Top & Best Toilet Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Toilet: How to choose the best of 2022?

Read in this Shopping Guide information on how to choose a toilet. You will learn how to select the best versions and make a perfect purchase of the ideal product at attractive prices.

With the various toilet versions out there you may end up confused when making your purchase! Have you ever imagined how unpleasant it is to buy a toilet not suitable for your needs?

You will be surprised to know the different toilets on the market that every day surprises us with unbelievable news. After reading this Toilet Guide, buying the best models will be a real breeze.

First, the most important

  • There are simple and domestic fixed toilet versions that have the flush trigger close to the users’ feet.
  • The best models of toilets use little water for effective flushes.
  • The 4 main versions available in the toilet market are: simple, mobile, attached and monobloc.

Best toilet models: We recommend

The tendency to use a mobile toilet that favors the decoration increases every day, maybe you look for the product for this reason. Or, who knows, your wish is to acquire a good simple version of ceramics to finish the work in the bathroom finally!

By knowing the technical characteristics of the best toilets in the list below you can know what to look for when performing your searches for better models. We have listed some of the best on the market.

  • The best toilet with attached box
  • For those who want to regulate water use
  • A good choice of portable toilet

Buying Guide

It may even be that you choose a toilet for the aesthetic, and for sure, this is a special factor. But you cannot give up comfort and cleanliness. And for that we set up this Guide, to help you in the mission of buying the best vase for your home.

What are the types of models? How much? Where to buy? These and other curiosities you follow now!

What is a toilet and how does it work?

Known as one of the most used products around the world, the toilet is a piece made of ceramic or plastic. It must be used for the fulfillment of physiological needs.

Generally, toilets have an oval mouth, although nowadays there are also square versions that are bigger, more comfortable and better match bathroom decor.

Usually, when it comes to domestic toilets, the ones we use in old houses, there is a certain amount of water retained.

Behind the vessel there is a kind of pipe directed up and down that activates the water movements in the form of a siphon. From the moment you start the flush, the water goes straight to the sewage system via plumbing.

When the discharge is activated, part of the water remains and the other part goes to the sewer. In the simplest versions, the toilet needs 6 to 8 liters for each discharge. Advanced models with 0.5 liters offer effective discharges.

How much does a toilet use water with each flush?

The amount of water a toilet needs to function is one of the most important aspects. In ancient times it was necessary to use up to 16 liters per flush. This made water bills for companies and condominiums more expensive.

In more recent times, versions of toilets with attached water tanks were launched on the world market. Such models quickly became popular, mainly because they did not use more than 6 liters per flush.

The success of the toilet with attached box has made the industry to improve the effectiveness of the current versions even more. There are productions with double flush, where you can choose between using 6 liters (solid waste) or 3 liters (liquid waste). There are also flush toilets that operate under vacuum and require 0.5 to 1.5 liters per flush!

When did the toilets appear?

It is no coincidence that the common ceramic tile in bathrooms is so popular today.

Humans have used the toilet since ancient Rome.

In ancient times, public bathrooms had several individual benches connected to the water stream.

But the popular shape of the piece as we know it only emerged in the early 20th century, with the creation of siphon toilets. To date, human beings have not found a better solution for the simple and rapid elimination of waste.}

What are the advantages of toilets?

Even when buying toilets there are advantages and disadvantages. In positive terms, we can say that the market is always evolving to the point of launching several new features, whether in fixed or mobile versions.

It is also not complicated or expensive to buy several toilets from chemical toilets installed at events.

Even those looking for a fixed version with popular prices have no difficulty in finding the offers.
As for the mobile models, there are almost no problems to install without the need for a plumber.

The most current versions are also known to generate low water consumption with each discharge. For this reason many restaurants, supermarkets and offices are renovating the bathroom when installing the economical vases.

However, in general, when the toilet uses less water to operate, the prices are higher for the product at retail, so it may be economically unfeasible to install a very advanced version in residential bathrooms.

We must also not forget that the fixed versions are difficult to install. To perform the installation the toilets must be connected to the internal plumbing.

See more about the advantages and disadvantages of the toilet by knowing the contents of the following table:

What are the different types of toilet?

One of the worst shopping experiences is purchasing the wrong product according to the real needs of the company or your home. Mistakes happen, mainly in the toilet market full of different models.

To avoid mistakes it is important to know the general characteristics of the 4 main types of toilet: simple, mobile, monobloc and with attached box. See below how each of the toilet versions works.

Simple toilet

In old condominium buildings it is common to have a simple toilet, whose valve needs to be installed through the bathroom wall.

The common pots are expensive in labor and have a very complicated installation process, which even requires the demolition of part of the wall in the bathroom. Only they cost the lowest prices on the market.

Normally this toilet uses 4 liters to 6 liters of water for each flush, with only one regulation option.

Mobile toilet

This version has a frequent use in chemical bathrooms, mainly for the low prices. There are other models with higher values ​​that have better finished engineering and can retain waste without generating odors.

Mobile productions do not normally have discharges. In addition to low-priced offers, the product is easy to install and simple to maintain.

Monobloc toilet

This is the best version of the toilet today, either because of the water savings, the ease of installation or maintenance or the provision of comfort.

The product has two discharge regulations, one serves liquid waste and the other for solid waste.

This version is known for joining the vase and the water box without any kind of amendment, justifying the name “monoblock”.

The designers of the main manufacturers use and abuse creativity to create different formats with different aesthetics. This model is also easier to clean since it does not accumulate easy dirt due to the absence of cracks and seams.

Toilet with attached box

This is the choice for those who want less costs and more benefits. With prices at medium level, the product has two flush options that can offer a 40% savings in water use when compared to ordinary toilets.

In the model the box is attached to the toilet. This is favorable to carry out maintenance since the internal discharge system has a simple and quick access, without the need to break walls.

Better absorb the differences of the toilets when reading the contents of the table later:

How much does a toilet bowl cost?

A toilet can cost anywhere from $ 50 to up to $ 1,000 or more. It all depends on the brand and the type of product. Monoblock versions are valuable. Coupled models offer a lot of benefits and cost an average price.

On the other hand, mobile or simple toilets have lower prices, but they require a lot of maintenance costs, which in the long run ends up being very expensive.

Where to buy a toilet?

It is not difficult to find several offers in traditional stores in national retail. To buy a toilet you can visit points of sale such as Leroy Merlin, C&C and Telha Norte.

If you buy online you save money and have the advantage of not having to take the product from the store to your home or office. Many models can be found on sites like Amazon or Mercado Livre.

Purchasing Criteria: How to Compare Toilet Models

Want to know how to choose the ideal model considering the best offer? These and other advantages you will develop after learning the 5 best criteria for purchasing a toilet:

  • Liters
  • Warranty
  • Installation
  • Format

Let us explain each of the shopping comparison criteria.


For you not to have a negative surprise in the water bill it is worth keeping an eye on the quantities of liters that the piece needs to work perfectly.

The more expensive versions such as monobloc or coupled spend less liters on the discharge.

The average expenditure of coupled or monoblock models can range from 0.5 liters to 6 liters, approximately.

Productions that have the option of 0.5 liters in water consumption have a discharge that works with a vacuum air system. They are popular on airplanes.

Chic toilets also come with a seat that usually has a soft, comfortable finish for users. Some versions feature the heating system widely used in winter seasons.

Don’t forget that to have the benefit of a special seat, you need to buy the thermal toilet, or, purchase the thermal seat separately.


Even the best brands of toilets can present unexpected problems, including the perfect connection with the flush.

The law requires any manufacturer to offer a 3-month warranty against factory problems. Except that sometimes the virtual stores offer a more extended guaranteed term without charging additional prices.


It is not common, only that some stores also offer the installation services of fixed toilets. This may even sound like an advantage since the vessel ends up being installed by specialists and not by the construction workers.

You just need to know if the price is not too high because of the installation. If there are not many price differences when comparing other offers, it may be worth buying from the retailer who also installs the product.

See how the installation of a coupled toilet works:


For decoration reasons and also to get a little out of the conventional, several companies invest in square shaped toilets, which cost more in most cases.

There are also simpler versions in square format to install in internal plumbing. They have the differential only in design since they require more water per flush than models with higher prices in coupled or monobloc format.

The square toilet and coupled in addition to comfortable also facilitates cleaning, even helping to beautify the bathroom decor by serving as a support for plants.


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