Top & Best Discharge valve Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Discharge valve: Discover how to choose the best one in 2022

In today’s analysis we will show you the importance of a good flush valve for your bathroom and how it can save you a huge headache.

Whether you are building, renovating or just performing maintenance, choosing quality materials is essential to avoid problems. Check out more details about the product in our article.

First, the most important

  • New and modern valves are more environmentally friendly, as they waste less water.
  • It is important to choose according to your bathroom and the type of toilet, as the valves are quite different.
  • On wall models, maintenance is a little more difficult and if the problem is more serious, it may be necessary to break the wall.

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The best flush valves: Our recommendations

Who likes to think of a bathroom with hydraulic problems, especially involving the toilet? That is why it is worth investing a little more in a good discharge valve. Take a look at these models that we separate for you.

Buying Guide

Usually we don’t usually think about all the importance that a flush valve plays in our day to day, keeping the toilet always well sanitized and clean.

In our shopping guide we will present more information about the product, talk about all its benefits and give care tips and how to perform the installation, all to make your life easier.

How does the discharge valve work?

In both wall and coupled models, the valve is a type of valve that takes advantage of pressure and controls the flow of water that comes from the pipeline to throw waste into the sewer system while cleaning your basin, leaving it ready and sanitized for the next use.

In the coupled system, which is already attached to the vessel, the system works with the push of a button or by rope. In this case, a buoy is responsible for controlling the water level.

In the case of wall valves, the registration is a little more elaborate, with a system of springs that react to manual activation to release water.
In the next topics we will explain better about each one, its advantages and benefits.



Did you know that the first “modern” toilet appeared in 1596 at Queen Elizabeth I’s court? However, it was only patented in 1775, when Alexander Cumming created the first discharge valve.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the discharge valve?

The main advantages of flush valves, besides keeping your toilet bowl always clean, are its power to prevent leaks and have flow regulation to work with different water pressures.

There are different models available that fit every type of bathroom and they also help to save water. Some models save up to 50%.

However, there are some disadvantages. Installing the valve may require the help of a plumber or construction professional.

In addition, coupled models tend to be more sensitive, since they are mostly made of plastic.

What are the different types of discharge valve?

There are currently two main types of discharge valves. The most common is still the wall, for bathrooms that already have the proper hydraulic installation.

They help to save space in the bathroom and are more robust, but cost more.

The attached discharge valve is ideal for vessels that already have their own built-in water tank.

This model eliminates holes in the wall and is easier to change. The system and material itself also end up making the product cheaper.

How to install the discharge valve?

This depends a lot on the model of your discharge valve. However, the first step is to close the water valve to get the job done without inconvenience.

The first step is to close the water register.

As we mentioned, the wall valve needs a hydraulic system already installed since the construction of your bathroom.

In that case, you will need to get some specific tools to remove the old model. Use a sealing tape where there is a connection to the pipeline to prevent leaks.

Coupled valves are relatively easier. It is usually just a specific part that needs to be replaced, such as a float or the push button.

Here, the use of tools is practically not necessary, as the parts have fittings or threading systems.

How important is a good discharge valve?

Of all the problems we can have at home, those that happen in the bathroom and are related to the toilet are among the worst.
Fortunately, you can rest easy if you invest in a good discharge valve.

It is also important to perform the replacement if you have an older model, as the more modern systems help to save more water and have more elaborate regulation systems.

And, to make your bathroom even more beautiful, elegant and functional, check out some items that can help you in this mission.


Purchasing criteria: What to look for when buying a discharge valve

We usually don’t stop to consider how much time we spend in the bathroom, but rest assured, it’s a big part of our lives. So, why not make these moments even more enjoyable?

Yes, oddly enough, something as simple as a good flush valve can make all the difference. And, to make the right decision, check out some criteria that you must meet before making the purchase.

  • Material
  • Water pressure and flow regulation
  • Drive system
  • Compatibility


The main factor you should consider when purchasing your flush valve is the material, as this determines its strength and durability.

Wall valves, for example, are usually made of copper alloy or other metallic materials, which makes them much more robust and considerably increases their useful life.

In the case of coupled valves, there is not much to escape from the plastic. Then, check if the parts are resistant. Although they last less, they are cheaper and easier to exchange.

Water pressure and flow regulation

These are the main functions of the discharge valve, so you need to be aware. On the wall, for example, there are models capable of withstanding different water pressures.

This is especially important for those who live in apartments or those who live in areas of very low or very high pressure.

The flow is responsible for how much water will be released with each discharge. To save money, opt for valves with regulation system. Even the smallest savings make a difference at the end of the month.

Drive system

The discharge valves have three main types of actuation system, which can be by button, string or electronic.

The rope is practically no longer used, reserved only for older toilets. This can make it a little difficult to find a compatible replacement valve.

Nowadays, the most common is to have discharges with actuation by button, either in the models of coupled valve or wall. Some models have double buttons, with an option to save even more water.

The most modern are electronics, widely used in Japan and which are becoming a fever worldwide. Here everything is controlled via a panel, with several options available


And, to close our analysis, when buying a discharge valve, it is important to be aware of factors such as dimensions, compatibility with your plumbing and whether the pressure is adequate.

This becomes a little easier on coupled valves, which tend to follow a universal standard. In the latter case, remove the piece and take it with you to the store so as not to make mistakes.


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