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Top & Best Children’s skates Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Children’s skates: which is the best in 2022?

If you are looking for a toy that stimulates the child’s body movements, motor coordination and muscle strengthening, and all this in a playful and fun way, maybe it’s time to consider children’s skates.

But as there are several models and some recommendations to ensure the safety of the little ones, attention is needed when buying children’s skates.

First, the most important

  • Children’s skates can be used from the age of six.
  • There are several models that differ by the configuration of the wheels and the model of the shoe.
  • To buy the best children’s skates you must take some aspects into consideration.

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Buying Guide

Rollerblading is often a wish of most children. And the good thing is that, as there are different models, the little ones can start venturing into this practice early and safely.

In this Buying Guide, you can see what are the main types of children’s skates available and how to choose the best one for the child.

When to buy children’s skates?

The roller skates are a means of transport, a sports accessory and also a toy. It requires the skater to balance on wheels, have mastery of maneuvers to make turns and change direction and ability to control speed.

Therefore, roller skating is not the type of toy recommended for very young children. According to experts, the ideal age for a child to have infant skates is between 6 and 7 years.

It is in this age group that the little ones already begin to have a better sense and mastery of space, balance, direction and speed.

t is also at this age when the importance of the child playing outside the home, spending energy and maintaining a relationship with other children grows. And skates help in all cases.

Not to mention that it can also be a great device for adults to spend quality time with the little ones, since parents and children can skate together.

What are the benefits of children’s skates?

In addition to encouraging the child to play outdoors and have contact with parents and friends in a fun way, the practice of skating, even in a playful and amateur way, has several benefits.

Taking into account some safety measures, which we will talk about in detail later in this article, below you can see the main advantages of children’s skates.

    • Improves flexibility and motor coordination : Skating requires balance, coordination and flexibility to move the legs, and perception to avoid obstacles;
    • Improves cardiovascular health : As it is an aerobic activity, skating helps in physical resistance and prevents a sedentary life;
    • Promotes sociability : Because it is practiced in public places, children’s skating can encourage children to play with friends;
    • Strengthens the muscles : When skating, the little ones make an effort with the lower limbs which strengthens them.


What are the types of children’s skates?

There are countless models of skates, but when we consider the infant we can mention two basic models: the traditional ones, which are called Quad, and the In line or Roller.

The Quad children’s skates have four wheels, two in the front and two in the back. The Inline children’s skates have the wheels one after the other, in line format. In both cases, however, the number of wheels may vary.

In addition, these two types of children’s skates also have differences in speed, types of maneuver and balance.



Did you know that children’s skates are considered recreational skates?

Within this category of skates for leisure there are also skates for adults, ideal for parents who want to have fun with their children.

Recreational skates have medium-sized wheels and the structure is usually made of reinforced plastic.

In addition to this category, there are also those aimed at sports and professional use, such as Slalom, Aggressive and Speed ​​skates.

The Quad type is the easiest to use and is therefore suitable for beginners. This is because the arrangement of the wheels guarantees greater stability to the child on the skates.

With this, the little ones have an easier time to stand and balance on children’s skates.

This model also ends up being more efficient for the child who wants to learn how to maneuver and brake, since in this model the brake, in general, is positioned on the front and on both feet.

Inline or Roller skates, on the other hand, can be more difficult to keep the child upright.

However, because it has wheels in line, this type of skates is better for children who want to do more radical maneuvers and walk at a higher speed.

In addition, the roller skid brake is behind and brakes at once. And, in general, this type of skates has a brake on only one foot.

For you to get a sense of the main differences between Quad children’s skates and In line check out the table we have prepared for you:

Where is the best place to use a children’s skates?

As we have seen, children’s skates encourage outdoor practice and, consequently, children spend less time on television and electronic devices, such as video games and cell phones.

But when it comes to child skating, care is needed to choose a safe location. Considering that it is natural for the child to fall while skating, it is necessary to observe the conditions of the floor where he will use the children’s skates.

Generally, it is possible to skate on sidewalks, bike paths and even in parks or on the edge of the beach, as they are places with less obstacles.

However, check the quality of the ground or asphalt. The ideal is that it does not have holes and is not very uneven.

It is not recommended that the child wear skates indoors, after all, furniture becomes dangerous obstacles that can lead to falls and accidents.

Even so, if this is the only option, move furniture and anything else that could pose a risk to the child.

What care should I take with a children’s skates?

In addition to carefully choosing the best location for the child to use the children’s skates, adults also need to teach the little ones the importance of wearing safety accessories.

Protective equipment for children’s skates is essential both for those who are learning to skate and for the most experienced.

After all, the falls will be recurring and the accessories can prevent accidents, injuries and scares too.

This is because, the fact is that when the child is learning to use the skates, a simple fall and scratches can discourage him from trying again.

It takes calm and welcoming in those moments. And with the use of safety equipment, the child will feel safer to face the challenges.

But safety equipment is also important even for the child who already knows how to skate and dominates more radical movements. After all, over time the little ones feel safer to try faster and riskier maneuvers.

In this case, the protective accessories will actually protect the child from accidents that can even be serious.

With that in mind, we list below the safety equipment that the child should use together with the children’s skates:

  • 1 pair of elbow pads ;
  • 1 pair of wrist gloves ;
  • 1 pair of knee pads ;
  • helmet .

The helmet protects the child’s head mainly at the stage when he is learning to balance himself on children’s skates. Therefore, choose models that are comfortable for the child, but that are resistant on the outside.

You’ll find helmets with adjustable closures and prints of the kids’ favorite characters, which can further motivate your child to wear it.

Protectors like wristbands, on the other hand, will avoid joint problems, sprains on the wrists and also serve as support when the child needs to avoid a fall by placing their hands on the floor.

Kneepads and elbow pads, in turn, in addition to preventing children from getting too grated if they fall to the floor, are also very effective in protecting the little ones against more serious accidents that can hurt body parts.

How much does a children’s skates cost and where to buy?

You will find models of children’s skates that can cost between R $ 100 and R $ 2 thousand. This price variation occurs because there are skates for children of simple, modern and even professional models.

To buy them, you can choose between toy stores, extreme sports stores and even department stores and large supermarket chains.

But of course, if the idea is to buy children’s skates without leaving home, and still have a more diverse catalog to choose the ideal model, our suggestion is that you buy the skates on the internet, in stores Amazon.


Purchase Criteria: How to choose the best children’s skates

If you made it this far, you already know the best age to give a child skates as a gift for the child and the care you should take with the location and protective equipment.

Now it’s time to choose the best children’s skates amid so many models. For that, we recommend that you take into account the following aspects:

  • 3 or 4 wheels
  • Size
  • Closing type
  • Bearing and wheels
  • With or without kit

Below, we will explain in detail each of these criteria.

3 or 4 wheels

As we have seen, there are two basic types of children’s skates, the Quad and the Inline. But, in addition to considering which is the easiest for the child, it is also necessary to note that the number of wheels, in both types, can vary.

In the Quad, although the traditional model has four wheels, it is possible to find models with three wheels, one at the front and two at the rear. In the case of Inline child skates, you can choose the one with three or four wheels.


Observe the size carefully. It may seem like an obvious criterion to be analyzed, but the fact is that it is not uncommon to buy children’s skates with higher numbers with the expectation that it will last longer.

But the fact is that the size of the skates must be equal to the numbering of the child’s shoes. Only in the case of using very thick socks is it possible to buy one size up.

This is important because if the child wears skates much larger than the size of his foot, the risk of accidents increases a lot. In addition, if the pair gets too wide on the child’s foot, it can also cause imbalances.

The opposite is also true, if the children’s roller skates are tight on the child’s foot in addition to annoying, it will certainly hurt. It is worth noting that there are options for children’s skates that fit a range of sizes.

Closing type

Another factor that you should analyze is the type of closure of the children’s skates. To ensure that the skates are well adjusted on the child’s foot you will find models that close with laces, buckles and clasps.

In general, the type of closure usually changes according to the type of children’s skates. For example, Roller skates often use locks.

The Quad skates, on the other hand, can be both lock and laces. For younger children, the lock type is easier to open and close.

Bearing and wheels

Even though we are dealing with recreational skates, you can still consider what is the best type of bearing and wheel.

The bearing is an anti-friction device that allows the skids to slide more easily.

Rolling is only important if the child is experienced.

But when it comes to children’s skates, rolling is only important if the child is experienced.

The most basic models of skates come with ABEC 5 bearings. As for the diameter of the wheels, the larger the wheel, the greater the speed that can be achieved with the skates.

With or without kit

Finally, take into account that you will be able to buy the spare skates or a kit. The kit includes, in addition to children’s skates, also protective equipment. That is, when choosing the kit you guarantee that the child will be able to skate safely.

Not to mention that, in general, it is cheaper to buy the roller kit than to purchase the protective equipment separately.

In addition, the kit usually has the following accessories: helmet, wrist, elbow and knee brace. But check before finalizing the purchase as the kit is not always complete.

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