Top & Best Children’s Tool Bench Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Children’s Tool Bench: How to choose the best models in 2022?

The children’s tool bench is a great toy to stimulate the child’s creativity, attention and motor coordination. Composed of different tools, there are several models. It is this educational toy that we are going to talk about today.

Follow our complete Shopping Guide to answer all your questions, learn more about the different types available on the market and know how to make the best choice for your children.

First, the most important

  • The children’s tool bench assists in the educational development of children, stimulating creativity, curiosity and motor coordination.
  • The most common models are made of plastic, but there are also wooden options, which are more suitable to be fixed in a single location.
  • You can spend from R $ 100 to over R $ 300 on a children’s bench, there are models for all budgets.

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The best children’s tool stands: For all budgets

A quick search reveals a number of children’s tool bench models. They vary in material, number of parts, type of tools, among others. To help you, we have selected different types so that you have a choice.

  • 46 pieces baby bench
  • Children’s tool bench with 59 pieces
  • Tool bench that turns into a briefcase
  • Wooden tool bench
  • Vonder Children’s Tool Bench

Buying Guide

The children’s tool bench is an excellent toy for children’s development. It becomes even more special when there is someone in the family who works using tools for the child to mirror.

It is a safe way to let your child become familiar with certain tools. Stay with us until the end to learn everything about this toy that can contribute – and a lot – to your children’s development.

What are the advantages of investing in a children’s tool bench?

Presenting a child with a children’s tool stand is to offer them an excellent opportunity for pedagogical development.

This workbench stimulates curiosity, creativity and imagination when handling the tools that come with the product. Also in the exploration of space and the possibility of “fixing” objects at home. In addition, it encourages motor coordination with the handling of tools.

In cases where there is an adult in the family who works with tools, it is also a way for the child to identify and familiarize themselves with the objects in a safe way. It is common for them to want to copy the adults and the bench allows the child to be the father’s mirror, for example.

With this playful toy the child still favors socialization and explores skills. The bench allows your children to interact with other children and adults.

However, it is worth remembering that although they are compact, they will occupy a certain space in the environment in which it is used. Another negative point is that it may contain small parts, such as screws and toy nuts, so adult supervision is essential.

Fixed or transportable children’s tool bench?

Another advantage – present only in some models – that we left to explore in this section, is that the children’s tool bench is generally easily transportable.

So the child can take the toy to the park, the home of friends or family.

But not all models are like that. Wooden benches, for example, are more difficult to transport. They are more robust, heavier and more laborious to be assembled and disassembled.

This type of material was developed so that the bench is fixed in one place. It can even be taken comfortably to the other, but if the child wants to take it to play with friends, it will be more work.

In this case, the plastic model is the most practical. However, certain bench versions can also be difficult to assemble and disassemble.

If you want an easily transportable children’s tool bench, choose models that turn into suitcases and hold all parts safely for transportation.

From what age is the children’s tool bench indicated?

The sooner you offer playful toys that encourage educational development, the better. However, caution is needed.

Usually the children’s tool stand contains small parts that can be swallowed by very young children. For this reason, most models are only suitable for children older than 3 years.


Most models are only suitable for people over 3 years old.

It is at this age that the child is most prepared to take advantage of all the benefits that the bench offers, safely.

However, do not think that older children will not like having a bench. This is a toy that attracts the attention of children up to six or seven years old.

There are models for one year old children on the market, in this case, it is worth checking if the product has small parts that can be swallowed. Check if the toy has Inmetro safety certification and always supervise the game.

How much does it cost and where to buy a children’s tool bench?

A children’s tool bench can cost from R $ 100 to more than R $ 300. The price will depend on the material and number of pieces. See what each bench offers and evaluate what fits your budget.

You may find some model in different toy stores, RiHappy, however, the variety in physical stores can be quite limited. To find the perfect tool bench, search the internet. We recommend sites Amazon.

Purchasing Criteria: Learn how to choose a children’s tool bench

After checking out the benefits of the children’s tool bench you should be eager to make your purchase. To help you make the right choice, we have selected some purchase criteria. See below:

  • Indicative age
  • Material
  • Number of pieces
  • Transportable
  • Dimensions

Check each one carefully:

Indicative age

The first criterion is to respect the indicative age of the toy. As mentioned, most of them are for people over 3 years old. However, there are options for babies older than 12 months.

Following this criterion offers more security when your children have fun with the children’s tool bench.


Children under 3 must be supervised by an adult while playing.



In this criterion your choice is between the wooden or plastic countertop. Recalling, the plastic bench is lighter, easily transportable and cheap.

The wooden model is ideal for those who want to leave it fixed in some room. They are more stable, but also more expensive.

Number of pieces

Always check the number of parts available on the children’s tool bench. There are models that have only basic tools and others that even have a helmet, drill and vise.

To choose the piece quantity you need to align your available budget for the purchase of the toy, since more complete models are also more expensive.

Another point to reflect on is the level of challenge the child is prepared to face.


Some models of children’s tools are easily transportable. If that is your goal, prioritize toys that turn into a suitcase to keep tools and other parts safe during the journey.

The advantage is that the child can take the toy wherever he wishes, even visit a work or workshop and look up to an adult who works in that sector.


The dimensions must be checked both when choosing the fixed model and on the transportable bench. If you want to leave the toy in a room, such as in the child’s room or a toy room, measure the space you have available to install the bench before buying.

They are not usually very large, but in any case they will occupy a certain space in the environment.

If you prefer a transportable model, it is better to invest in smaller benches.

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