag or empty your trash daily or every 2 days, even if it is not completely full, to avoid a bad smell.

You also need to wash it every week. Use water, soap and products with disinfectant action. Do not leave the trash can wet, as this can cause a bad smell. This way you will have a trash can free from contamination by bacteria and unpleasant odors.

How much does a bathroom trash bin cost?

Bathroom waste bins can be found for values ​​that vary greatly according to the make and model. You can buy the simplest models from R $ 10.

The most sophisticated models, with automated covers or in noble materials, can cost more than R $ 300. Do a lot of research before you buy, as the same product may fluctuate in value from one place to another.

If buying online, consider the cost of shipping. Depending on the region and the volume of the product packaging, freight may increase the purchase price.

Where to buy a toilet bin?

You can buy your bathroom trash in physical stores that sell products for decoration and housewares.

However, it is on online platforms such as Amazon that you can find the greatest diversity of brands and models of the product.

Purchasing criteria: how to compare bathroom waste bins

Now that you have enough knowledge about bathroom dumps, their uses and how they work, let’s list some of the features that you can use as a parameter to compare and recognize the best dump option.

  • Material
  • Capacity
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Internal configuration

So that there are no doubts at the time of purchase, we will detail each topic below. Check out:


There are bathroom bins in different types of material. As the bathroom is a humid environment, it is ideal to choose waterproof and resistant materials. Plastic ones are the most common, with more affordable prices and a wide variety of colors. Stainless steel ones are more classic and sophisticated, but cost more.

There are also bins made of fiber, porcelain, polyethylene, iron, etc. The polyethylene ones are very popular in the market, due to their greater durability, flexibility, and for being simple to clean with affordable prices.


The capacity of bathroom dumps is measured in liters. The most popular models have a capacity of between 3 and 5 liters. The capacity of the chosen model must be defined according to the average amount of waste generated daily in the bathroom where the product will be used.

Bathrooms with high turnover or that serve a large number of users can bet on garbage bins with greater capacity to avoid the need to empty the garbage several times a day.

Ease of cleaning

As we already mentioned, keeping the bathroom trash clean is important to avoid the accumulation of bacteria and bad smell. Therefore, the easier it is to clean the chosen model, the faster and more practical your maintenance routine will be.

Prioritize washable and easy-to-maintain materials. To clean, hot water, alcohol and soap are enough. For stainless steel models, it is recommended to use remover every ten days to make it brighter and more beautiful.

Internal configuration

Even if you are very careful when changing the bag of your bathroom trash can, it can happen that the inside of the basket accumulates waste or a bad smell. For this reason, frequent cleaning of the product is essential, and the internal configuration of the product is a factor that may facilitate or hinder this task.

Trash cans with a movable inner part are easier to maintain, as they can be removed for washing whenever necessary. On the other hand, models with details, unevenness and internal notches are more difficult to clean and favor the accumulation of residues.

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