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Top & Best Children’s paint kit Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Children’s paint kit: What’s the best of 2022?

Art is an essential part of life and has an even more important role in the development of children. In this context, painting stands out for being a fun, creative and educational activity. Therefore, in today’s article we will deal with the children’s painting kit.

Next, we’ll show you the benefits of painting for children and what you should take into account when buying the best children’s painting kit available on the market.

First, the most important

  • Painting stimulates creativity, the expression of emotions and self-knowledge, in addition to serving as a playful way of teaching about colors, space and shapes.
  • For this reason, most children receive a children’s painting kit as a gift to play and learn at the same time.
  • In view of the variety of painting kits for children, we recommend that you observe the type and quantity of paints that are included in the kit, in addition to the option with or without painting canvas.

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Best Children’s Paint Kits: Our Recommendations

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Buying Guide

Before buying any toy for children, it is necessary to take into account some aspects to ensure not only the fun of the little ones but, mainly, safety.

Therefore, in this Buying Guide you will find out how to choose the best children’s painting kit and what factors you should analyze to ensure that the toy is safe.

Why should you buy a children’s paint kit?

From an early age, children are involved in the world of the arts, whether through music, storytelling, modeling clay and, of course, drawing and painting.

This is because playing with drawing, painting, modeling or simply scribbling on a blank sheet contributes a lot to the development of the little ones.

But painting is in fact one of the most present activities from a very early age as it involves motor coordination whether it is to draw or to handle the brush.

In addition, with painting children discover colors, textures and shapes, in addition to working on concentration, calm and fun. Hence the reason why every child should have a children’s painting kit.

But the benefits of having a children’s paint kit go even further. In the kit, the child has access to specific paints for their age, as well as canvases, brushes and other accessories designed for little hands.

When to buy a children’s painting kit?

When buying a children’s painting kit it is indeed very important to consider the child’s age.

After all, it is necessary to ensure not only that the little one can handle the painting tools, but, mainly, that they will not cause any risk to the child’s health.

With that in mind, you will find paint kits for children of all ages, in general, starting from the age of six months.

In this beginning, the most common is to find finger painting kits, since the little ones still don’t have enough strength to handle a brush.

As with modeling clay, finger painting stimulates motor coordination and creativity from an early age.

Between 6 and 24 months, babies are already better prepared to play painting with the help of some accessories, but always with adult supervision.

From the age of 3, the children’s painting kits come with brushes, canvas and other coloring tools.

And, from 5 or 6 years old, children can count on even more painting materials, such as the palette, and can be stimulated to discover different techniques.

Did you know that at each age the child will be able to make different drawings due to his motor ability?

At 18 months, the child will make doodles and discover the world of colors. At 2 years of age, scribbling and hand movements will be more controlled.

From 3 or 4 years old, the child’s drawing will be closer to reality. And from 5 years onwards, she will start drawing more details and exploring colors more.

What care should you take with the children’s painting kit?

Regardless of age, you need to be aware of the safety of the products included in a children’s paint kit. Special attention should be focused on paints, which must be non-toxic.

To ensure that paints and other accessories are safe for children to use, also check the recommended usage according to the age group.

Then, ensure that the children’s painting kit has the safety certification issued by the National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology, Inmetro.

In addition, we also recommend that you take some safety measures at the location where the child is going to paint.

As already mentioned, for minors, the presence of an adult is essential to avoid injuries and ink ingestion.

But at any age it is also important to guarantee a free space for the child to paint without fear or concern of dirtying floors, walls, furniture and clothes.

What are the benefits of children’s painting?

As we have seen, there are many benefits to having a children’s paint kit. When painting, the child’s motor development is stimulated, mainly with the act of starting to hold the colored pencil or brush.

Another benefit that the children’s painting kit can promote is the stimulation of creativity, through storytelling, in addition to improved communication, increased concentration and reduced anxiety.

When playing painting, children end up learning about shapes, such as round, frame and triangle, about depth, perspective, notion of spaces, among others.

In addition, drawing and painting also stimulate psychic development. More than a simple game, when painting the child can express his daily life and his emotions.

Still, if you are not attentive when buying a children’s painting kit, you may encounter some disadvantages.

The fact is that not all kits are certified by Inmetro and often a children’s painting kit can end up being expensive.

To summarize the main positive and negative points of a children’s painting kit, we created a table. Look:

How much does it cost and where to buy the children’s painting kit?

You will find children’s painting kits from the cheapest, costing from R $ 30, up to the most expensive, which can reach R $ 500.

The price varies depending on the quality and quantity of the products that make up the kit. Still, the cheapest and most original ones are usually for sale in online stores Amazon.

But you can also buy a children’s painting kit at stationers, department stores.




Purchasing Criteria: How to evaluate the children’s painting kit

To make sure that you are buying the best child painting kit, it is important to compare some models. And, for that, the ideal is to take into account the following criteria:

  • Paint, marker or colored pencils
  • Screen or paper
  • With or without easel
  • Extra accessories

Below we will explain how to analyze each of these topics.

Paint, marker or colored pencils

It may seem obvious that a children’s painting kit accompanies paint, markers and colored pencils. But the fact is that not all kits are that complete. Some come with only paints, while others rely only on colored pencils.

Preferably, choose the child’s gouache paint that is easy to remove.

Anyway, if the idea is to buy a kit that comes with paint for the child to paint, take into account the type and brand of the product. Preferably, choose the child’s gouache paint that is easy to remove.

Also, consider how many paint pots are included in the children’s paint kit, the size of these pots and what colors are, which should be as varied as possible. The same analysis applies to pencils and pens.

Screen or paper

Also check that the children’s painting kit comes with a canvas or paper. In the case of the canvas, it is worth noting that some kits have more than one painting canvas and of varying size.

In the simplest painting kits, painting papers are offered. And, as we have seen, some already come with printed drawings for the child to color.

With or without easel

Another criterion that you should consider when choosing the best painting kit for children is whether, among the items included, is the easel.

The easel, in addition to being functional to help in the act of painting, is an additional attraction to awaken the child’s interest in painting and letting go of the imagination.

Extra accessories

Last but not least, check to see if the children’s painting kit includes brushes, how many and what sizes.

Also check if the kit comes with the palette, an interesting accessory for the child to be able to mix colors and create new combinations.


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