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Top & Best Towel rack Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Towel rack: What is the

the most complete shopping guide on the internet. In today’s article we will help you choose the towel rack. Basic item in any bathroom, the towel rails are practical and versatile, because besides helping to decorate the environment, they are essential to maintain the organization of the bathroom.

Follow this article and check out the best options of the product, in addition to the features you should pay attention to to make the best choice of towel rack for your bathroom.

First, the most important

  • In several models and materials, the towel racks, in addition to organizing, complement the decoration and facilitate the drying of towels.
  • Bathroom size, type and quantity of towels and possible forms of installation are some of the factors to be considered when choosing the ideal towel rack model.
  • Simple towel racks cost from R $ 20, and electric versions can cost more than R $ 1,000.

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Best towel racks: The ideal for every need

Wrapped towel is a sign of moisture and bad smell. The towel rack is ideal to avoid this bad habit, and to properly accommodate your towels between one use and another. But for the towel to hang well, choosing a suitable product is essential. Check out our selection of towel racks and get inspired:

  • To fit in the box, to avoid holes in the wall
  • With shelf, to organize and decorate
  • Countertop, for hand or face towels
  • Electric, for always dry and warm towels

Buying Guide

Whether hand towel, face towel or bath towel, it is essential that these items are close at hand in the bathroom. And nothing better than a good towel rack so that your towels are properly accommodated in the room, in an easily accessible position and, in addition, contributing to the decoration and organization of the room.

Follow our Purchase Guide and learn more details about the product as well as usage and installation tips.

What is a towel rack and what are its advantages?

The towel rack or towel rack is a bathroom accessory that has the function of accommodating and storing towels between uses. The biggest advantage of the product is that in addition to being functional, it is also a decorative item in bathrooms and toilets.


There are towel racks in all price ranges.

Made in different sizes, models and materials, the towel rack has versions in all price ranges. It is the ideal option to store your bath or face towels between use, facilitating drying and avoiding contact with contaminated surfaces.

Although the more traditional models require installation with screws and wall plugs, the market already offers very practical alternatives, such as towel rails that fit in the box or with suction cups.

Check the table advantages and disadvantages of the product:

How to choose the ideal towel rack model?

Towel racks can come in several models. Linear, double, triple, hook, hoop, bench, shelf and thermo are some examples. The ideal version will vary from case to case, and will depend on several factors, such as bathroom size, installation possibilities, usage goals, among others.

To define which model best fits your expectations and needs, check out the characteristics and indications for use of each:

    • Linear: Can come in smaller or larger sizes, ideal for face and bath towels, respectively. There are double and triple versions to accommodate more towels. Model is the most suitable to better ventilate parts;
    • Ring: Ideal for hand or face towels, in bathrooms and toilets;
    • With shelf: Can be single, double or with multiple positions. Ideal for shared bathrooms, it stores towels in use and the shelves can hold spare towels or decorations.
    • Hook: Ideal for small spaces, can store small towels, bathrobes, etc. It is not very suitable for larger towels as it does not allow much ventilation;
    • Countertop: Perfect for hand or face towels. It does not require installation and helps to decorate countertops and lavatories;
    • Floor: Suitable for those who want practicality and mobility, dispense holes in the wall and add charm and sophistication to the environment;
    • Thermal: Powered by electricity, it speeds up the drying of towels and removes moisture without using dryers. Ideal for humid regions or even cold seasons, as it keeps towels warm for use.



Did you know? In addition to speeding up drying and heating the towels, the towel rail combats the proliferation of fungi and bacteria on the towels and the bathroom as a whole. By heating the environment it eliminates excess moisture, which is what facilitates the proliferation of microorganisms.


Where to place the towel rack?

The most suitable place for installing the towel rack varies according to the size of the bathroom, the type and size of the towel rack and the routine of using the room.

However, there are some tips that can help you choose the perfect place to place your towel rack. Check out:

    • For face or hand towels , leave the towel rack as close to the sink as possible, within a maximum radius of 30 cm from the tub, so that the person can reach the towel without dripping water in the bathroom;
    • For bath towels , the towel rack must be positioned as close as possible to the shower box or bathtub, again to avoid wetting the bathroom on the way to the towel.
    • It is also good to pay attention to the height of the installation , in order to prevent the towel from dragging on the countertop or on the floor. The ideal height is between 1.5 m and 1.8 m from the floor, for bath towels, and at least 30 cm from the bench, for face towels;
    • In addition to above the counter, towel racks can also be positioned on the side or in front of the sink , to accommodate face towels.

How much does a towel rack cost?

The price of the towel rack varies according to the make, model, material and size. It is possible to find simple models of hoop or hook for less than R $ 20. Steel bars cost between R $ 50 and R $ 150, on average. Thermal models can cost more than R $ 1,000.

Where to buy a towel rack?

You can buy your towel rack at physical stores that sell bathroom accessories like American stores. However, it is on online platforms such as Amazon that you find the greatest variety of brands and models of the product.

Purchase Criteria: Features to compare the different towel rack models

At the end of our Review, we will bring you a final list of features that you should keep an eye on when choosing the towel rack to complement your bathroom. Are they:

  • Format
  • Material
  • Towel capacity
  • Installation and fixing

Check the details of the topics, so there will be no doubt:


As mentioned in previous sections, towel racks come in a variety of shapes. They can be in the form of a bar, circle, triangle, hook, among other variables.

Prefer formats that allow you to extend the towel as much as possible, to facilitate drying and avoid the accumulation of moisture that can cause a bad smell.


Towel racks can be manufactured in different materials, the most popular being steel and metals in general, wood and acrylic. The metal and acrylic models are very durable and resistant, as these materials are not very vulnerable to moisture.

They are ideal for modern and contemporary style bathrooms. The wooden versions are perfect for rustic decorations. However, this type of material requires constant maintenance to avoid the effects of humidity.

Towel capacity

A single towel rack can accommodate two, three or more towels. The larger capacity versions are ideal for shared bathrooms, as they allow you to hang multiple towels without the need for many towel racks.

However, you need to make sure that you do not exceed the indicated capacity for each model. If too many towels are improperly placed in the same towel rack, they can become tight, which will impair the airing of them.

Installation and fixing

The means of installing or fixing the towel rack is a criterion that deserves a lot of attention. Although most of the more popular models require holes in the wall to install wall plugs and screws, there are alternatives for those who want less work or do not want to drill into the wall.

In such cases, prefer towel racks fixed by suction (suction cups), or even countertops, floor or shower stalls, which are simply attached to the glass to keep them fixed.


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