Top & Best Games for 2-year-olds Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Games for 2-year-olds: What are the best options for 2022?

The act of playing is one of the most important for the development of children. One of the best ways to encourage them to do this is with games for children aged 2, which we will talk about today.

Stacking, fitting and puzzle games are just some of the product options that can serve not only to amuse the little ones who are 2 years old, but also to help them develop even more.

And if you are looking for one of these, know that in this text we have collected everything that is most important about games for children aged 2 and at the end of reading you will know everything about them and will be able to choose the best for your little one. To know more just continue with us.

First, the most important

  • For two-year-olds, fitting, assembling and puzzles are great options.
  • At this stage the curiosity of the little ones is very high and the more elements the game has, the more it can help in the development.
  • The games for children of 2 years have a very low price and there are options with values ​​around R $ 20, there is no need to spend a lot to buy them.


Ranking: The 3 best games for 2 year olds

Games for 2 year olds are a great option to entertain them, however, there are several options for sale and for those who are not very intimate in this area it can be difficult to make a decision.

So we went searching and in this ranking you find the best options, check and choose yours.

Buying Guide

At two years of age the children are more curious than ever and everything is a discovery. There are new words, new tastes and an increasing independence. Thanks to this there are a number of toys that manage to stimulate them every day and they are essential in this phase.

Games play an important role in this and they manage to stimulate motor coordination, logical thinking and much more by themselves, ensuring fun and learning. And it is to talk more about this that we prepared this buying guide, if you want to know everything just read until the end.

What are games for 2 year olds?

Games for 2 year olds are recreational toys that help them develop different areas, promoting a stimulating game full of discoveries.

Very colorful and full of pieces and formats, they are easily found and safe products, made exactly for the little ones who are going through this phase and can be a great way of interacting with parents and other children.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of games for 2 year olds?

The great advantage of games for children of 2 years is that they are not simple toys that are only for fun. They are developed aiming at stimulating different areas, promoting, of course, moments of relaxation, but also a lot of learning.

Toys serve as a stimulus, relaxation and learning for children.

In addition, they are products that have a wide range of geometric shapes, numbers, letters and many other elements, which stimulates the perception and logical reasoning of the little ones.

Another point worth noting is that because they are simpler products, often made of plastic or wood, the value of these games is not high. Thanks to this, it is concluded that there are no disadvantages for them.

What skills are 2-year-olds developing?

Known as the adolescence of babies, two years of age are accompanied by greater independence for children. It is at this stage that language learning is at its peak of development and because of this they start to express themselves more through speech than through behavior.

This is also the moment when the little ones start to expose their own wishes and, therefore, tantrums become more present and the word is not used much by them during this period.

With regard to what is around them, children are beginning to understand the world better, so the activities most suitable for them are those that present things to them.

What are the main types of games for 2 year olds?

Two-year-olds can already classify objects and colors, name and love products to assemble and disassemble.

Thus, board games and the like are not the most suitable for them and the ideals are:

    • Building or stacking games : It is very common that at this stage children like to stack objects and then immediately drop them. This is a common attitude and this is very positive because it develops motor skills. Another benefit of this product is that if they stack up and the tower falls down on its own it teaches them to be more tolerant and to try again.
    • Fit games : For two year olds, fit games are another excellent option. They have areas to place numbers, letters and various geometric shapes that help them to know volumes, sizes, formats, colors and spaces.
    • Puzzles : Having larger pieces, puzzles are also a great choice for games for two-year-olds because they help them develop logical thinking. For this reason, they have a smaller number of pieces that are usually square and with few areas of fitting.
    • Electronic games : Currently it is impossible to talk about children and do not include electronics, however, as much as they can use them, they are not the most suitable, so there are almost zero options of games of this type for them.


What are the other toy options for 2 year olds?

In addition to games, two-year-olds are very interested in stories and playful products. They also begin to pay more attention to what adults do and the games that allow them to feel like they tend to please.

Thanks to this, dolls, dolls and teddy bears are good toys for them, and it is very common to see them creating different characters with them. With this same purpose in mind, the girls’ houses release their imagination and many stories are lived within them.

Even though they feel like little adults, children of that age are unable to carry many objects and in that sense strollers are a good choice. You can also present them with toy musical instruments, however, remember that not many tuned melodies will come out of them.

How much do games for 2 year olds cost?

As we told you, a high point of games for 2 year olds is that they have a relatively low value compared to the other toy options that are given to them.

Thus, with a price between R $ 20 and R $ 60 it is possible to find excellent options with a very interesting amount of pieces.

Where to buy games for 2 year olds?

Thinking about a variety of products, the websites are one of the best places to buy games for 2 year olds. There is a wide range of options and some online stores where you can easily find them are:

    • Amazon
    • American
    • MP Toys
    • Free market


In physical stores it is also possible to purchase these games and the best ones for that are those that sell toys specifically like RiHappy, for example.

And in case you don’t know, the products that are in our ranking can also be purchased and for that just click on your favorite.


Did you know that some two-year-olds can identify colors and even count to 10? Precisely for this reason the games for them are composed of these elements, which makes them more interested in them.



Purchase Criteria: Factors to compare games for 2 year olds

Amid so many products that children are exposed to every day buying a game that pleases them is no easy task. It is to help you in this mission that we separate the main points that you must take into account when making the purchase to make the best choice, they are:

  • Game type
  • Game theme
  • Elements present in the product
  • Number of pieces
  • Colors

Now we will detail each one of them.

Game type

Above you saw that there are basically three categories of games that can be given to two year olds and which one to choose depends a lot on the taste of the little one who will win it.

Thus, it is essential to analyze what he likes most. If the interest is greater for stacking cubes, it may be worthwhile to choose one that is of this model, if the preference is for puzzles it is more accurate to buy one that has this format.

However, it is always worth paying attention if the child does not have several similar toys. It is known that it is always important to innovate because they end up losing interest over time. So try to vary it a little too.

Game theme

Games for 2 year olds have different themes. Some have drawings of animals, other shapes of cubes, there are also options for famous characters such as Galinha Pintadinha, for example.

Thus, it is worth knowing what most catches the attention of the little one. Many children are passionate about animals, so why not give them a zoo-themed puzzle? This is another way to get the toy right.

Elements present in the product

Mainly talking about the blocks to fit there are options that bring letters, numbers and geometric shapes, being great for stimulating the knowledge and also the recognition of these elements.

Therefore, if the child is in the stage of learning about numbers, it is worth investing in a toy that has them in its composition, since it will be possible to play and learn at the same time.

In this sense, it is also good to think about what the child already knows and during the game ask questions about the letters, what is the name of that form and much more. This is a way of fixing knowledge and adding more information to them.

Number of pieces

The amount of pieces the game contains is another way to help you make a decision. Products that have a smaller number are easier for children to get sick, because just once or twice playing with them they will already know everything and will look for news.

Therefore, consider whether the toy you are thinking of purchasing has several ways to play and a number of pieces that can entertain the little one for longer.

It is interesting in this sense that many puzzles contain in the same package several compositions of drawings that can be assembled. Thus, in addition to the child having greater contact with more elements, he will also be interested in him for a longer time, since there will be several discoveries.


Never forget that colors are essential in any product for children, so always choose the game that has a lot of them.In addition to attracting more attention, it also enters that didactic advantage and during the game it is possible to introduce new tones for them, ask the name of someone they already know and so on.


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