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Top & Best Children’s watch Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Children’s watch: How to choose the best in 2022?

If you are looking for a children’s watch, you have come to the right place. This accessory goes far beyond a simple object to check the time, it even participates in the children’s learning.

But as there is a wide variety of models and technologies for sale, in today’s article we have gathered everything you need to know to buy the best children’s watch: From the types of children’s watches to the price and where to buy the best model.

First, the most important

  • The children’s clock, in addition to helping to learn the time, encourages children to develop responsibilities and have fun while expanding their knowledge.
  • Nowadays, in addition to traditional watches, it is possible to opt for smart models, which also act in the safety of children.
  • But as it is an accessory for the little ones, it is necessary to consider other requirements to guarantee the purchase of the ideal children’s watch, such as the manufacturing material and the available functions.

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Buying Guide

Buying a children’s watch doesn’t seem to be that complicated. But when searching, you are faced with such a wide variety of options that it is difficult to know the difference between them.

To help you invest in the best watch, we have created this Buying Guide. Below you will find answers to the main questions that may arise when choosing a children’s watch.

Why should you invest in a children’s watch?

The children’s watch is a great accessory to help your child learn to tell the time. As they are very colorful and, in general, they have drawings and prints of cartoon characters, the accessory attracts the attention of the little ones from an early age.

But, more than just a simple accessory, the watch can provide a great learning experience for children and go far beyond just checking the time.

Currently, with the diversity of technologies and models, the watch can act as a tool to perform tasks that require a certain time to be performed, in addition to functioning as an alarm, flashlight and even a locator, reassuring parents who will always know where their children are.

What is the importance of the clock in the child’s development?

The children’s watch acts in learning skills that will be useful for a lifetime. Therefore, learning to see the time is a theme even in the early childhood curriculum.

As an instrument that measures time, the children’s watch awakens in the little ones the sense of the passage of time, like the present, the past and the future.

More than that, when working the teaching of hours, the clock also acts in the learning of counting and numerical representation, in addition to mental calculation.

With that, the children’s watch becomes a game in which children can start creating and following a routine, whether to mark the time of the game, the tasks to be performed, to know the snack time, among others.

What is the best children’s watch according to age?

The children’s watch should be chosen considering the child’s age. This is because, the smaller the child, the less familiarity with the numbers and the meaning of the passage of time he will have.

For this reason, experts recommend that you choose a watch that is simpler, more playful and easier to see for minors.

For children aged 3 to 6 years, the ideal children’s watch would be the one that shows the time digitally, which facilitates the identification of numbers. Also, opt for larger models.

Another important characteristic that you must observe when choosing the best children’s watch is the way to put and remove the accessory, which must be simple and comfortable so that the little one can do it alone and without getting hurt.



Did you know that, in general, it is from the age of 6 that children express the desire to win a watch?

It is at this age that they begin to learn to see the time and to gain tasks and responsibility that depend on counting the time.

For children between 7 and 10 years, the children’s watch options are more diverse. You will be able to choose both the digital model and the pointer model, in addition to the famous smart watch.

For older children, children’s watches can also have more functions than hours, such as alarms, stopwatches and night lights.

In any case, colors and prints of children’s characters are always welcome in a children’s watch, which helps in the child’s interest in wearing the accessory, learning and having fun with it.

To summarize, we created a table that shows how to choose the best children’s watch according to the child’s age group. Look:

Smart or traditional children’s watch: Which is better?

When buying a children’s watch you will come across several models, but they can be divided into two categories: the smart and the traditional. The traditional clock is one that serves, primarily, to check the time.

However, as we will see in the Purchasing Criteria , the variety is still great, since you will be able to choose children’s digital watches, analog watches, of different shapes and materials and with different functions.

But in fact the fever among kids today is the children’s smart watch, known as the children’s smartwatch. This type of watch for children combines the traditional functions of the accessory with some features of the smartphone.

With the children’s smartwatch, the child can, in addition to checking the time, receive and send messages, make calls to registered phones, use a flashlight, and all this with the monitoring of the parents through the cell phone.

But the most prominent function in a children’s smart watch is the GPS that helps parents know where their child is. However, despite so many advantages, the smart watch is not always the best option.

That’s because there are many dubious brands that manufacture and sell children’s smartwatch without guaranteeing security, as hackers can invade the watch system.

Anyway, if you choose to buy the children’s smart watch, research the brand well and consider the reviews of users who have tried the accessory.

How much does it cost and where to buy the children’s watch?

The price of a child’s watch varies widely depending on the make, model, technology and functions. Therefore, in general, it will be possible to find models that cost between R $ 20 and R $ 300.

Children’s watches that are too cheap often have dubious quality.

The tip here is to find a middle ground since children’s watches too cheap usually have dubious quality and little resistance.

On the other hand, overpriced children’s watches will not always be useful for a child. So choose the middle ground. As for buying this accessory, the options are many.

You can purchase the children’s watch in children’s department stores, and even in hypermarkets.

But if the idea is to buy the children’s watch without leaving home, the ideal is to make your purchase at renowned online stores like Amazon.


Purchase Criteria: How to Compare Children’s Watches

When you choose a children’s watch, it is interesting to know what are the criteria that differentiate one model from another to buy the one you like best. See the main criteria:

  • Manufacturing material
  • Style and format
  • Digital or analog
  • Functions

Next, we’ll show you how to consider these aspects.

Manufacturing material

The first step when choosing the best children’s watch is to consider the material of manufacture. As the accessory will be used by children, it is necessary to remember that care for the watch will be less.

That is, it is normal for the children’s watch to fall and hit, especially during the children’s games. Therefore, the most recommended is that you buy a resistant children’s watch.

You will be able to choose from various manufacturing materials, with emphasis on silicone and rubber, which in addition to being flexible and resistant, are also allergic.

Also take into account the material of manufacture of the display, which must be made of very resistant plastic or glass to prevent it from breaking easily.

Style and format

Another aspect that is worth considering when buying a child’s watch is the style, be it sporty, classic and modern.

Choose models that are fun, colorful, with drawings of princesses, superheroes and animals. It is also worth betting on watches with bracelets of different formats.

In addition, there are children’s watches of various shapes, large and small, with a square or round display.

Digital or analog

Having made the choice between the best material of manufacture, the style and format of the children’s watch, it is important that you take into account the way it works and displays the time, which can be digital or analogue.

As we have already seen, this difference must be taken into account according to the child’s age group.

It is necessary to remember that the children’s digital clock only shows the present time. That is, with this type of clock the child will not be able to see the hours that have passed and the hours that will come after.

Already with a children’s analog clock, with a second hand, the little ones can visualize the passage of time which helps them to become more aware of the relationship of the present, past and future.

That is, in general, if we consider children’s learning, the analog clock can bring more benefit for the child to understand, for example, how long it takes to complete everyday tasks.


Finally, take into account what functions the children’s watch offers and which ones will actually be useful. The most common is to find the child’s watch with alarm, stopwatch and night light.

However, as we have seen, if you choose the children’s smartwatch, the accessory may have additional functions such as, for example, that helps parents to track their child’s location and still communicate with him when they need it.

But we have listed below other functions that you can find in a children’s watch:

  • GPS tracking;
  • Water resistance;
  • SOS alert;
  • Bidirectional calls;
  • Camera.


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